GPR at ‘Mush-Hole’ Found NO MASS GRAVES


This week Clynt King contacted myself with a statement regarding claims Kevin Annett made in various media that the GPR (ground penetrating radar) revealed the location of mass graves at the Indian Residential School at Brantford, Ontario also known as the ‘Mush-Hole’.

In a press-release issued to clarify previous statements made by Kevin during and for several months after the dig was initiated, then shut down, Kevin wrote the following:

Sure enough, the GPR surveys immediately detected what GPR technician Clynt King referred to as “massive soil dislocation and abnormal disturbances” in the area east of and adjacent to the Mush Hole building. (see Exhibits No. 2 and No.3)

According to King, on the second day of the GPR survey, (September 30, 2011),

“It appears from the radar that at least ten to fifteen feet of soil has been displaced and covered over the original terrain east and southeast of the school building. This is definitely a subsurface anomaly, meaning it’s earth that was dumped there.”

The GPR survey of the Mush Hole grounds encompassed in total four grid areas to the north and northeast of the building. The total size of the surveyed grids was 400 square meters.

On Day 6 of the GPR survey (October 4), Dale Bomberry, head of Operations for the non-traditional, government-funded Six Nations Confederacy, suddenly denied further use of the GPR equipment to the ITCCS team. Clynt King was ordered by Bomberry to cease his activities and all of the data from the GPR survey was seized by Bomberry.

On Day 9 (October 7), members of the Men’s Fire, a Mohawk security force working closely with the ITCCS team, discovered many boxes of residential school files in the basement immediately above the apparent sub-basement chamber described above. Within minutes, the Men’s Fire members were stopped by Confederacy staff and photographed on video camera. 

The same day, Chief Montour announced that no further support for the Mush Hole inquiry would be offered by the Confederacy, despite Montour having endorsed the survey and dig two days earlier (see Exhibit No. 4, Tekawennake Newspaper October 5, 2011, p. 2).

Consequently, this first phase of the inquiry was suspended on October 11 to allow the sponsoring Mohawk elders and the ITCCS team the chance to assess events and plan how to continue in the face of growing sabotage and resistance by government-funded “chief and council”.

The Mush Hole Dig: Interregnum (October 11-November 21, 2011)


After a series of consultations between the ITCCS team and the sponsoring Mohawk elders, as well as the Men’s Fire Group, it was unanimously decided to continue with the Mush Hole inquiry and excavations, based on what had been discovered until then.

Numerous attempts to contact GPR technician Clynt King and obtain the GPR survey data from the Mush Hole grounds were unsuccessful. King was reportedly “on extended vacation” and the Six Nations Confederacy refused to release the GPR survey data. 

Accordingly, it was decided to proceed directly with a test excavation in the area most likely to contain burial sites, based on the GPR survey and eyewitness accounts. 

An excavation team consisting of seven people was established, with the Men’s Fire providing site security. The dig team was Kevin Annett (a trained student of archaeology), Cheryl Squire (representing the sponsoring elders), Nicole and Warren Squire, John Henhawk, Frank Miller (videographer) and Yvonne Fantin.

The need for security around the excavation was heightened by continual efforts to sabotage the inquiry on the part of government-paid aboriginal operatives led by Jan Longboat, a local resident. Longboat began approaching the sponsoring Mohawk elders with smears about Kevin Annett and even offers of money.

Consequently, and to build as much international and public support as possible, the excavation team was given absolute authority and permission by the sponsoring Mohawk elders to not simply recover remains on the Mush Hole grounds but to make the findings public, including by sharing them with the media. 

This crucial authorization was openly declared and recognized to be part of the ITCCS team’s mandate.

To read the complete document click here.

The following is Clynt King’s statement:

I just found your blog.
Once in awhile, I do a google search on my name to see what is out there.
My name is on your blog site.
A few years ago, I was seriously mislead, misquoted and misused by Kevin and his followers.
they convinced me that I had been given approval to do some ground penetrating radar work at a former residential school.
I explained the limitations of the device in great detail, they recorded everything I said on video cameras.
I told them exactly what it could, and could not, reveal below the ground surface.
It is apparent that they ignored all of what I told them.
Before I even completed the radar scan, they issued a ‘news release’ about finding mass burials with the radar work!
I did not even finish collecting the data, and I have never, even to this day, analyzed the data that I did collect.
I confronted Kevin and his followers about the news release.
I told them it appears I was misused.
It is now obvious that I was used to legitimize their story.
His website contains statements about me that are totally fictional.
I never said any of those things he wrote about me.
The preliminary radar images that were displayed on the device during the data collection cannot be used to make any definitive statements about what is below the ground surface.
I have had to explain this to my employers and community members.
It has been two years since this happened.
One thing I want to point out, no media outlet has ever contacted me directly to ask me about what he said about me.
If they did, I would have stated that the radar unit did not reveal any mass graves and Kevin’s statements about the radar findings were false.

One thought on “GPR at ‘Mush-Hole’ Found NO MASS GRAVES

  1. …..and so the deluded and devoted cult followers of the great Canadian liar Rev Kevin Annett waited to hear the voice of their leader after an 18 day period suffering from bullshit withdrawal symptoms to find that they have to content themselves with his writings on his BLOG and find that their great leader had failed the most basics of Vatican general knowledge questions.;
    How long did John Paul (1) last as Pope ?
    Here’s what the great cleric guessed at;

    ‘But don’t let all that feel good shit make you forget what happened to the last Pope who tried cleaning house and giving away the Vatican wealth, back in the fall of 1978. John Paul Number One died after 28 days in office – poisoned, apparently – while you, Jorge, are still very much alive. That sure tells us something’
    KEVIN ANNETT 07/12/’13

    What was the great Vatican expert (and liar) doing for the other 5 of the 33 days of JP1s reign that he missed them back in September 1978 ?
    Would it have been partying with crack cocaine and prostitutes by any chance.

    In the absence of having real people in Ireland now to support him and the sudden silence of Mary Hennessy and Fr Ciaran Ui Niall the great liar has to pretend that he is in Belfast now and make use of the word ‘boyo’ to make it look like he is Irish.

    Ah what great use Yeats,Joyce and Oscar Wilde made of that word ‘BOYO’ in their writings to show the world that they were Irish.
    Like his old friend PaganMediabtes used to write to ‘prove’ she was Irish – ‘the top of the morning to you’ Kevin Thanks for coming back with this drivel to make us Irish laugh.
    Also someone should tell Rev Annett that Belfast is under UK laws (unfortunately)and he would face the same deportation laws as in the UK.


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