He’s got big problems on his hands now that he’s been fully exposed by McKenzie’s Devils....and so he does what he’s always done when confronted with evidence…he shuts things down to cover things up……Pity there is such a thing as an internet Archive…. AND HIS OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL….;)


13 thoughts on “THE CON IS OVER!!!

  1. Well fraud or Not He has brought a few truths home about the Mass murders of the Vatican and also the Church of England and any other church for that Matter . The thing about this Man He has risked his Life in revealing things to us the Public; The Vatican don’t stand Quiet; where he’s lucky they did not snuff him out: But as I have only Just Known about this Guy whether he is a Nutter or not He had a lot of Balls to say what he has said : if this guy was a fraud and only in it for the Money, He did it with the wrong Persons MI5 the Jesuit organisation. None of these Guy’s take Kindly to being exposed what a Shame that this Guy was a Fraud {Maybe I could have Been one of his Crusaders }

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    1. I have, and always will maintain that he is a disinformation agent. He never was at risk for losing his life nor his liberty when he brought so many good activists down (Harriet Nahanee for one died not long after aligning herself with Kevin Annett). Many people were beginning to bring about change and exposing the truth, but Kevin infiltrated every group possible and then imploded them from within. He just published an interview he did with Shawna Green where she gave details of her experience with the TRC. This, after nearly a year after he used her and other native activists who now consider him a slimeball. Just how does a defrocked minister get in with the likes of MI-5 anyways if not an agent provocateur?


  2. I don’t Know the truth of what this man is really about But Having seen many YouTube Videos and believe these Videos to be 100% Genuine regarding F E M A camps and the likes of : Maybe there is some truth in what he has been boasting about and that some of the information was simply copied from off other Videos: Maybe he is a scam but as Far as I am aware he has not made any Money from out of it {Well At Least Not Me anyway} Anyway whatever this man is or isn’t is no concern to Me ; Maybe you are a Spin Doctor trying to Blacken his Name because he is hitting a Nerve where you want to have him Extracted ; Anyway W T F If I have reached the wrong Conclusion about this Man then It is I and I who Have Been deceived. I’m intelligent enough to have My Own opinion about this Man and will keep My Opinion to my self

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    1. I’ve learned that the best lies are the ones that have a pinch of truth to them. The best deceivers are ones who can pick up on what pains us the most and exploit that. We gladly hand over money, faith, power and credibility to the ones who will save us. We willingly give away our power and our voice to people like Kevin Annett who steer people into the direction he wants them to go in. Soon we’ve lost the will to fight because when we question him, he calls us government operatives, disinformation agents and the like. It’s a tried and true tactic of the George Soros paid protestors who yell “Racist” and Black Lives Matter, when none of them are anything but white. I fight people like Kevin because he takes the fight away from the loudest voices…he is very good at this game.


      1. Looks like the Fraud is at it again. This time he’s working with someone who says she’s a particle physicist – hard to tell if she’s fellow fraud or not.

        I checked out the lady’s website ( where she lists her “credentials”. There’s links to the uni’s she alleges going to, though no proof of enrollment. Why does no one do basic background checks on their guests anymore? It took me all of 10mins to find irrefutable evidence proving what a fraud Kevin Annett is. Shame on that woman for giving him a platform to fool more of the unwary. He should be ashamed for what he did to the First Nations peoples – they must have their own reasons for not thoroughly denouncing him publicly.


      2. Interesting Dell, I’d seen her interview him before. One thing he failed to note…if she did in fact work at CERN, then he should certainly have a problem with the Luciferian Ritual done each year on it’s grounds…as this diagram of the connection between Lucifer and the Illuminati and the Nazi’s clearly shows…;)


      3. @Dell – Unsurprisingly much like Kevin Annett, Katherine Horton also has major credibility issues.

        She’s spoken at length on what she calls “cartel signaling”. Of course most people who study this topic are familiar with the societies use of symbolism. Fritz Springmeier (an actual professional who knows what he’s talking about) has written several excellent books on this. Horton apparently sees most everything as cartel signaling, regardless of context. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar as the saying goes, but not to her.

        I’ve seen some of the comments on her youtube channel questioning her nonsense “methods”, her credibility, and rightfully so. For an alleged Oxford graduate, she often comes off as startlingly simple minded.

        On her Gab some months back she was asked a question about William Binney and Kirk Wiebe, something about a “TI Survey” they conducted about year ago? Evidently, survey participants were complaining because they’d never heard back from Binney or Wiebe after being promised they would be contacted – they wanted to know what became of their information. Some wrote to the woman who hosted these two men on her channel and received no response. HOrton’s answer to this question was something like “Well, the Austrian, German, and Swiss heads of intel have just been booted, do you think that’s all a coincidence?!?!” and, “Binney/Wiebe are bound to secrecy so they can never make public statements about things like SIGINT etc. etc.” So she completely ignored the question, went out of her way not to answer it directly, all while giving Binney/Wiebe a pass for totally going back on their word. Red Flags galore.


      4. Addendum: Dr. Katherine Horton was also confronted about Kevin Annett, either on Gab or twitter, I have the screen caps somewhere if anyone’s interested (I think her twitter is @JITupdate). When presented with irrefutable proof of Kevin’s wrongdoings, she dismissed all of it because she said it contained “Cartel Signalling”. In her supposedly highly educated mind, this was sufficient enough to dismiss/debunk all of the evidence, and according to her, Kevin has never been wrong about anything.

        btw, she had another twitter account @Stop007org which she makes much ado about it being suspended. What she fails to mention is the fact that she made violent threats towards several govt agencies including NSA, CIA, MI5, and several military branches, immediately preceding her suspension. Another example of Dr. Horton’s stellar judgement. Unfortunately, I don’t have screen caps for that.


      5. Interesting! Strange that no one has questioned the disappearance of the blog and that Kevin Annett himself didn’t blame some circle of saboteurs for its unavailability. I did see he had aligned himself with another whistleblower and I was tempted to pen an article entitled…Horton Hears A WHO? Her last interview with him featured her asking questions about his credibility and claims…he smiles throughout but I know from experience that face means the relationship is over. He did prompt a letter from the United Church to various members reassuring them of his mental illness. This was just prior to his ‘arrest’ at the Vancouver airport. I wonder which ‘wife’ bailed him out this time…lol. Thanks for the updates as I really haven’t followed much of what big heads been up to. However, I see my stats to this site have never been higher since I posted the story of the Smithsonian Bones. I’m pleased to keep paying the web hosting until the day KA ends up in a seniors home…and even beyond. Thanks Linda for the great updates!


  3. Kevin is one of several personalities in the “truther” community who came onto the scene around the same period of time. They have introduced and promoted each other sharing the liberty/common law/sovereign movement as a common theme.. They are all quite obviously controlled assets used to steer the beliefs of the truthers. They all have common roots.(DW) I could write an essay on what i have found but I think that is a pretty good clue to lead you to the other culprits if you do the digging. Okay here’s one more, the initials of some of them are….DB…TW…JN…KP


  4. Read the books….especially the christian ones…
    Dont talk so much….do it and fight…
    The diskussion circles i cant hear it anymore….you fucking lazybones….
    Do it and fight….


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