Hope and Justice for Abuse Survivors in UK Peoples Tribunal

Peoples Tribunal

It was June in Vancouver, 1998, when Kevin Annett made his grand entrance onto the world stage as the self proclaimed savior and spokesperson for the abused children of the world.  His presence at the IHRAAM Tribunal into abuses suffered by Indian Residential School students at the hands of the Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian churches was supposed to be one of healing and reconciliation.  He was invited, after all, by high profile Native activists like Harriet Nahanee, who believed in the value of natives and non-natives walking the Red Road together to achieve peace.  His presence was to be a salve on the still open wounds suffered by Native children at the hands of Priests, Nuns and administrators seeking to civilize the wild children abducted into their ‘care’.  What he achieved, however, was division and betrayal; played out behind the scenes and behind peoples backs…..engaging in the very same ‘bad-jacketing’ techniques he accused the participants at the tribunal of.  In a single weekend, he managed to insert himself as a legitimate ‘ally’ of Native people which gave him access to the testimonials of the survivors and a means of accessing groups like the Circle of Justice.

And when the Circle of Justice publicly denounced him and demanded he answer their concerns he maintained his image by slandering and libelling those Natives levelling allegations against him.  He effectively shut them up and shut them up good.

Time, however, has had a way of dealing with Kevin Annett and all his claims and his latest weak attempt at bringing the Natives and the Indian Residential Schools back into his repertoire has gone over like a lead balloon.  The Republic of Kanata has been dissolved and no Grand Jury was held on the 26th of January to hold Alfred Webre, Alex Hunter ‘and others’ accountable for their ‘crimes’.  Annett has gone strangely silent except for the few weak attempts at salvaging his reputation amongst the New Age and Ascension fanatics.  It seems that even a Galactic Connection cannot save him now.

And so it is wonderfully appropriate that a real Peoples Tribunal into child abuse was announced that is an answer to Kevin Annett and his phoney-baloney Tribunal of Conscience.  The UKSAPT promises much more than the ITCCS ever did: Transparency, Accountability, Remedy, and, um….actual legal counsel!!!!  Here are their terms of reference:

Terms of Reference


1. The UK Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT), established by survivors of child sex abuse, their supporters, and witnesses, will investigate institutional child sex abuse.

2. Institutional child sex abuse arises from the abuse of power by an individual or individuals over a child or children, resulting often from the misuse of that power to enable the child sex abuse to happen.

3. There are many objectives which the UKCSAPT seeks to accomplish. The UKCSAPT seeks to end the tolerance of impunity with regards to this issue. No individual who has sexually abused a child or children will be deemed to be above the law, however powerful their position in an institution or organisation is or was; or however powerful that individual is or was perceived to be.

4. Furthermore, where institutional child sex abuse has taken place and there is sufficient evidence that it has taken place, justice should be seen to be done.

5. In addition, institutions must be held to account where they have failed to prevent, covered-up or have facilitated institutional child sex abuse. Where institutions have failed in their duty to children, the UKCSAPT will seek to make recommendations about how these institutions should address the problems identified.

6. Against this backdrop, survivors of child sex abuse and their supporters establish the UKCSAPT to:

a. independently raise potential avenues of inquiry related to the context, nature, and depth of institutional child sex abuse

b. provide a safe space free from interference and scrutiny to allow survivors, supporters, and witnesses to speak freely regarding institutional child sex abuse

c. independently establish how institutional policies and judicial systems have failed survivors and failed to protect the best interests of the child

d. independently determine and discuss which constructive remedies could best address institutional child sexual abuse and the allegations brought forth


7. A ‘child’ is defined as any person under 18 years of age, as defined by Article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

8. ‘Institution’ means any society, body or organisation with the responsibility for the care, health or welfare of children. ‘Institution’ under theseTerms also includes political parties, religious organisations, the Monarchy, Secret Services, the Government, the Police, Local Authorities, Armed Forces and the Civil Service.


9. Currently the United Kingdom Crown Services has set up an Independent Panel Inquiry (Panel) into Child Sexual Abuse. The Panel seeks to consider the extent state and non-state institutions failed to protect children from child sexual abuse.

10. The UKCSAPT works independently from the Panel and is purely a grassroots, societal based mechanism to give survivors and witnesses to child sexual abuse access to justice, as well as a voice. The means and methods to create such a mechanism have been created solely by survivors of child sexual abuse and supporters who seek to end child sexual abuse in the UK. All members who are part of the UKCSAPT work in a voluntary capacity.

11. No one who participates in the Panel is excluded from participating in the UKCSAPT. Survivors may choose to give evidence to both the Panel and the UKCSAPT if they wish.


12. The UKCSAPT will focus on Members of Parliament (MP’s) and Police who have been complicit or perpetrated the sexual abuse of children either directly or indirectly through the suppression of evidence of allegations and investigations.

13. The UKCSAPT reserves the right to modify its parameters after the current submission process takes place.


14. The UKCSAPT will take evidence from survivors and/or witnesses in person. Survivors identity will be kept private. Procedures will be implemented which allows for this to occur and safeguard survivor and/or witness testimony

15. Survivors may also elect to stop participating in the UKCSAPT proceedings at any time they choose.

16.  Once the evidence has been compiled by qualified members of the UKCSAPT, the Tribunal Panel of the UKCSAPT will be given the submissions to compile an independent report. This Report will be handed to the various offices of the United Kingdom Government and relevant institutions. The Tribunal Panel  will determine its methodology and how it will present these materials to the public on its own accord.

17. Any evidence taken from survivors that is deemed relevant to a possible prosecution will be handed to the Police (with the permission of the survivors). Survivors will be supported when giving evidence to UKCSAPT and subsequently will be supported in giving evidence to the police, and in the process of any subsequent prosecution of their abuser/s. UKCSAPT, survivors, and interested parties intend to provide additional support to survivors. Survivors will be referred to the various support networks and organisations available to support and counsel survivors.

What I really like and support about such a Tribunal is that evidence will be submitted to the police, and whether the ‘cops are pigs’ crowd like it or not this is the course of action that must be taken in order to come about some form of justice. While much of the judicial system is corrupt, it is not entirely so.  And, having a Tribunal where charges are potentially going to be made deserves the same (if not more) support from the kind of people supporting Kevin Annett.  No change in the system can happen when we don’t pressure the system to do it’s job.

So, I for one, will be keeping a close eye on this and will be supporting this effort for transparency and accountability that was sabotaged in a similar Tribunal by a snake-oil salesman in a one man show.

peoples tribunal video

VIDEO: Alfred Lambremont Webre: Why I exposed Kevin Annett & ITCCS

Heather Martin:

More ‘jurors’ come forth to reveal ITCCS delusion of one man. Where will the madness of “King Kevin” end…?

Originally posted on Our New World:

As some of you know, I volunteered to be an ITCCS juror, and there really wasn’t a trial. We were sent YouTube videos over the course of several weeks, and then asked to vote at the end of all of the videos. I didn’t vote, because I suspected it was complete BS. The fact that Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman parted ways after the big Toronto press event in July 2012 is what led me to this conclusion.

I had the opportunity to meet Jason Bowman, and discuss what happened. All he would say is that they didn’t agree on how to proceed with the ITCCS filings.

When I was regularly posting Kevin’s updates, I received several comments exposing Kevin Annett as a fraud. For one thing the ITCCS doesn’t have a mailing address. “Brussels” means nothing on his web-site. The ITCCS phone number is Kevin’s cellphone.

I usually remain…

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Kevin Annett Flaunts Dead Children to Gain Support for ITCCS

Heather Martin:

A reblog of this most revealing post in the wake of the recent interview by ex-The Peoples Network host who says it’s A.O.K. to pull dead childrens bones out of ones pockets at an Occupy rally. The host, and apparently Kevin Annett, see nothing wrong in that…. so, let’s revisit why childrens bones figures so prominently in most of what Kevin Annett does. People watching Windows on the World should be asking WHY Kevin Annett does it. Watch the embarassing pile of BS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhK5ngN4UPU#t=455

Originally posted on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped:

alberniOn December 13, 2013, Kevin Annett announced that the skeletons of 30 children were unearthed in a mass grave at the Indian Residential School in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  The grave, according to Kevin, and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOURCE IN THE MEDIA OR ANYWHERE, was discovered by pipe-fitters working in the area.  Now, what Kevin doesn’t know is that I spoke to people there while on my Christmas vacation and to a family member who happens to be a pipe-fitter working in that area to see if this claim held any water. Neither the elder I spoke with from the Nuu-Chul-Nuth First Nations people, or my cousin, had heard of any such thing.  The Elder I spoke with stated too that if anything like that were discovered it would not be without the knowledge or the consent of the Tribal Council, which is what we saw with the dig at…

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Why Kevin Annett is Toxic… It’s the Narcissism, Man! (Updated)

Heather Martin:

An update to a post from August 2012 – on Kevin Annett’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Originally posted on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped:

“The grandiose claims of narcissists are superficially plausible fabrications, readily punctured by a little critical consideration. The test is performance: do they deliver the goods?” – Paul J. Hannig PhD

In researching the personality of Kevin Annett, I have come to learn much about what Kevin thinks and why he thinks it.  I have listened to numerous radio interviews and watched plenty of YouTube video’s featuring Annett to know that he is as well spoken as he is educated.   These two talents explain (in part) why and how so many of Kevin’s followers and supporters got duped.  The other part has to do with the elements of his narcissim as demonstrated in the video above.

One cannot help but notice from the first few seconds of his January 2015 ‘address’ that this is a man who views himself as being an important person. I’ve seen it before, in his…

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Jean Haines Statement on Kevin Annett

Yesterday, Jean Haines of the blog 2012: What is the Real Truth, posted the following letter to her readers.  While I had been attempting for over a year to awaken Jean to the reality that Kevin Annett is at the very least a Con-Artist, Jean was adamant that he was a force for good and hence blocked my numerous attempts to comment publicly on her blog.  I took offence to this (coming from a place of ego, I know….) because I had been following Jean’s writing since before I learned who Kevin Annett was.  I enjoyed her blog and I thought she could be counted on to present the truth about things.  Real Truth is what it is and it isn’t censored, which is what has been disappointing for me about Jean’s blog.  So the letter she has posted has not been a relief, nor a triumph for me, because it lacked the acknowledgement of so many peoples attempts to at least be heard.  I thought THE TRUTH could stand up to a little criticism.

So she hasn’t come out to apologise to those who may have been hurt by the actions of bloggers like her who promoted Kevin despite the FACTS being out there for her (and all) to see.  She hasn’t admitted to being blinded by her heart and for wanting Kevin to be all that he claims to be.  That is where many of his victims fear to tread…the admission that they put their trust in the wrong man, loved the wrong man, sent money to the wrong man….that they were taken in by a con.  Jean may not be ready to expose her heart right now but at least she has gone public about what she believes about Kevin Annett.  I do applaud her for that.


Christmas 2014

I don’t know how to say this gently, but I’m not going to permit this fact to keep me from saying what I think needs to be said: It is not my job to interpret the information that I give you. I posted two articles yesterday about Kevin Annett and one the day before, and so many of you seem to feel like the jury is still out on the decision concerning him! You are lambasting both Alfred and me for what he has presented as facts. Apparently, some of you either have chosen not to do your homework and study/view this material, or you are in total denial about these proven FACTS. 

I walked closely with Alfred via emails as he uncovered what I can tell you he did not want to uncover. I also listened to Alfred’s long video of explanation, and the comments started coming in too soon for most of you to have listened. Did you take the time to read the specifics of what Alfred put out for us all in legal terms before many of you jumped?

Some of you are also asking me to tell you what is going on! To be truthful, I’m too sick still and I haven’t got the time to do so. I did my homework, and now I ask you to do yours. If you still want to believe that blatant facts are lies published by an International Lawyer and Judge who is devoting his life to getting us the truth, so be it, but please don’t expect me to publish your responses here. I haven’t got time for it. I can’t do your homework for you, and I can’t make —  and don’t want the responsibility of making — your decisions for you.

Someone reminded me I was, after all, wrong about Neil Keenan. Yes, I was wrong, until I had the FACTS. Then I walked away, and I never looked back. I’m sorry if your dreams — like mine — were dashed, but it’s up to you to decide what you think. If after doing your own thorough research you have other FACTS which will prove otherwise, by all means share those facts.

As far as I am concerned, the jury is no longer out. Kevin Annett was co-intel pro, and if you listened to the last video I published, you will see that now Alfred can move much more quickly than before to expose the terrible pedophilia with which we are now dealing, the pedophilia whose purpose Bradley Loves came to me to publish for him. It is rampant on this planet, and, in fact, the energy from the fear the cabal is creating is basically what is running the entire sick ‘show’ here. We need to wake up to this fact. We need to stop it, and we need to stop it as soon as possible!


Willie Blackwater: A True Hero of the Indian Residential Schools Issue


Willie Blackwater Forces United Church to Apologise for Abuse:

It should be known by now that Kevin Annett is no savior of abused children anywhere.  He has been proven a fraud in recent years (and exposed by several supporters in recent weeks), all the while claiming he was responsible for exposing the crimes of Church and State.

But if one were to search out those who were involved with Kevin Annett from the beginning you would discover the names of activists (not yet deceased) who were blowing their own whistles about clergy abuse and the Indian Residential School issue.

People like Willie Blackwater, who met Kevin Annett in 1998 and has had nothing good to say about the man since, was responsible for exposing the atrocities at Port Alberni Residential School.  Blackwater even filed a class action lawsuit in a REAL court of law (something Kevin Annett has admitted cannot be done by him), and Kevin tried to get close to this man but failed because Blackwater knows a White Colonialist Reverend Abuser of Native People when he sees one.  This is why Kevin Annett has had nothing nice to say about Blackwater.  His job is to co-opt and then discredit those activists who threaten to do some real damage to Church and State.  His job is to play the part of the savior while he’s badmouthing you behind your back.

You see, Blackwater would have been a real threat to the Canadian Government had his lawsuit included the thousands of natives who chose to give their testimonials at the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission and pursue the settlement offered if they passed an assessment.  The TRC has done a lot of good for some people, but not all the people who suffered at the hands of the Church.  Willie Blackwater charged his abuser, Plint, who spent 11 years in jail which is more than Kevin Annett ever accomplished in his 20 years grandstanding on the backs of Native IRS survivors.

Look into Willie Blackwater and you’ll see why he couldn’t abide the likes of Reverend Kevin Daniel Annett (aka Eagle Strong Voice).

Willie Blackwater won’t attend TRC – Here’s why.

Government, Church “knew about the abuse…but did nothing”

[S.I.S.I.S. note: The following mainstream news articles may contain biased or distorted information and may be missing pertinent facts and/or context. They are provided for reference only.]


Vancouver Sun
October 27, 1998
Douglas Todd

The moderator of the United Church of Canada officially apologized Tuesday for his denomination’s complicity in the “pain and suffering” caused by church-run residential schools for native Indians. Saying B.C. has become the prime testing ground for mending the centuries-old rift between native Indians and other Canadians, Bill Phipps said his denomination is “truly and most humbly sorry” for those who were physically, sexually and emotionally abused as students at United Church-run residential schools.

The United Church statement is arguably the furthest-reaching apology any group has issued on residential schools. Phipps said he doesn’t know of any Canadian denomination or government that has issued such a “bald” and specific acknowledgment of blame for residential schools.

The leader of Canada’s largest Protestant denomination said it’s important to issue the apology at the same time the church is contesting a recent precedent-setting B.C. Supreme Court decision that concluded the United Church and the federal government are equally liable for compensating victims of a Port Alberni residential school.

The United Church of Canada faces almost 100 civil lawsuits relating to how it ran some of Canada’s 130 residential schools. Many of those lawsuits have been aired in court this month by former students at the United Church’s Port Alberni residential school, where former dormitory supervisor Arthur Plint has already been convicted of molesting dozens of native boys.

“The B.C. lawsuits have made the residential school system the lightning rod, or even a metaphor, for our over-all relation to the First Nations people,” Phipps said in a telephone interview.

While many in the United Church are justifiably nervous that Tuesday’s apology will increase the financial liability of the 800,000-member United Church to civil lawsuits, Phipps said, the vast majority of the denomination’s 70-member executive decided this week it was worth the risk.

However, Willie Blackwater, one of the roughly 30 native victims of Plint who is seeking damages, said the United Church should also accept legal responsibility if it’s serious about apologizing. “They should advise the court that they are prepared to accept legal responsibility equally with Canada for the assaults we all suffered while at the school, and that they are now prepared to compensate us for those assaults,” Blackwater said.

But Phipps said the United Church wanted to issue the apology at this point because questions of legal liability are “very complex… and subject to argument and debate and legal niceties.”

Phipps said he was terribly saddened by the death last weekend of Darryl Watts, one of the students of the Port Alberni school in the 1950s and ’60s who was suing the United Church and the government of Canada. If Watts’ drowning death is determined to be a suicide, as many suspect, he would be the second suicide among sexual-abuse victims at the Port Alberni school.

Natives across Canada have to date launched more than 1,400 civil lawsuits aimed at Canadian churches and the federal government, which funded the schools. The majority of the lawsuits are directed at the Oblate Brothers and the Catholic church, which ran most of Canada’s residential schools. Former Prince George Bishop Hubert O’Connor and several other Catholic clergy have been either convicted or charged with sex crimes while operating B.C. residential schools in the 1960s. Catholic officials have expressed worry that the lawsuits could bankrupt churches.

On Tuesday, a $1.7-billion class-action lawsuit was launched against the federal government and the Anglican Church of Canada by former students of an Ontario residential school and their family members. Russell Raikes, the London Ont., lawyer representing the natives, told reporters at a press conference Tuesday it is the largest financial claim in regard to alleged abuses at a residential school. About 360 natives are already on board, and Raikes said he expects more than 1,000 former students from Mohawk Institute Residential School in Brantford to take part in the suit. Shawn Tupper of the federal department of indian affairs said it is the first class-action lawsuit dealing with residential schools brought against the federal government.

Phipps’ apology on Tuesday follows two much more general statements of regret to native Indians that the United Church released in 1986 and 1997. Explaining the necessity for three different apologies, Phipps said: “Repentance is a long road and it’s going to go on for generations.”

Letters to the Vancouver Sun: sunletters@pacpress.southam.ca


Canadian Press
October 27, 1998
Hollie Shaw

TORONTO (CP) – The United Church of Canada has apologized for its role in running aboriginal residential schools, now notorious for the sexual and physical torture inflicted upon native children staying there.

The apology comes one week after new evidence showed church and federal officials knew about the abuse as early as 1960, but did nothing about it.

Church moderator Right Rev. Bill Phipps apology to aboriginals followed a four-day meeting and a long session of soul-searching by the church’s general council executive. “On behalf of the United Church of Canada I apologize for the pain and suffering that our church involvement in the Indian Residential School system has caused,” Phipps told a news conference.

“To those individuals who were physically, sexually and mentally abused as students of the Indian Residential Schools in which The United Church of Canada was involved, I offer you our most sincere apology. You did nothing wrong. You were and are the victims of evil acts that cannot under any circumstances be justified or excused.”

Phipps said church members must now begin the difficult task of rebuilding their fractured relationships with natives.

There were more than 80 native residential schools across Canada from the early 1800s until the mid-1980s, run by churches under contract to the federal government. They are now infamous for the ritual degradation and molestation of the native children who lived in them.

Vancouver lawyer Peter Grant represents former students of the Alberni Indian residential school on Vancouver Island in a B.C. Supreme Court civil suit against the church and government. Almost all of his clients were sexually abused and beaten by Arthur Plint, who worked as a dormitory supervisor at the school between 1948 and 1968. Plint, 80, pleaded guilty in 1995 to dozens of sexual assaults on aboriginal boys. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Last week in Nanaimo, B.C., Grant revealed documents in court which showed the vice-principal of an Edmonton residential school admitted in 1960 to indecently assaulting male students and was convicted of the crime. Church and government correspondence revealed efforts to keep the matter from being publicized and showed officials had concerns about other sexual abuse allegations at residential schools. The documents also showed that the highest levels of the United Church and the Indian Affairs Department were aware but did nothing to eliminate the risk of sexual abuse.

“Moderator Phipps’ apology must be considered in the context of the events in Nanaimo last week,” said Grant, calling the apology an important step that shows the church is taking some responsibility.

The next step is compensation.

Willy Blackwater, a client of Grant’s, said the United Church should be “prepared to compensate us for those assaults” if its leaders are serious about the apology.

At the request of the church, the Nanaimo trial was adjourned last Thursday until April of next year.

The federal government apologized in January for the abuse as part of its response to the 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Indian Affairs Minister Jane Stewart also put up $350 million for a “healing fund” for counselling within aboriginal communities.

Meanwhile, former students of a native residential school in London, Ont. announced Tuesday that they have filed a class action lawsuit against the federal government and the Anglican Church of Canada.

The following is a statement from the United Church regarding Kevin Annett which includes statements made by Willie Blackwater re: Annett. (courtesy of http://www.united-church.ca/aboriginal/schools/statements/annett


Kevin Annett and The United Church of Canada

February 2010

Kevin Annett has made a number of statements about the United Church and its role in the Indian Residential School system for over 14 years. Weaving together half-truths, conspiracy theories, misinformation, and his own unresolved issues with the church, Mr. Annett makes claims that mislead the public and do a disservice to survivors.

In addition to making these claims in public presentations and on the Internet, Mr. Annett has gathered around himself a group of followers under the name “The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD).” The group includes some former students of residential schools and family members as well as non-Aboriginal supporters. The group claims the endorsement of several hereditary tribal chiefs. Most are not named and one, Gerald Johnston, has been found by the British Columbia Supreme Court as not entitled to represent the Squamish Nation. In a 2008 press release, the Squamish Nation stated that Mr. Johnston is not a hereditary chief and “suffers from delusions and appears to be under the influence of disgruntled non-Aboriginal people from the downtown East Side.”

The United Church is not aware of any residential school survivor organization or national Aboriginal group or leader who supports or identifies with the FRD. The United Church works closely with the B.C. Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS) and the National Residential School Survivors Society (NRRSS) both of which represent many thousands of former students of residential schools, and with the Assembly of First Nations, the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, and other recognized Aboriginal organizations.

The FRD identifies its goals as the identification, unearthing, and repatriation of the bodies of children who died at the schools and the criminal prosecution of former staff or church and government officials who they claim are responsible for the deaths. Willie Blackwater, a survivor of the Alberni Residential School and currently President of the National Residential School Survivors Society, said that he resents the idea that Annett, a white man who has never attended residential school, has somehow become the public face of the dead children. He believes Annett has “disgraced” Native people with his public demands for the dead to be repatriated. The United Church has always urged those who are in possession of information about criminal activity at the schools to go to the police.

On Tuesday, February 9, 2010, Mr. Annett arrived unannounced at the Toronto offices of The United Church of Canada to deliver a Public Notice of Intent [PDF: 2 pp/98 KB], signed by a “Jeremiah Jourdain.” He was accompanied by three people who were neither introduced nor identified. Two of them were filming the event which is now available on Mr. Annett’s website. When invited to speak to church officials, Mr. Annett hurried away, saying, “We have had enough of talking to church officials.” This is consistent with Mr. Annett’s unwillingness to meet with church officials on a number of occasions over the past years while at the same time claiming that church officials refuse to meet with him.

The Public Notice of Intent was issued, it claims, because a Letter of Demand delivered to the United Church offices in February 2008 went unanswered. This is not true. A reply from the General Secretary was sent on February 29, 2008 and posted on our website. Similarly a reply by the General Secretary to the Public Notice of Intent was sent on February 10, 2010 [PDF: 1 p/60 KB] to the e-mail address included with Mr. Jourdain’s signature. That reply is also posted on the church website.

The Public Notice of Intent threatens that the FRD will commence an indefinite public campaign against the church and its officers which will include systematically disrupting the normal operations of the church including worship services and fundraising.

Below is additional information on Mr. Annett’s claims:

  • Mr. Annett claims that the United Church has conspired with the government, the RCMP, and others to “cover up” murders at church-run schools, including Alberni Residential School in British Columbia. In a February 2009 Red Town Radio interview in the United States, Mr. Annett alleges that, fearing exposure, the government and police are now trying to hide the evidence, digging up graves in the night. In fact, the United Church has no knowledge of such criminal behaviour and has consistently urged Mr. Annett and anyone else to present any evidence they may have to the police.
  • Mr. Annett claims that the demolition in May 2009 of the former senior student residence (Peake Hall) on the site of the Alberni School was an attempt by the church to hide evidence of student deaths at the school (his website). In fact, the school site has been in the hands of the Nuu-Chal-Nulth people for decades and is now the home of band offices and other Native organizations and services. The band decided to demolish the building. Survivors who attended the ceremony at the demolition indicate it was a healing event.
  • Mr. Annett claims that the United Church closed its archives in December 2007in order “to conceal its guilt” about the deaths of children at the schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (his website). In fact, the archives were temporarily closed to the public for six months to facilitate a move to a new location. Special provision was made to keep the records related to residential schools open and accessible throughout the move. Further, Mr. Annett claims that former Moderator Rev. Bill Phipps “is one of the officials responsible for hiding these records.” In fact, the Rev. Phipps is not involved with any decisions regarding the archives.
  • Mr. Annett alleges that over 50,000 Native children died in the schools (over 30 percent of those who attended) and that the “the residential schools were more intentionally murderous than Auschwitz” (Feb 2009 radio interview). In fact, there is no research to establish such high overall number of deaths according to residential school historian, John Milloy. Indeed, while there were periods of tragically high death rates due to epidemics of tuberculosis or influenza in the early 20th century, existing records show a much lower overall death rate. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the chronic under-funding, the crowded institutional setting, and policies based on the generally prevailing racist societal attitudes exacerbated the death rates.
  • Mr. Annett claims that there are 21 mass graves on the grounds of former residential schools, including the United Church-associated Alberni and Edmonton schools (his website). In fact, exploratory excavation at the Alberni site, based on such allegations, turned up no graves. Children who died at the schools were normally buried in the cemetery of the neighbouring community. The United Church is aware of cemeteries on school properties of the Red Deer, Regina, Brandon, Edmonton, and Portage La Prairie residential schools. The cemetery on the grounds of the Edmonton school was principally used for burials of Native persons who died at the Charles Camsell Hospital. At the present time, the United Church is actively participating along with the federal government, other churches, the Assembly of First Nations, and Library and Archives Canada in the Missing Children Working Group, which is coordinating research in government and church archives into the deaths and burials of students at the schools.
  • Mr. Annett claims the support of a “Chief Kiapilano” of the Squamish Nation, a man named Gerald Johnston (press statements). In fact, in a press release of May 23, 2008, the Squamish Nation stated that “Mr. Johnston is not recognized as a hereditary chief of the Squamish Nation. He ran for election to the Squamish Nation Council in 2005, placing 64th out of 68 candidates, receiving only 55 votes from 2247 eligible voters. In January this year, the British Columbia Supreme Court held that Mr. Johnston was not entitled to represent the Squamish Nation. The Squamish Nation believes Mr. Johnston suffers from delusions and appears to be under the influence of disgruntled non-Aboriginal people from the downtown East Side.”
  • Mr. Annett claims that he works on behalf of survivors (his website). In fact, former students have told the church that the distortion and misrepresentation of facts by Mr. Annett does not serve the interests of the survivors of the residential school system nor their families. It undermines the efforts made by all parties to face the ugly realities of the residential school system and to work toward understanding, healing, and reconciliation. One survivor wrote the following in a widely circulated email: “Whoever it may concern, my name is Charlie Thompson. I am a survivor of the Alberni Indian Residential School…I disagreed with Kevin Annett’s methods of ‘using’ survivors of IRS’s and as a result of this he defames and lies about me on his website… Almost all of the survivors in ‘his’ film did not give him permission to use their stories. He got their stories by lying to them that he was gathering information with agreement with the United Nations, the world organization. Turns out they never heard of him or his ‘work.'”
  • Mr. Annett claims that his tribunal in 1998 was affiliated with the United Nations (his book). In fact, the self-organized tribunal was not a United Nations initiative nor was it “affiliated” with the United Nations. The International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM) was present solely as an observer group. (See a 1998 press release .)
  • Mr. Annett claims that he was fired by the United Church for raising the residential school issue (his film, book, website). In fact, Mr. Annett resigned his position as minister of St. Andrew’s United Church in Alberni, British Columbia, in writing when faced with questions about his competence for ministry. Mr. Annett’s de-listing as a United Church minister was the result of two Formal Hearings conducted according to the rules of evidence of the Province of British Columbia. The report of the Formal Hearing is found on the British Columbia Conference website . For more than a decade, Mr. Annett has repeatedly made disparaging public statements which verge on defamation about a number of the United Church officials and members who were involved in the process that led to his name being placed on the church’s discontinued service list.
  • Mr. Annett and his supporters demand immediate repatriation of the bodies of the buried children back to their home communities (his website, rallies, letters of demand, press statements). In fact, many Native elders, survivors, and families of former students do not want the graves of buried children to be disturbed. They prefer that burial sites be consecrated through ceremony. Willie Blackwater is a survivor of the Alberni Residential School and currently President of the National Residential School Survivors Society. He is well-known for his landmark lawsuit that established the liability of the government and the United Church for the individual abuses that occurred in the schools. In a recent interview with the B.B.C., Mr. Blackwater said he resents the idea that Annett, a white man who has never attended residential school, has somehow become the public face of the dead children. He believes Annett has “disgraced” Native people with his public demands for the dead to be repatriated.
  • On his website, Mr. Annett claims Noam Chomsky said, “Kevin is more deserving of the Nobel Prize than many who have received it in the past.” In fact, in an e-mail of March 11, 2009, Mr. Chomsky recalls no such endorsement of Mr. Annett.
  • In an April 6, 2009 media advisory, Mr. Annett says, “Last month, Canada and its churches were condemned in the United Nations’ human rights councils for its genocide of Native people.” In fact, in February 2009, Canada’s human rights record was reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Council as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. Of the 45 states that spoke during the three-hour session, 30 raised concerns about the rights of Indigenous peoples. No reference to “genocide of Native people” appears in the highlights document posted on the Human Rights Council’s website.

In a Media Advisory and Press Statement of February 1, 2009 on his website, Mr. Annett announced that he is currently promoting “a new political initiative known as the Republican Movement of Kanata, established to sever ties with the British Crown and legally disestablish the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada”. His statement says that he plans to establish local branches of the Republican Party of Kanata.

Mr. Annett has been active under the identities of Friends and Families of the Disappeared, the Tribunal into Canadian Residential Schools, and the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada as well as the name Eagle Strong Voice.

Independent journalists have looked into the claims and allegations made by Mr. Annett:

The response of the United Church to the legacy of the residential school system is shaped and coordinated by the Residential Schools Steering Committee, which includes Aboriginal members from across the country, some of whom are residential school survivors. The United Church is also being guided by consultations with Aboriginal political, healing, and survivor organizations.

The United Church accepts without question its complicity in the residential school system and the tragic impact that the system had on Aboriginal children, families, communities, and nations. (Approximately 10 percent of residential schools were affiliated with the United Church.) In 1986, The United Church of Canada offered its first apology to First Nations peoples. The church extended a second apology specifically to former students and their families in 1998, accepting responsibility for its involvement in the federal system of Indian Residential Schools.

Since that time, the United Church has actively sought paths of justice, healing, and reconciliation. The church acknowledges its part in the colonial enterprise which resulted in a society that has been unjust, abusive, and racist. We consider that the treatment of Aboriginal peoples, including the imposition of the residential school system, constitutes a shameful chapter in Canada’s national history. The United Church deeply respects the courage of former students who are making known painful stories of suffering and abuse experienced at the schools, and in no way seeks to suppress these stories or to evade its responsibility. The United Church is committed to facing the ugly realities of the residential school system and to actively living out its apologies.

For more information on the church’s response, see Indian Residential Schools.