Kevin Annett Flaunts Dead Children to Gain Support for ITCCS

alberniOn December 13, 2013, Kevin Annett announced that the skeletons of 30 children were unearthed in a mass grave at the Indian Residential School in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  The grave, according to Kevin, and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOURCE IN THE MEDIA OR ANYWHERE, was discovered by pipe-fitters working in the area.  Now, what Kevin doesn’t know is that I spoke to people there while on my Christmas vacation and to a family member who happens to be a pipe-fitter working in that area to see if this claim held any water. Neither the elder I spoke with from the Nuu-Chul-Nuth First Nations people, or my cousin, had heard of any such thing.  The Elder I spoke with stated too that if anything like that were discovered it would not be without the knowledge or the consent of the Tribal Council, which is what we saw with the dig at Brantford.  And, according to my cousin any time remains are found that are questionable as to being human or not, the RCMP and the local Tribal Council are immediately notified.  Universities get involved.  Coroners and Forensics experts swoop in and do their job.  Not like what we saw with the dig at Brantford.  A fact Kevin missed is that many of the guys working with my cousin are Native and there is no way that such a discovery would be treated lightly or with disrespect against the Native people living and working there. Kevin Annett’s announcement back in December of 2013 seemed to fizzle out as a viable lie that could be used to fluff the credibility of the ITCCS and it’s coffers.  And really when we’re talking about where your hard earned money goes when you make a donation to the good ol ITCCS you’d better realize that it goes to Bill Annett in Florida, and when you donate to the ICLCJ your money goes to the Radio Warrior (Joshua Lemmens of Hope, B.C.).  It never goes to the Natives, it goes to pay Kevin’s rent and his fancy trips to Europe.  So, making these little announcements about 30 skeletons of children found in sinkholes (that’s apparently how you know they’re children according to Kevin’s logic – see YouTube vid below) is good at keeping the interest of the White Allies of the Indian People.

What a surprise (NOT!), to see a petition article depicting a woman examining human remains at a dig site (see picture above).  The petition site’s campaign featuring this gross misrepresentation is led by Sharon Lewis (or is it Judy Byington?), an obvious supporter of Kevin Annett.  The photo’s caption reads:

“Thirty small skeletons were discovered in an unmarked mass grave-site at the Port Alberni BC United Church of Canada residential school for native children”.

The image, along with the caption below it are a bald-faced lie intended to make the shocked readers cry out “God Bless You Kevin!!!!” One problem here folks……. The picture is of an archaeological dig of a mass grave site in Budak, Bosnia-Herzegovinia.  The caption on the real article where the image above was copied from reads:

JULY 12: “International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) forensic archaeologist, Renee Kosalka from Canada provides works on an excavation at the Budak mass grave in the Srebrenica Municipality on July 12, 2005 in Bosnia Herzegovina. The site is a secondary grave site – 600 victims were killed and buried in a primary location and later 100 of them were transferred to this secondary grave. The mortal remains at this site were allegedly moved to be buried here from sites at Glogova with heavy machinery and ballistic and blast damage caused by grenades was observed on many of the remains. The team makes an electronic survey of all items found and maps and records the grave formation. Records of the remains being recovered are transferred along with the remains to the ICMP mortuary facility as an aid to identification. Some 8,000 Muslims, mostly boys and men, were slaughtered at Srebrenica in July 1995 by Bosnian Serb soldiers. Of those 8,000 only 2,000 have been identified and buried. 25,753 individual missing person samples have been collected in Former Yugoslavia. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)”

Children and Death are a huge part of Kevin Annett’s popularity.

Disgusting isn’t it?  The lengths people will go to, to gain “legitimacy” for a cause?  Almost like Kevin’s claims about the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission using witness testimony to whitewash the Government and Churches crimes?  How desperate and depraved do you have to be to pimp out one ethnic cleansing to make you the savior of another?  I wonder why the Bosnian government hasn’t hired black operatives or paid bribes to activists to discredit the work of the International Commission on Missing Persons, or Renee Kosalka?  Why hasn’t the ICMP simply claimed they sent teensy tiny pieces to Smithsonian and then allege incompetence and a cover up!  Because that’s not how things work in the real world people… when you find human remains it get’s investigated… 30 SKELETONS ON NATIVE LAND GETS INVESTIGATED!!! And when it really happens, you don’t have to steal a picture from a REAL dig site and try to con the public into believing your COCK-A-MAMIE story!!!!! But this isn’t the first time supporters (and Kevin himself) has tried to pull the wool over the sheeps eyes.  Ditto (the songwriter), posted a thread on FaceBook using a photo of mass graves in Syria (copied from National Geographic) to fool people into thinking it was a mass grave in Alberta.

58833_10151434195621170_1402938861_nalberta mass grave

If you ever want to backsource a photo posted anywhere on the net… I highly recommend a program like TinEye.  As you can see in about 3 seconds I was able to determine the source of the picture in question:

Picture 95

Or the picture of the little girl with SmallPox:

bangladeshi smallpoxPicture 29smallpos

Yes, Kevin thinks you’re too busy crying over the dead children to realize you’re being taken in hook, line and sinker.  He brainwashes you with the trauma of the crimes committed at Residential Schools and Boarding Schools and homes for Mothers and Child so you stop thinking and blindly follow.  How could you question a man who is fighting SO HARD for justice for these lost little ones??? But let’s take a good look at what has been acomplished…. he has a following…he has sympathizers…he has a PayPal button and an Amazon Sellers Account…and in 20 years not a single case brought to trial (a real honest to goodness trial) that has gotten justice for a single victim.  NOT ONE!!!!!! Plenty of hype though…. lots of being all “Vampiric and Spin-Doctory”…as a good, good friend used to say…. And let us not forget the latest addition to growing list of Dead Children Claims Made by Kevin.  That of the ritual killings of 800 babies allegedly found in a cistern in Tuam (pronounced Chu-Em), Ireland.  The Catholic Church there has got it’s hands full with the recent Garda corruption allegations and now has been called to investigate what happened at a Mother and Child home there.  If the horror is not bad enough that 800 children were ‘stored’ in a ‘holding tank’ or cistern, we have Kevin Annett stating they bear the marks of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  But you are never expected to ask for proof of anything told to you by the Annett/Webre team….You’re just supposed to do one thing….and it’s such an easy manoever, utilizing one finger….making a sound that goes…’click’….’click’….’click’…..

See this Ironic article by (which has posted some of Annett’s crap) on the BBC scandal over it’s News Fixing Process and the use of ‘dead babies’ in Social Engineering.

8 thoughts on “Kevin Annett Flaunts Dead Children to Gain Support for ITCCS

  1. Thanks for the research Heather. There is no level so low that Kevin Annett will not sink to it. His appropriation of the Canadian First Nation residential schools survivors is vile. Now he is feeding on the dismay and pain around Irish children from mother and baby homes, a story which already has had hysterical and untrue coverage in the international press. With your permission – can I post this link to show a more balanced and nuanced side to that story [].
    No one has examined a single one of the human remains in Tuam. Therefore no one could say that the remains had signs of ritual abuse. Unless you are Kevin Annett, in which case you will make up any old rubbish to get people to click your paypal button.


    1. You’re right Athena, no one will question that…. How could you question such a horror? You must be in league with Satan if you do!!!! *sigh*… people have forgotten how to think for themselves… the sheeple who unplugged from one reality simply plugged themselves back into another…. they just don’t realize it’s all the same Matrix.


  2. Reblogged this on Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped and commented:

    A reblog of this most revealing post in the wake of the recent interview by ex-The Peoples Network host who says it’s A.O.K. to pull dead childrens bones out of ones pockets at an Occupy rally. The host, and apparently Kevin Annett, see nothing wrong in that…. so, let’s revisit why childrens bones figures so prominently in most of what Kevin Annett does. People watching Windows on the World should be asking WHY Kevin Annett does it. Watch the embarassing pile of BS here:

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