Mental Illness in the ‘Truth Movement’ – Part 1

crazyThe sad state of affairs that is the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax has claimed another victim.  This one in the form of an apparently mentally disturbed woman named Ved Chaudhari (aka Neelu Berry).  This seems to be an underlying theme in the ‘Truth Movement’ as of late.  Delusion, Psychosis, Paranoia,Narcissism, and Fixation.  The madness coming out of what is now being dubbed “Hoaxted” is a case study for how the mentally ill gravitate (or even run) social causes.  Kevin Annett is an undiagnosed Narcississt (see his third person announcements about himself) and most assuredly psychopath with a long history of preying on the mentally unstable like Ved Chaudhari.  She saw in him a Messiah of sorts and pushed his work with zealous fervor on Facebook.  She defended him vehemently when challenged saying that no one had done more to expose pedophilia than he and that his Common Law Court of Justice was going to somehow transform the world.  She proudly posted his numerous fraudulent documents bearing the various aliases of Kevin Annett as proof that the Queen was in danger of imminent arrest and that England, like Canada was ‘dissolved’.  Her belief that everything is a conspiracy is partly to blame for her arrest at Christ Church, her inability to demonstrate restraint and rational thinking is the other part.  Why only she and Christine Sands were arrested is because none of the other protestors there on March 22 were shouting that sacrifices were going on there.  None were screaming at passers-by that babies were being killed there, and having their blood drank and their flesh eaten.  Essentially, they acted like dangerous crazy people so it was a short distance to go to see the authorities treat them like dangerous crazy people.  But the Truth Movement is no stranger to dangerous crazy people, and in fact uses them to it’s advantage.  This is why Kevin Annett has been called a WitchFinder General by Thomas Sheridan.

It is the dollop of crazy people in this so-called movement that creates the hysteria we see at Hampstead.  Kevin Annett has been calling for heads on pig-poles for over 20 years so are we surprised to see Steve Finney nearly get shot, Rhianne Baines get harassed and David Compan get ‘sectioned’?  No, because the cream of crazy always rises to the top and when it gets there it has a bright orange target painted on it’s forehead.

I direct your attention to an article found recently by a follower of this blog.  It seems that Neelu has let her belief in conspiracy guide her actions, with disastrous consequences:

Ilford pharmacist who harassed and made false allegations against fellow professionals struck off

A pharmacist who failed to adhere to acceptable standards of conduct,and who caused mental suffering and anguish to fellow healthcareprofessionals, has had her name removed from the Register by order ofthe Disciplinary Committee

A pharmacist who failed to adhere to acceptable standards of conduct, and who caused mental suffering and anguish to fellow healthcare professionals, has had her name removed from the Register by order of the Disciplinary Committee.

The case of Neelu Chaudhari, of Ilford, Essex, was heard by the committee on 14 and 15 October 2009, following a resumed Statutory Committee inquiry. She was facing allegations of misconduct arising from her actions following the death of her baby niece at King George Hospital, Ilford, on 26 August 2000.

Miss Chaudhari was not present at the hearing and was not represented.

Full transcripts of Disciplinary Committee decisions are available from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s website.

The committee heard that the baby had suffered several medical complications, including serious congenital abnormalities. There had been a diagnosis of Trisomy 18, or Edward’s syndrome, the prognosis for which is poor with a mortality rate of 98 per cent in the first year of life. The baby had died aged  three months.

Mrs Chaudhari’s alleged misconduct arose after a rift developed between the team treating the baby and the family, who believed the baby was not being treated properly. This had reached a stage such that the baby’s mother would barricade herself in the hospital room, impeding ready access of the care team.

Emergency protection order

The hospital trust had then applied for an emergency protection order, which was granted, giving the trust parental responsibility for the child, preventing the child from being removed from the hospital and enabling the trust to regulate parental access. Mrs Chaudhari was a named respondent in the order and was excluded from contact with the baby. The family sought to appeal the emergency protection order but the baby died during the course of the hearing.

Read more here

You see, she was in a position of authority, of trust, and she decided to push her beliefs onto others and ignore the consequences of her actions.  This is also what Kevin Annett does, but the distinction is that Kevin Annett does it for selfish reasons.  I believe that Ved/Neelu, really believes she is helping to save the world with what she does and how she does it. And I believe that she should get help and not punishment for what happened at Christ Church and that her ‘sisters’ Sabine McNeil and Belinda McKenzie should come out of their hidey-holes and take responsibility for their part in this sad state of affairs.

Stay tuned for Part 2…..

3 thoughts on “Mental Illness in the ‘Truth Movement’ – Part 1

  1. Nice try. This is the propaganda of the CIA, to discredit anyone critical of the State’s covert operations and activities as “crazy” or “conspiracy theorist”. In fact through the Freedom of Information Act it has emerged that the term “Conspiracy Theory” was created by the CIA during the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination. It is called “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report”. It is a weaponized term. So put that in your “tin foil hat”

    As a matter of fact it is US intelligence that is planting some of the more ridiculous theories to divert people off onto a tangent away from the core truths. For example most “truthers” do not believe in Aliens and Crop circles but they do know that it was and is not now technically possible for man to survive a trip to the moon.

    When you hear things like “illuminati”, “devil worship”, lizard people, the Rothchilds, it is a sure sign of CIA involvement. They take the line of a reasonable argument and then divert you in some other direction. This is being done with 9/11. They are planting crazy “truther” theories to cover up the fact that US Airforce planes flew into the buildings as a pretext for the planned demolition, there was no Flight 93 and a US military Tomahawk missile hit the Pentagon. One o these theories is that the planes were, holograms? OOOOooooo that’s a good one CiA.


    1. First of all, this article is not about David Icke, Alex Jones or any other personalities who have been far more prominent in the truth movement than Kevin Annett. And you are correct in that the CIA, through their MKUltra programs at Stanford Research Institute and other think-tank organizations, sought to manipulate the minds of the masses. This article is not about CIA Mind Control, per se, but instead has been an attempt to shed light on the vast majority of people who Kevin Annett has manipulated and used because of their vulnerabilities and mental illness (in some individuals). Kevin Annett regulary has used ‘satanic ritual’ (not unlike your comment about ‘devil worship) so by your standard this is the surest sign of his CIA involvement. It’s easy to discredit entire theories based on a few crazy ‘theorists’ and even easier to label them ‘conspiracy theorists’ as a negative epithet to be applied to them. Each ‘theory’ must be taken on it’s own merit…and each guru capitalizing on a theory and pushing their paypal button option of supporting them must be viewed with scrutiny. What did Annett actually do…I mean really DO….he never went to jail, never brought thousands to a protest, never stormed a church, never addressed a parliament….let alone set up a Tribunal, caused a Pope to resign, or saved a nation. No native child has been repatriated to their families because of him. He is nothing more than a mouthpiece and a lying thieving one at that. So I agree with you and urge you to read more of this blog and others that criticize THIS man for what he has done but who do not EVER discount that the suffering of children at the hands of clergy and governments is not a real issue to be dealt with. But ask yourself how a man who has ‘worked’ for 20 years has accomplished so little….

      Thanks for your comments.


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