Another Common-Law Internet Court

The following was posted on Victoria Derbyshire’s Facebook Page in the wake of her interview of Ricky Dearman:
ITCCS had to rear it’s ugly head at some point to be sure….
See the video here:

Regarding your Ricky Dearman interview: Please see Police interviews and review your research and bias – Proclamation of Independence
1. No mention of why there has been no Police investigation to date
2. Relying on Judge Pauffley’s Treason in exercising greater authority than the Police and the Criminal Courts by sitting behind closed in family court, which she doesn’t have.
3. Ignoring medical evidence of long term rapes and sodomy at schools and church
4. BBC is hiding its own satanic activities, here clearly evident in this programme and routinely, globally
I hereby declare this programme as SATANIC perpetuation by BBC, SATANIC cover-ups ongoing for decades, I hereby issue an immediate Cease & Desist Notice, Notice of Dishonour, in a Commercial Lien to seize all BBC assets and redistribute to volunteers already established internet media on social media to take over BBC buildings and equipment within 30 days, under Uniform Commercial Code, Notice of Dishonour UCC 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 & 1-308, Without Prejudice.
Relies on the Treason of Judge Pauffley, based only on hearsay by Ricky Dearman & Father Paul Conrad – ignoring medical evidence of RAD no mention of who did rape and sodomise the two children, denial of truths in the medical reports of Reflex Anal dilatation – faecal incontinence from long term sexual abuse – sodomy over years and years – This woman is now added to those who have committed Dishonour.
RICKY DEARMAN – Front Agent for Vatican satanists in Christ Church, Hampstead Square London NW3 1AB and nationally run foster care services via local authorities.
1. If Ricky Dearman alleges he has been falsely accused, he ought to have taken libel action in the courts to prove the truths he relies on
2. His failure to file a case of defamation, relying on his acting skills and those of BBC staff gives little credibility to his hearsay
3. If he is the loving caring dad, why does he not know who did rape and sodomise his kids?
4. Why does he not mention the detailed suffering of his children at the school and church?
5. Why does he not care that his children have never had any education at the Christ Church Primary Scool, Hampstead London NW3 1AB.
6. He admits to being violent to Ella Draper, he does have a court order against him, which he doesn’t mention, he did blow his sons’ ear and cause deafness…which he also omits to mention
7. If it is true he has had death threats, surely he will have dates and time and names or IP addresses and hand them to Police – where is the crime ref number of his reporting to Police the death threats
8. He says he is accused of shipping babies – did I miss that? I haven’t heard anyone say he “ships” babies – can anyone tell me where he has got that from?
9. He says, the social services told him “Your children have been taken from your mother”. His mother, not the children’s mother. 10. He also says
The interview is proof of the extent BBC has gone to to cover up truths and spread lies by using actors…for decades. BBC is the satanic platform of lies, deceit and satanic rituals against humanity, using religion, paper currency, wars, inside jobs, fake terrorism 7/7
SHAME ON YOU BBC! Disgusting!
SOCIAL MEDIA COURT will refer this case to GRAND JURY such as
This is an invitation to Ricky Dearman and his agents to answer the above here in this social media common law internet court. Grand Jury will deal with Hampstead satanic cults, in which Father Paul Conrad will be called as will 200 parents, teachers.

 What no George Dufort Arrest Warrants? LOL….. I’m sure Dearman is quaking in his boots…

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