Satanic Ritual Abuse: Kevin Annett’s Promotion of False Memory Syndrome

kids satanic sex horror

 “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” – Wiliam Kingdon Clifford (Freethinker)

When Elaine Showalter wrote ‘Hystories – Hysterial Epidemics and Modern Media‘ in 1997, I was 27 years old, married with a young child and one on the way. Reality, as I knew it, involved the daily life of a wife and mother, household chores, paying bills and seeing the world through the lenses that my parents and the media had put before me. Showalter, at the time she wrote her book, expressed concern about the increasing influence that technology, communication and the media has on the collective consciousness and the phenomenon of mass hysteria…something I knew nothing about.  Specifically she examined the increasing popularity of alien abduction and satanic ritual abuse stories by alleged victims.  I use the term ‘alleged’ because these re-tellings are strictly subjective in nature, lacking physical evidence or proof other than statements like “I know what happened to me!”.  Now that I’m a little older and the writer of this blog, I’ve been blessed to have a copy of Showalters book to reflect upon.  Her chapters on alien abductions and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) are two separate subject matters that in recent weeks have managed to cross paths in much of the latest developments surrounding Kevin Annett.  This article will explore the issue of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the claims made by Kevin Annett.

Picture 98

Kevin Annett with Toos Nijenhuis at an alleged Satanic Ritual site in Holland

You may recall that last year Kevin Annett was introduced to Toos Nijenhuis by Melanie Spencer (aka Mel Ve) when he visited Holland last year.  During that visit, Kevin and Mel interviewed Toos and her daughter who detailed (in over two and a half hours of ‘testimony’) sordid details of SRA by various members of Dutch Royalty and other government officials.  I watched most of that lengthy video and found too many contradictions in Toos’ testimony despite the emotional impact it seemed to have on her.  Specifically, I took Mel and Kevin to task over Toos recollection as a four year-old child of being strapped to a table having various sexual perversions performed on her while being able to look through the floor to the basement beneath her to know that a dog was being tortured and killed.  I couldn’t help notice that these are very special powers for a four-year old child to have. Those contradictions of her testimony made me ask who had vetted her prior to making the video for which I got threatened by Kevin and called a mercenary…lol…  I was appalled that most people unequivocally accept Toos’ story as absolute truth, despite the numerous holes and inconsistencies.  Later, pictures were released of Kevin and Toos standing in some random forest while Toos points at a spot on the ground where a child was allegedly tortured and killed…the echoes of a similar scene where children’s remains were (almost) found in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

kevin annett bones too small for Smithsonian
Kevin Annett displays animal bones claiming they belong to dead Native children at an Occupy rally in Toronto, Canada

Hoaxes like this are hard to debunk, because most people when they want to believe that the world is evil and corrupt will believe whatever supports their belief system.  How do you reason with someone who has gone beyond thinking that conspiracy theories are an interesting talking point to larger issues facing society?  How do you tell someone who believes in SRA, that perhaps the goal of the conspiracy is to get people to believe the world is evil and corrupt and that how they do it is to make people believe there are Satanists running pedophile rings and daycare centres and that abusing and sacrificing and eating babies is what Popes and Pedophiles do? How do you tell them that perhaps the goal is to mess with their minds and their grip on reality?  What if the purpose is to make people crazy?  It does open a door for the psychiatrists and policy makers to walk through.

Kevin recently claimed that an “eye-witness” recently testified (where I’d like to know) that he/she saw Pope Francis eat a baby.  Now if that’s true, there is likely no record of said baby, no corroboration by other participants in the eating of said baby, and no physical evidence of said baby being sacrificed and eaten.  That’s how Satanic Ritual Abuse rings work…complete secrecy, under cover of darkness and mystery, and without a trace of physical evidence…kind of like alien abductions.  Except for the eye-witness of course, who has been allowed to live to see the day when they can blow the lid off the Pope’s appetite for Baby-Flesh.  (That’s the gospel truth your honor!!!)

The problem absolutely has to do with the increasing mass hysteria surrounding SRA which is compounded by the lack of physical evidence, and the problematic explanation by ‘true believers’ as to why this evidence does not exist.

Any professional evaluating victims’ allegations of ritualistic abuse cannot ignore the lack of physical evidence (no bodies or physical evidence left by violent murders), the difficulty in successfully committing a large-scale conspiracy crime (the more people involved in any crime conspiracy, the harder it is to get away with it), and human nature (intragroup conflicts resulting in individual self-serving disclosures are likely to occur in any group involved in organized kidnapping, baby breeding, and human sacrifice). – Keith Lanning (FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit)

True Believers such as Judy Byington propagate the conspiracy theory presented by Kevin Annett as a kind of testimonial to her own work, which has failed the litmus test of believability.  The lack of evidence of her claims surrounding SRA survivor Jenny Hill mimics the same problem Kevin Annett has with Toos and the mysterious ‘eye-witness’.  Although the information put out by Kevin Annett regarding the witnesses testimony of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict participating in Ninth Circle Satanic rituals of sexual abuse and baby-eating, fails to appear on Kevin Annett’s website, it was nonetheless a press-release by Annett propagated on Byington’s website among others. (A review of Byington’s book is discussed in this blog article here: Replies to ’22Faces’ Claims: Hard Questions for Author Judy Byington)

Doug Mesner, the author of the above blog experiences the identical response from Byington as I have had from Annett and his followers when confronting the claims and asking for hard evidence.  It’s a kind of “If you’re not with us, then you’re against us” kind of response that sweeps away any hope of meaningful discussion or critique of the authors claims.  If I had a dollar for every time someone accused me of being Catholic, or a paid mercenary, a Jesuit, or ‘black operative’ for some shady organization…well I’d have quite a few dollars more than I’m getting paid to write this blog.

What matters here is that what has survived, and multiplied exponentially (thanks to Byington and Annett), is the hysteria surrounding SRA and not the serious research into SRA.  The court cases alleging SRA have always failed to produce hard evidence and has produced a phenomena called False Memory Syndrome, where memories are not made out of real events, but created through the power of suggestion:

What are false memories?  Because of the reconstructive nature of memory, some memories may be distorted through influences such as the incorporation of new information.  There are also believed-in imaginings that are not based in historical reality; these have been called false memoriespseudo-memories and memory illusions.  They can result from the influence of external factors, such as the opinion of an authority figure or information repeated in the culture.  An individual with an internal desire to please, to get better or to conform can easily be affected by such influences.

What is the recovered-memory controversy about?   The information on this site focuses on the current controversy about the accuracy of adult claims of “repressed” memories of childhood sexual abuse that are often made decades after the alleged events, for which there is no external corroboration.  The controversy is not about whether children are abused.  Child abuse is a serious social problem that requires our attention.  Neither is the controversy about whether people may not remember past abuse.  There are many reasons why people may not remember something: childhood amnesia, physical trauma, drugs or the natural decay of stored information.  The controversy is about the accuracy of claims of recovered “repressed” memories of abuse.  The consequences profoundly affect the law, the way therapy is practiced, families and people’s lives. – False Memory Syndrome Foundation (

False Memory Syndrome was born out of a rash of SRA claims that arose after the McMartin case in California where a 79-year-old daycare provider named Virginia McMartin was accused of SRA of the children in her care.  The case, which was one of the longest in American history, sparked a rash of similar claims by hysterical parents around the world. The actor, Woody Allen was also a victim of False Memory Syndrome where he was alleged to have abused his daughter (not surprisingly the name Satan appears in connection to Allen in this article on the subject).  Most notable in my own memory was the Martensville sex abuse scandal where a mother and son were accused of SRA of children only to be revealed as an out of control hoax.

I remember that case very vividly.  It was the longest and most expensive in Canadian history and the most shameful in Saskatchewan history.  Martensville is a small community just north of Saskatoon on the number 11 highway.  At the time it boasted barely a thousand residents, and in Saskatchewan (like most places), rumors in small towns run rampant.  Ron and his mother Linda Sterling’s story was nearly a carbon copy of the McMartin’s – complete with police cover-ups and therapist’s and social workers planting false memories of abuse and Satanic rituals into the minds of impressionable tots.  If only authorities had done their due diligence and looked into the McMartin case when they were investigating the Sterlings, perhaps a tragedy of justice might never have happened.


With so much damage done to so many lives, how is it that they mythos of Satanic Ritual Abuse is more popular than ever? Could it be that people like Kevin Annett and Byington fuel that fire with their own zealotry?  Or are they more akin to Frann Harris who wrote about, and is accused of financially profitting from the sales of the scandal of the century without revealing the hard truths of what really happened?  It seems that truth-seeking in Saskatchewan is as taboo as talking about sex:

“Saskatchewan people lap up innuendo but rarely confront the facts regarding anything to do with sex. Coyness is one medium that runs deep in this province! With our mother’s milk we learn the code. There are many other places where truly frank discussion is discouraged, but in Saskatchewan we quickly learn that the only way to speak about sex is to chastise and ostracise those who do”. – (part of Sheila Steele’s review of: Martensville: Truth or Justice as posted on

And can we forget Mel Ve’s own testimony about how Toos Nijenjuis rebuked her daughter for not getting the story straight…that Toos yelled at her daughter to memorize what was written and that perhaps part of her traumatic conditioning was the verbal and physical abuse set upon the girl by her own mother?

Can we believe a witness conditioned to lie?

ge_agent_smithYes, it seems that Satanism, Satan and ritual abuse claims inspire the right level of hysteria in the general public who seem all to eager to accept that level of evil at play in our society.  The damage done to children who accuse and the accused themselves is an abuse in and of itself and yet these kinds of stories continue to find their way into the headlines.  It is a phenomenon that requires more attention and study if we are to maintain a grip on our reality and expose legitimate cases of mental and sexual abuse of children.

16 thoughts on “Satanic Ritual Abuse: Kevin Annett’s Promotion of False Memory Syndrome

  1. Thank you for your excellent article Heather.
    Anyone who listened to Mel Ve describe why she withdrew her support for Annett after looking closely at the testimonies of Toos Nijenhuis and her family couldn’t possibly take their evidence as fact but of course Mel and her husband were instantly name by Kevin Annett as ‘blck ops’ agents and suddenly he even had ‘insiders’ in the Roman Catholic church in Holland who could ‘prove’ this.
    This is typical Annett behavior when challenged on anything that he puts forward without real evidence,which is pretty much everything that he puts forward.
    Mel Ve also gave us a great insight into just how much money Toos has at her disposal to pay people like her and Annett just to support them.

    It is interesting that Jim Corr,the Irish ‘truther’ even warned Annett that he was ‘being set up’ when he published the testimony put forward by Toos.
    In the United Kingdom in the wake of the Jimmy Saville scandal and Operation Yewtree there has been quite a lot of lives destroyed by ‘victims’ coming forward and The Crown Prosecution Service and The Police seem quite happy to pursue these matters against innocent men.
    The recent Freddie Starr case is probably the most shocking one of all though the pain caused to any individual named faced with these types of false allegations is immeasurable.
    Check out some of the comments posted on this article.

    People like Kevin Annett and those who continue to support him are encouraging this type of behavior as is evident in the case of Lynne Porteus and Nathalie Veart who made false allegations against an innocent Vicar in Hartlepool UK.
    Kevin Annett,Joshua Lemmens (Radio Warrior) and Rhianne (Mockridge) Bainess of Coventry UK not only supported them but FUNDED them and proudly recorded it all for airing on their Radio Warrior show,with full knowledge of the fact that a FAKE Facebook page was set up in the Vicars name and images posted on it to make it look like children were posing semi-naked.

    Here are some of the other high profile cases in the UK.
    Let’s not forget that there are other cases like this that don’t hit the headlines because the people aren’t famous enough but let’s not forget the effect it has on them also.


  2. Clearly you’re being paid to start this site by people that stand to lose everything . It’s time to stop aiding these people , children are suffering horribly. The missing children in Canada that were kidnapped by the queen and her husband also need justice . Kevin Annette is a good man on the right track believe me . I suffered at the hands of these people for 14 years of my life they are pure evil .


  3. Loose everything Anonymous? What has been gained except for real victims will never be belived with this Pope eating a baby bullshit! People like this author are the only ones fighting a real battle for REAL victims. And you can track the popularity of SRA not only from the McMartin case on but in popular television shows like the X-Files. Annett is a con man and a liar. He has never helped or assisted a single victim of abuse in any way shape or form.

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  4. Powerful people can use the ‘false memory’ moniker/accusation to debunk people coming forward in court with damaging accusatons. I believe some of these accusations of powerful people to be true. Paedophilia of politicians in London and Washington D C.


  5. Hi there. I know this article is a few years old now, but I was wondering if you have ever looked into the Fiona Barnett story. Hers is similar to Toos. In fact, some conspiracy articles have stated that Toos has backed up Fiona’s claims because Toos was also abused in Australia (Holsworth Army base)! It’s fascinating how they were abused at one site together, but never by the same people?

    Here is a link to Fiona’s blog/ website. Interestingly enough, there is an interview post with her Psychologist verifying that she is sane. I personally found that rather interesting. I would really to know your thoughts?



    1. That IS interesting! Melanie Spencer (CCN) blew holes in Toos’ story after Kevin Annett visited the Netherlands. There was evidence of coaching of Toos’ daughter by Toos and I personally found the testimony to be inconsistent with what a person can do in the physical world. Her ‘remembering’ of what was occurring several floors beneath her would have meant she had x-ray vision, which for a child with a vivid imagination, that seems reasonable. I have heard of Fiona Barnett through some friends in the UK, but have not had not delved into it in any depth. I will peruse the link you provided. Thank you!


      1. That is interesting. Fiona’s ‘evidence’ becomes more creative and expansive as time goes by and she is always adding new cast members (generally after they have died and can’t defend the accusations). Unlike Toos, her preference is for heads of Parliament (interestingly enough, only 1 political party), Movie stars and accomplished Doctors … oh and anybody else who questions her credibility is labelled as a pedophile or a pedophile enabler and a story/ rumour suddenly appears on the internet. She also has a habit of putting herself into the center of any new cases/ conspiracies etc. Here is an link showing how she fits into the MK Ultra network.

        In 2015, the mainstream media made the mistake of giving her some attention as she made a speech outside the ‘Royal Commission Into Child Abuse’. Most media outlets realised pretty quickly that her stories didn’t add up, but she has managed to gather a huge following within the conspiracy communities. Here is another link to Media Watch, who investigated her a little more closely. You might find her story about being tied to a table at a children’s hunt very similar to Toos.

        The Australian media have chosen to ignore her rather than expose all her lies, I guess because they simply couldn’t keep up as she is prolific at producing a new stories on pretty much a daily basis. Here is a link to her FB, if you’re interested in keeping up to date.


  6. Fiona Rae Barnett , Hang on for the ride, these are her words not mine, yes,, abused at Holdsworthy army base by Dr Chan ??? or was it Dr Changas she now recalls, what before or after Dr Leonas Petruaskas, mmmmm raped by 3 Australian Prime Ministers mmmm ok thats was Gough Whitlam, Yeah !!!! then Bob Hawke then the car sales man Paul Keating, no getting a bit confused noe thats right he liked dead kids at Kurnell. oh I almost forgot, Walt Disney, Billy Graham , Richard Nixon , ok what did Bert Newton do , molest her to??? no that was Dr A Kidman. I do know Dr Who had a contraption called a tardis , in which he moved through time, then so did Spock on the USSS Enterprise. Bet you all didn’t know about Lucas Heights, the nuclear reactor , It is just across the road from the “Gates To Holdsworthy” , and wait for it, theres a 37 storeyundergroung complex , hidden away from prying eyes and,,,, and,,,,, its got the railway station where the train goes to PineGap. Well,,, Nazi Nanny and Pedofle Pop lived across from both the above sites, in Engadine, Ido know that Nazi Nanny was in the army , the Salvation army for a short time in the late 70’s and Pedo Pop frequented the Senior citizens club , he discovered indoor bowls, now that beats kid fxxxn any day, nowIalso know this, they used to travel by train everywhere why becusethey never owned a car or ever learned how to drive. Poor Fiona , Nanna kicked her out when Fiona was shacked up there in the late eighties ,mmmm 1989 me thinks,,,, she was attending uni now was that when she studied for her arts degree , that old Nazi Nanny threw her out because she was not impressed with the low level of morality displayed by Fiona, Oh Nanna, get with it, whats wrong with laying naked in the bath smoking pot , having all those boys visiting at all hours of the day and night, Nanna your way behind the times. Now !!! remember Pedo POP, he died in 1991, Fiona’s back there in 1989, ahhhh did she allege he sexually abused her from 1974 until 1985,,, yeah!!!! think that was the time span , so she went back 4 years later ,what to taunt him ???? no ,,,, he was 72 way back then and was interested in indoor bowls even got a few trophies . ahhhh I know , bet your thinking whoe’s this dude writing this stuff, can we believe it ??? you betcha , I am UNCLE JOHN , Fiona is my poor deluded niece , her father is my barstard half brother MITEK FRANK HOLOWCZAK , a convicted commercial marajuana crop grower , killer of kitten, also known to Dog on his fellow criminal mates like Todd Little who lived just down the road in Terranorra, benny Wutz , Mick Brown all done or still doing time while Frankie is as free as a bird now how do you escape a jail sentence ask the deceased drug king of the past Karl Williams dog on your mates, google the article called “the need for speed ” the link between the son of a minister turned nasty grim and Barnetts article on those naughty billy church boys that fxxxxed the girls and could do no wrong now did Barnett experience the bikies rod mmmmm , Wonder why the siblings off Barnett changed their surname to RYLKO, have a peek at EXPOSING SURVIVORS VOICE AUSTRALIA , join the dots on the skeletons in the closet family LOL , Well back too trolling better than shooting kids, BFG , just keep on digging there is a doc or 2 in the Barnett sage , interview SHANE NAGEL ,he’s up to his mmmmm in it


    1. LOL Mr CIA, your adorable deluded niece has in fact had some recent memory recall and the Dr Chan she refers to in her ‘evidence’ (drawings) is according to her, Dr Victor Chan (the great heart surgeon) who was sadly murdered by Triads in 1991 in a failed extortion attempt. I’m waiting for Fifi’s next fabulous chapter on how he was really killed because he was a ped, of course (wouldn’t expect anything else from Fifi)! FFS. My favourite story thus so far was the Walt Disney story she told Gordon (a real surviver of institutional child abuse), who she completely screwed over. Apparently, she was regularly flown over to the USA for Walt himself to rape her, which of course was impossible as Walt died 4 years before she was born! But let’s not let some basic facts get in the way. Since then, she has updated this story to being abused my members of the Disney Corporation. Whooooo! That was a close call, wasn’t it Fifi?


  7. Just an add on, recently due to forseen events, 21 cases of serial killer syndrome was found, 222 teenagers were killed, the supression of memory was immense, in all cases they proclaim Gods presence in a support manner, all cases are closed with all receving the death penalty.


  8. Can’t believe that you made a website about a person because you don’t believe in him. Also because you don’t believe in Kevin Annett which I have no idea who even is, it doesn’t mean that the likes of Toos Nijenhuis is lying too. I suggest that you take a look at videos of war veterans describing their time in the battlefield and how many contradictions, wrong estimates, time and many details can be easily mixed up when your mind is shocked continously by what is infront of you.
    If you think Toos is lying you must be incredibly ignorant and have close to no empathy for another human being which is very sad to hear. Do you think she is flinching and jerking uncontrollably when she tells these things for fun when she is re-living the electrical shocks and the torture? She is close to throwing up several times and cried over 20 times in 3 hours. Sure, all of the others connected to this Kevin Annett guy might be wrong as I don’t know him or them, but Toos is not.

    Have you stopped for a second and thought, why on earth have I made a website to debunk people claiming they were raped and tortured? If not, maybe you should, Heather.


  9. I was battered in public by a paedophile as a child. Not one of the countless adults who watched this from their cars in a traffic jam intervened. When my mum reported it to the police and the fact the assailant was directly outside the police station at that point, they refused to arrest him or investigate as I ‘must have been cheeky and deserved it’. How do you rationalise that? Why do the police refuse to investigate countless claims of paedophilia and SRA? False memories. I made it up? Tell that to the two small children he sexually abused the following week enroute to school. Tell that to the Police Officer who arrested him, recognised my description and found he was a notorious paedophile with multiple convictions. Tell that to the paedophile who confessed to his crime against me. Better yet, tell it to the witness who saw what happened to me that the Police refused to interview. My own Mum denied this incident ever happened only last week, some 25 years after the incident. She accused me of making it up and branded me crazy. Strange given the original witness still remembers it as does my step-Dad and Sister. My Mum has dissociation. She has since admitted it must have happened but she’s blocked it out because it’s upsetting to her. Goodness knows what your psychological problem is!


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