1. He probably couldn’t raise the money and instead made some kind of excuse. It is a bullshit artist and never tells the truth. I have seen him do his smoke and mirrors BS before. Plus why the hell does he need to go over there every year? By now he should have enough connections to do what he needs to do. He is wasting people’s donations by flying there so many times.

    All those claims he makes about what he has done are bullshit as well. He is just one long string of lies.


  2. Heather!!! You’re still here! Thank you thank you. And still following our boy Kevin’s misadventures. Your site was published by someone on http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=276664 and I just had to hop on over.
    This is absolutely hilarious – the only person Kevin needs to fear is Kevin. I notice occasionally he has other people around him in various pictures and videos. I have a hard time believing those people are actually supporters, or maybe just (what do they call it?) ‘photo bombed’. Something tells me that Kevin lives a solitary life for the most part – making up friends, family and supporters. Never once has there been a mention of Kevin’s mom – who supported him in the 90’s even so far as to have the job in Port Alberni offered to him. Bill shows up now and then, not mom.
    I was so happy to see your post….Leslee


  3. .Actually, I’m pretty the real reason he’s not in Europe/the UK is that he was refused a visa. Some “nasty” person (I wonder who?) probably went to the trouble of filling out a detailed online form with the UK Home Office, giving details about how Annett was intending to earn money from talks in the UK despite applying for a tourist visa……which strictly forbids any kind of paid endeavour. Keep up the good work Heather – if I hear anything more about Annett in the UK (and if it’s relevant) I post it online here or elsewhere. Please keep your site up, it is one of the best and is a real public service.


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