Kevin Annett Flaunts Dead Children to Gain Support for ITCCS

A reblog of this most revealing post in the wake of the recent interview by ex-The Peoples Network host who says it’s A.O.K. to pull dead childrens bones out of ones pockets at an Occupy rally. The host, and apparently Kevin Annett, see nothing wrong in that…. so, let’s revisit why childrens bones figures so prominently in most of what Kevin Annett does. People watching Windows on the World should be asking WHY Kevin Annett does it. Watch the embarassing pile of BS here:

Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped

alberniOn December 13, 2013, Kevin Annett announced that the skeletons of 30 children were unearthed in a mass grave at the Indian Residential School in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  The grave, according to Kevin, and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOURCE IN THE MEDIA OR ANYWHERE, was discovered by pipe-fitters working in the area.  Now, what Kevin doesn’t know is that I spoke to people there while on my Christmas vacation and to a family member who happens to be a pipe-fitter working in that area to see if this claim held any water. Neither the elder I spoke with from the Nuu-Chul-Nuth First Nations people, or my cousin, had heard of any such thing.  The Elder I spoke with stated too that if anything like that were discovered it would not be without the knowledge or the consent of the Tribal Council, which is what we saw with the dig at…

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