Dean Clifford is Free: Nobel Peace Prize Winners Beware

Dean Clifford is out of jail.

Dean Clifford FB

Pictures and profile status updates by Dean were well received by supporters (many of whom were unaware that Dean was in the klink) and it is yet to be seen what steps towards a Freeman future he will be taking in the coming months.

Some of us, who were very aware of Deans alliance with Kevin Annett, are wondering if Dean has anything to say about the ITCCS fraudulent paperwork used by Dean and Co. to help him with his legal woes.  Dean submitted forged ‘court’ documents drawn up by an imaginary court with no legal standing with Kevin Annett impersonating a Brussels lawyer by the name of George Dufort.  In an open letter addressed to me, Kevin Annett admitted that George was a fictitious character, a pseudonym, a fact that remained overlooked by the so-called common-law experts using ITCCS documents as legal instruments.  Pseudonyms cannot be used to legitimize a document which is why Dean relied on a Notary to assist him with his legal paperwork.  Otherwise, he would have pulled a Kevin and created a fictional character posing as a lawyer and saved himself a little bit of money.

george dufort legal instrument

Ved ITCCs docs
Ved Chaudhari (aka. Neelu Berry of the UK and notorious Hampstead Hoaxer) is now in the process of losing her house…No help from George Dufort or Kevin O’Neil (aka. Kevin Annett)

Somehow, and I’m not sure exactly why, Dean chose to put validity into Kevin’s pulp fiction and submitted those ‘instruments’ to the court:

Dean Clifford Executive Order

Obviously, no property was reverted back to Dean.  He spent approximately 2 years in jail and many of us wonder what role the above copies of ICLCJ Court Orders played in his sentencing.

Dean Clifford Eilish

Ironically, Kevin has posted his latest attempt at bilking the gullible public: A $10 Common-Law Training manual that promises yet again what Kevin has failed to deliver to followers of the Republik of Kanata.

Dean Clifford ITCCS

Dean, in this authors opinion, was used by Kevin for his notoriety in the movement and if you believe that Kevin is a government agent, then it would be possible that he was set up to be sent to the ‘big house’.

How is this evidenced?  While Dean was briefly incarcerated the first time, Kevin was all over this news calling for support and donations on Deans behalf, making him the token martyr of the long tiresome struggle for the Republik.

dean clifford fb comments

Perhaps Dean can gain some amount of solace in knowing that the most popular article on my site has been the first article I wrote about Kevin screwing him over.  Or that there is a link on the ITCCS site that actually redirects to said article.

Dean Clifford redirectDean clifford stats

I will leave it to Kevin to search through a years worth of links to find out which of these contain the faux pas and leave it to Dean to contact me should he wish to blow the lid of Kevin’s little scam.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Kevin Annett should be sweating a little bit now that Karma has regained it’s freedom.

Watch this informative video here:

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