Mental Illness in the ‘Truth Movement’ – Part 1

crazyThe sad state of affairs that is the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax has claimed another victim.  This one in the form of an apparently mentally disturbed woman named Ved Chaudhari (aka Neelu Berry).  This seems to be an underlying theme in the ‘Truth Movement’ as of late.  Delusion, Psychosis, Paranoia,Narcissism, and Fixation.  The madness coming out of what is now being dubbed “Hoaxted” is a case study for how the mentally ill gravitate (or even run) social causes.  Kevin Annett is an undiagnosed Narcississt (see his third person announcements about himself) and most assuredly psychopath with a long history of preying on the mentally unstable like Ved Chaudhari.  She saw in him a Messiah of sorts and pushed his work with zealous fervor on Facebook.  She defended him vehemently when challenged saying that no one had done more to expose pedophilia than he and that his Common Law Court of Justice was going to somehow transform the world.  She proudly posted his numerous fraudulent documents bearing the various aliases of Kevin Annett as proof that the Queen was in danger of imminent arrest and that England, like Canada was ‘dissolved’.  Her belief that everything is a conspiracy is partly to blame for her arrest at Christ Church, her inability to demonstrate restraint and rational thinking is the other part.  Why only she and Christine Sands were arrested is because none of the other protestors there on March 22 were shouting that sacrifices were going on there.  None were screaming at passers-by that babies were being killed there, and having their blood drank and their flesh eaten.  Essentially, they acted like dangerous crazy people so it was a short distance to go to see the authorities treat them like dangerous crazy people.  But the Truth Movement is no stranger to dangerous crazy people, and in fact uses them to it’s advantage.  This is why Kevin Annett has been called a WitchFinder General by Thomas Sheridan.

It is the dollop of crazy people in this so-called movement that creates the hysteria we see at Hampstead.  Kevin Annett has been calling for heads on pig-poles for over 20 years so are we surprised to see Steve Finney nearly get shot, Rhianne Baines get harassed and David Compan get ‘sectioned’?  No, because the cream of crazy always rises to the top and when it gets there it has a bright orange target painted on it’s forehead.

I direct your attention to an article found recently by a follower of this blog.  It seems that Neelu has let her belief in conspiracy guide her actions, with disastrous consequences:

Ilford pharmacist who harassed and made false allegations against fellow professionals struck off

A pharmacist who failed to adhere to acceptable standards of conduct,and who caused mental suffering and anguish to fellow healthcareprofessionals, has had her name removed from the Register by order ofthe Disciplinary Committee

A pharmacist who failed to adhere to acceptable standards of conduct, and who caused mental suffering and anguish to fellow healthcare professionals, has had her name removed from the Register by order of the Disciplinary Committee.

The case of Neelu Chaudhari, of Ilford, Essex, was heard by the committee on 14 and 15 October 2009, following a resumed Statutory Committee inquiry. She was facing allegations of misconduct arising from her actions following the death of her baby niece at King George Hospital, Ilford, on 26 August 2000.

Miss Chaudhari was not present at the hearing and was not represented.

Full transcripts of Disciplinary Committee decisions are available from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s website.

The committee heard that the baby had suffered several medical complications, including serious congenital abnormalities. There had been a diagnosis of Trisomy 18, or Edward’s syndrome, the prognosis for which is poor with a mortality rate of 98 per cent in the first year of life. The baby had died aged  three months.

Mrs Chaudhari’s alleged misconduct arose after a rift developed between the team treating the baby and the family, who believed the baby was not being treated properly. This had reached a stage such that the baby’s mother would barricade herself in the hospital room, impeding ready access of the care team.

Emergency protection order

The hospital trust had then applied for an emergency protection order, which was granted, giving the trust parental responsibility for the child, preventing the child from being removed from the hospital and enabling the trust to regulate parental access. Mrs Chaudhari was a named respondent in the order and was excluded from contact with the baby. The family sought to appeal the emergency protection order but the baby died during the course of the hearing.

Read more here

You see, she was in a position of authority, of trust, and she decided to push her beliefs onto others and ignore the consequences of her actions.  This is also what Kevin Annett does, but the distinction is that Kevin Annett does it for selfish reasons.  I believe that Ved/Neelu, really believes she is helping to save the world with what she does and how she does it. And I believe that she should get help and not punishment for what happened at Christ Church and that her ‘sisters’ Sabine McNeil and Belinda McKenzie should come out of their hidey-holes and take responsibility for their part in this sad state of affairs.

Stay tuned for Part 2…..

The Latest in the Game of Shills

kids satanic sex horror

“The components of a myth of evil conspiracy lie deep in culture-“hardwired” as it were, to society and self, rather than produced independently at every discrete point in history.  However, the activation of those components, to mobilize people to purge evil from their midst, is a process embedded in social and historical context….Let us consider first the “depth” of those components that artculate evil in terms of inversion and perversion and yet allow a transgressive thrill in their contemplation: sexual excess, incest and cannibalism, a disorder of bodily fluids and orifices, nocturnal and secret behavior, and ritual states.  In chapter 5, I explored various psychoanalytic understandings of this symbolism, especially its reflection of a primary-process realm of bodily sensation, and I furthermore used these psychoanalytic models to understand the emergence of SRA motifs as a kind of feminist and evangelical Christian pornography.”  (Evil Incarnate by David Frankfurter, pg 208)

In recent months a disturbing story has reached a viral presence on the internet of two children living in Hampstead, UK who allege their father is the head of a Satanic Ritual Abuse cult.  The details described by the siblings, hereafter called “P” and “Q” have appeared in numerous leaked “home” videos, as well as taped police interviews and essentially the story remained the same.  The children allege that their father, an influential individual in the community and ‘friend’ of many of the teachers and staff at their school, engaged in daily violations of them and many of the children at the school.  They described how their father had killed babies, eaten their flesh and drank their blood.  Rituals were described where the children were active participants in these killings.   All of these allegations were later retracted by the children who stated that they were being abused by their step-father who appeared intent on smearing the childrens father who was involved in a bitter divorce and custody dispute with the childrens mother, Ella Draper.

At the time the ‘home video’s’ were released I waited and watched what the alternative media would do with it all.  I hadn’t watched any of the childrens testimonies because I wanted to see what was being said and who was popping up to take charge of the soon to develop campaign.  Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed, nor was I surprised to see Belinda McKenzie at the helm.  Once the ‘savior of the children’ had been firmly established I was then free to watch the childrens video’s.

I must say that the description of their ordeals was absolutely heart wrenching, nauseating and enraging.  Watching several of the so-called ‘home video’s’ of the children being interviewed by an un-named adult male, made my head hurt and I wanted to throw up.  Aside from the horrors these children were describing, what struck me was the matter of fact (and almost jovial) nature by which the children recounted their experiences.  I immediately sensed an element of people-pleasing that is very natural in children of that age and I wondered if these children had been coached or encouraged to embellish the facts, and I wasn’t alone.  The idea that children can be told, encouraged, or guided to outright lie ALWAYS rubs people the wrong way when we are talking about child abuse, no matter what side of the fence we find ourselves on.  Children are, without a doubt, the innocent victims in these cases and to be coached to make false accusations of sexual abuse is in itself an abuse. Yet it does happen.  This was my concern in watching the several home video’s where “Q” is repeatedly interview by his mothers partner.  What would possess her to allow such a high risk individual to question a minor about such things?  Why would the mother not be present, to reassure the boy, provide comfort of any kind, let alone be heard pacing about in the background (seemingly doing the dishes) offering commentary as the interview dragged along?  It all sat like a splinter in my brain.

I wrote an earlier article about Kevin Annett’s promotion of the Satanic Ritual Abuse meme which highlighted two notorious (the Martensville and McMartin) cases in the 80’s and 90’s.  I wrote this article after Annett had published several statements regarding an unknown (even to Alex Jones) cult called the Ninth Circle, allegedly operating in Montreal, Canada.  Disturbingly, Annett accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of ordering the ‘murder’ of Constable Kal Ghadban of the Ottawa Police force, who shot himself dead in his office.  Ghadban, was hailed for his tireless work on drug crimes, human trafficking and organized crime cases.  Yet, Annett (and others) could not resist the temptation to turn a tragedy into something to do with the Almighty Kevin Annett the ITCCS.

Kevin Annett Libellous Claims using Const. Kal Gadban
Kevin Annett Libellous Claims using Const. Kal Ghadban in an interview with Alfred Webre at his home in Vancouver.

IMG_0366 IMG_0367

Judy Byington (a close associate and supporter of Kevin Annett’s and promoter of SRA stories) drew these conclusions on her blog, Child Abuse Recovery:

“The ITCCS and its Canadian affiliates planned to establish an ongoing inquiry into the Lebel – Lacroix connection, the murder of Officer Kal Ghadban and the role of Ndrangheta and Vatican in Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper government operations. “We will be seeking a new round of trials of those connected to these killings and the Canadian government’s involvement with Ndrangheta and the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult” Annett stated.” –see full text of article here

That was back in November, and of course Annett has not initiated ‘a new round of trials’ for anything and has only managed to ‘try’ the patience of his ardent followers.

Kevin Annett gives a 'press conference' from his undisclosed location...(ie. the attic of his house)
Kevin Annett gives a ‘press conference’ from his undisclosed location…(ie. the attic of his house)

So it was very suspicious that on the heels of so much ‘Ninth Circle Cult’ news and accusations flying about certain named CEO’s and higher ups within various Fortune 500 Companies, that one would expect some kind of mention or statement from Kevin’s attic regarding the Hampstead case.  After all, Annett had taken great pains to weave the intricate story of Ndranghetta and various cults operating in Eastern and Western Canada, why wouldn’t Annett draw even the smallest of links to the Hampstead cult?  Could it be because he and Belinda McKenzie and Brian Garrish were a thing once, having appeared at several rallies and speaking engagements together for the common cause of ‘saving the children?  So why did Annett go silent these past weeks when all eyes and ears were turned to the goings on in camp McKenzie?  Better yet, why did Kevin Annett ignore Araya Soma’s pleas for help when she brought Ella Draper’s story to him of two children being raped in a church on a daily basis by a Satanic Cult run by their father?  Why would he support someone as flimsy as Toos Nijenhuis, and yet not come to the aid of the children of Hampstead?

Picture 98

My guess is that he may have been warned off by whoever is orchestrating this fiasco; after-all, Annett is poisoned fruit in the UK after his recent outing as a womanizer and con-man and shill.  And it may be that Annett had no way of spinning the story to his advantage without some serious backlash from his few remaining supporters.  In any case there is no denying that Annett’s prior association with the people involved leaves many questions unanswered.

Here’s what we know.

Annett was supported by McKenzie publicly in 2010 and 2011 when he travelled to the UK to appear at various rallies such as Protest the Pope.  Annett spoke in front of crowds and gave media interviews and appeared with McKenzie and Brian Gerrish as is seen in these photo’s:


Kevin Annett posing with Belinda McKenzie and others at a 'Protest the Pope' rally in April 2011
Kevin Annett posing with Belinda McKenzie and others outside the Canadian Embassy in London’ in April 2010


Kevin Annett speaking with Robert Green as Holly Grieg and her Mother look on.

Annett Garrish


Perhaps there is no more honor among shills than among thieves, and I can say shills because plenty of evidence points to the McKenzie and McKenzie Friends as being just that:

1. McKenzie Friends is an organization that claims to provide assistance and help to victims and has the legal right to appear with those victims in court, yet Belinda McKenzie claimed to be barred from the public hearings of the Hampstead case in an attempt to smear the ruling by Justice Pauffley

2. Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill are now in hiding from authorities in relation to the publishing of the names and addresses of those ‘accused’ of rape, torture and murder of children.

3. McKenzie called for ‘Amnesty’ for pedophiles, stating that they should be rehabilitated not punished.

4. The children remain as wards of the state, and although they appear happy, justice has not been served so long as their mother and step-father fail to stand in the light of the truth.  McKenzie and McNeill appear to be less concerned with the welfare of the children than with the damage done to their reputations.

In the mean time, two of the activists seen harassing passers-by and members of Christ-Church were arrested on April 4th outside the Ecquador Embassy at a rally to support Julian Assange.  Those involved with the Assange rally appeared unconcerned that Christine Sands of Million Mask March and Neelu Berry (aka. Ved Chaudhari) were being taken in by authorities.  Neelu has a well documented history of  working with and supporting Kevin Annett and his work and has likely used Annett’s fake warrants and notices.  Why has Annett, McKenzie and McNeill abandoned Neelu and Sands in their hour of need?  Has McKenzie been questioned?  Of course not, because if the rumors of her being MI-5 are correct, then she would have been there to help ensnare Neelu/Ved not to help her and she would have done her job very well.

Ved Edited No Kevin Annett Ved Ella Video Ved ITCCs docs Ved ITCCS KA fb 2 Ved ITCCS KA fb3 Ved ITCCS- Kevin Annett FB ved republic

Neelu’s case will be heard August 9, 2015.

For an excellent article of the ‘players’ in this game of shills, read the following:

p.s.Why did Kevin Annett really not show up in Glastonbury at the Truth Juice event???

KA cancelled





Hope and Justice for Abuse Survivors in UK Peoples Tribunal

Peoples Tribunal

It was June in Vancouver, 1998, when Kevin Annett made his grand entrance onto the world stage as the self proclaimed savior and spokesperson for the abused children of the world.  His presence at the IHRAAM Tribunal into abuses suffered by Indian Residential School students at the hands of the Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian churches was supposed to be one of healing and reconciliation.  He was invited, after all, by high profile Native activists like Harriet Nahanee, who believed in the value of natives and non-natives walking the Red Road together to achieve peace.  His presence was to be a salve on the still open wounds suffered by Native children at the hands of Priests, Nuns and administrators seeking to civilize the wild children abducted into their ‘care’.  What he achieved, however, was division and betrayal; played out behind the scenes and behind peoples backs…..engaging in the very same ‘bad-jacketing’ techniques he accused the participants at the tribunal of.  In a single weekend, he managed to insert himself as a legitimate ‘ally’ of Native people which gave him access to the testimonials of the survivors and a means of accessing groups like the Circle of Justice.

And when the Circle of Justice publicly denounced him and demanded he answer their concerns he maintained his image by slandering and libelling those Natives levelling allegations against him.  He effectively shut them up and shut them up good.

Time, however, has had a way of dealing with Kevin Annett and all his claims and his latest weak attempt at bringing the Natives and the Indian Residential Schools back into his repertoire has gone over like a lead balloon.  The Republic of Kanata has been dissolved and no Grand Jury was held on the 26th of January to hold Alfred Webre, Alex Hunter ‘and others’ accountable for their ‘crimes’.  Annett has gone strangely silent except for the few weak attempts at salvaging his reputation amongst the New Age and Ascension fanatics.  It seems that even a Galactic Connection cannot save him now.

And so it is wonderfully appropriate that a real Peoples Tribunal into child abuse was announced that is an answer to Kevin Annett and his phoney-baloney Tribunal of Conscience.  The UKSAPT promises much more than the ITCCS ever did: Transparency, Accountability, Remedy, and, um….actual legal counsel!!!!  Here are their terms of reference:

Terms of Reference


1. The UK Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT), established by survivors of child sex abuse, their supporters, and witnesses, will investigate institutional child sex abuse.

2. Institutional child sex abuse arises from the abuse of power by an individual or individuals over a child or children, resulting often from the misuse of that power to enable the child sex abuse to happen.

3. There are many objectives which the UKCSAPT seeks to accomplish. The UKCSAPT seeks to end the tolerance of impunity with regards to this issue. No individual who has sexually abused a child or children will be deemed to be above the law, however powerful their position in an institution or organisation is or was; or however powerful that individual is or was perceived to be.

4. Furthermore, where institutional child sex abuse has taken place and there is sufficient evidence that it has taken place, justice should be seen to be done.

5. In addition, institutions must be held to account where they have failed to prevent, covered-up or have facilitated institutional child sex abuse. Where institutions have failed in their duty to children, the UKCSAPT will seek to make recommendations about how these institutions should address the problems identified.

6. Against this backdrop, survivors of child sex abuse and their supporters establish the UKCSAPT to:

a. independently raise potential avenues of inquiry related to the context, nature, and depth of institutional child sex abuse

b. provide a safe space free from interference and scrutiny to allow survivors, supporters, and witnesses to speak freely regarding institutional child sex abuse

c. independently establish how institutional policies and judicial systems have failed survivors and failed to protect the best interests of the child

d. independently determine and discuss which constructive remedies could best address institutional child sexual abuse and the allegations brought forth


7. A ‘child’ is defined as any person under 18 years of age, as defined by Article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

8. ‘Institution’ means any society, body or organisation with the responsibility for the care, health or welfare of children. ‘Institution’ under theseTerms also includes political parties, religious organisations, the Monarchy, Secret Services, the Government, the Police, Local Authorities, Armed Forces and the Civil Service.


9. Currently the United Kingdom Crown Services has set up an Independent Panel Inquiry (Panel) into Child Sexual Abuse. The Panel seeks to consider the extent state and non-state institutions failed to protect children from child sexual abuse.

10. The UKCSAPT works independently from the Panel and is purely a grassroots, societal based mechanism to give survivors and witnesses to child sexual abuse access to justice, as well as a voice. The means and methods to create such a mechanism have been created solely by survivors of child sexual abuse and supporters who seek to end child sexual abuse in the UK. All members who are part of the UKCSAPT work in a voluntary capacity.

11. No one who participates in the Panel is excluded from participating in the UKCSAPT. Survivors may choose to give evidence to both the Panel and the UKCSAPT if they wish.


12. The UKCSAPT will focus on Members of Parliament (MP’s) and Police who have been complicit or perpetrated the sexual abuse of children either directly or indirectly through the suppression of evidence of allegations and investigations.

13. The UKCSAPT reserves the right to modify its parameters after the current submission process takes place.


14. The UKCSAPT will take evidence from survivors and/or witnesses in person. Survivors identity will be kept private. Procedures will be implemented which allows for this to occur and safeguard survivor and/or witness testimony

15. Survivors may also elect to stop participating in the UKCSAPT proceedings at any time they choose.

16.  Once the evidence has been compiled by qualified members of the UKCSAPT, the Tribunal Panel of the UKCSAPT will be given the submissions to compile an independent report. This Report will be handed to the various offices of the United Kingdom Government and relevant institutions. The Tribunal Panel  will determine its methodology and how it will present these materials to the public on its own accord.

17. Any evidence taken from survivors that is deemed relevant to a possible prosecution will be handed to the Police (with the permission of the survivors). Survivors will be supported when giving evidence to UKCSAPT and subsequently will be supported in giving evidence to the police, and in the process of any subsequent prosecution of their abuser/s. UKCSAPT, survivors, and interested parties intend to provide additional support to survivors. Survivors will be referred to the various support networks and organisations available to support and counsel survivors.

What I really like and support about such a Tribunal is that evidence will be submitted to the police, and whether the ‘cops are pigs’ crowd like it or not this is the course of action that must be taken in order to come about some form of justice. While much of the judicial system is corrupt, it is not entirely so.  And, having a Tribunal where charges are potentially going to be made deserves the same (if not more) support from the kind of people supporting Kevin Annett.  No change in the system can happen when we don’t pressure the system to do it’s job.

So, I for one, will be keeping a close eye on this and will be supporting this effort for transparency and accountability that was sabotaged in a similar Tribunal by a snake-oil salesman in a one man show.

peoples tribunal video

VIDEO: Alfred Lambremont Webre: Why I exposed Kevin Annett & ITCCS

Heather Martin:

More ‘jurors’ come forth to reveal ITCCS delusion of one man. Where will the madness of “King Kevin” end…?

Originally posted on Our New World:

As some of you know, I volunteered to be an ITCCS juror, and there really wasn’t a trial. We were sent YouTube videos over the course of several weeks, and then asked to vote at the end of all of the videos. I didn’t vote, because I suspected it was complete BS. The fact that Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman parted ways after the big Toronto press event in July 2012 is what led me to this conclusion.

I had the opportunity to meet Jason Bowman, and discuss what happened. All he would say is that they didn’t agree on how to proceed with the ITCCS filings.

When I was regularly posting Kevin’s updates, I received several comments exposing Kevin Annett as a fraud. For one thing the ITCCS doesn’t have a mailing address. “Brussels” means nothing on his web-site. The ITCCS phone number is Kevin’s cellphone.

I usually remain…

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Kevin Annett Flaunts Dead Children to Gain Support for ITCCS

Heather Martin:

A reblog of this most revealing post in the wake of the recent interview by ex-The Peoples Network host who says it’s A.O.K. to pull dead childrens bones out of ones pockets at an Occupy rally. The host, and apparently Kevin Annett, see nothing wrong in that…. so, let’s revisit why childrens bones figures so prominently in most of what Kevin Annett does. People watching Windows on the World should be asking WHY Kevin Annett does it. Watch the embarassing pile of BS here:

Originally posted on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped:

alberniOn December 13, 2013, Kevin Annett announced that the skeletons of 30 children were unearthed in a mass grave at the Indian Residential School in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  The grave, according to Kevin, and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOURCE IN THE MEDIA OR ANYWHERE, was discovered by pipe-fitters working in the area.  Now, what Kevin doesn’t know is that I spoke to people there while on my Christmas vacation and to a family member who happens to be a pipe-fitter working in that area to see if this claim held any water. Neither the elder I spoke with from the Nuu-Chul-Nuth First Nations people, or my cousin, had heard of any such thing.  The Elder I spoke with stated too that if anything like that were discovered it would not be without the knowledge or the consent of the Tribal Council, which is what we saw with the dig at…

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Why Kevin Annett is Toxic… It’s the Narcissism, Man! (Updated)

Heather Martin:

An update to a post from August 2012 – on Kevin Annett’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Originally posted on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped:

“The grandiose claims of narcissists are superficially plausible fabrications, readily punctured by a little critical consideration. The test is performance: do they deliver the goods?” – Paul J. Hannig PhD

In researching the personality of Kevin Annett, I have come to learn much about what Kevin thinks and why he thinks it.  I have listened to numerous radio interviews and watched plenty of YouTube video’s featuring Annett to know that he is as well spoken as he is educated.   These two talents explain (in part) why and how so many of Kevin’s followers and supporters got duped.  The other part has to do with the elements of his narcissim as demonstrated in the video above.

One cannot help but notice from the first few seconds of his January 2015 ‘address’ that this is a man who views himself as being an important person. I’ve seen it before, in his…

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Jean Haines Statement on Kevin Annett

Yesterday, Jean Haines of the blog 2012: What is the Real Truth, posted the following letter to her readers.  While I had been attempting for over a year to awaken Jean to the reality that Kevin Annett is at the very least a Con-Artist, Jean was adamant that he was a force for good and hence blocked my numerous attempts to comment publicly on her blog.  I took offence to this (coming from a place of ego, I know….) because I had been following Jean’s writing since before I learned who Kevin Annett was.  I enjoyed her blog and I thought she could be counted on to present the truth about things.  Real Truth is what it is and it isn’t censored, which is what has been disappointing for me about Jean’s blog.  So the letter she has posted has not been a relief, nor a triumph for me, because it lacked the acknowledgement of so many peoples attempts to at least be heard.  I thought THE TRUTH could stand up to a little criticism.

So she hasn’t come out to apologise to those who may have been hurt by the actions of bloggers like her who promoted Kevin despite the FACTS being out there for her (and all) to see.  She hasn’t admitted to being blinded by her heart and for wanting Kevin to be all that he claims to be.  That is where many of his victims fear to tread…the admission that they put their trust in the wrong man, loved the wrong man, sent money to the wrong man….that they were taken in by a con.  Jean may not be ready to expose her heart right now but at least she has gone public about what she believes about Kevin Annett.  I do applaud her for that.


Christmas 2014

I don’t know how to say this gently, but I’m not going to permit this fact to keep me from saying what I think needs to be said: It is not my job to interpret the information that I give you. I posted two articles yesterday about Kevin Annett and one the day before, and so many of you seem to feel like the jury is still out on the decision concerning him! You are lambasting both Alfred and me for what he has presented as facts. Apparently, some of you either have chosen not to do your homework and study/view this material, or you are in total denial about these proven FACTS. 

I walked closely with Alfred via emails as he uncovered what I can tell you he did not want to uncover. I also listened to Alfred’s long video of explanation, and the comments started coming in too soon for most of you to have listened. Did you take the time to read the specifics of what Alfred put out for us all in legal terms before many of you jumped?

Some of you are also asking me to tell you what is going on! To be truthful, I’m too sick still and I haven’t got the time to do so. I did my homework, and now I ask you to do yours. If you still want to believe that blatant facts are lies published by an International Lawyer and Judge who is devoting his life to getting us the truth, so be it, but please don’t expect me to publish your responses here. I haven’t got time for it. I can’t do your homework for you, and I can’t make —  and don’t want the responsibility of making — your decisions for you.

Someone reminded me I was, after all, wrong about Neil Keenan. Yes, I was wrong, until I had the FACTS. Then I walked away, and I never looked back. I’m sorry if your dreams — like mine — were dashed, but it’s up to you to decide what you think. If after doing your own thorough research you have other FACTS which will prove otherwise, by all means share those facts.

As far as I am concerned, the jury is no longer out. Kevin Annett was co-intel pro, and if you listened to the last video I published, you will see that now Alfred can move much more quickly than before to expose the terrible pedophilia with which we are now dealing, the pedophilia whose purpose Bradley Loves came to me to publish for him. It is rampant on this planet, and, in fact, the energy from the fear the cabal is creating is basically what is running the entire sick ‘show’ here. We need to wake up to this fact. We need to stop it, and we need to stop it as soon as possible!