Truth Telling and Kevin Annett’s Spartan Mirage


The latest publication by Kevin Annett has led me down an interesting foray into history.  The cover of his new book, Truth Tellers Shield features a plastic Spartan shield and sword sold this time of year by Halloween stores:

This led me to look a little deeper into the significance of the sword and shield chosen for the cover of the book, and this revealed an interesting topic surrounding the concept of the ‘Spartan Mirage’.  The Spartans were documented to have been a unique civilization that was fierce and disciplined and notably devoted to the unity of the state.  All members of Spartan society served a singular purpose which was the survival and superiority of the Spartan warrior.  According to some scholars, it was a society that was built on slavery and abuse of it’s children, to others, it was a society that exemplified strength, fortitude and honor.  This is the basis of the term, coined by Francois Ollier, that is known as the Spartan Mirage.  The ‘Mirage’ is the illusion of Sparta as a Utopian society, a notion that Annett seeks to create himself with his version of a French Revolution and the creation of the Republik of Kanata.  The idea of Utopia is in itself a hotly debated subject matter and is uniquely tied to the concept of Truth in these modern times.


If the notion of the Spartan (and the symbolism of the shield) is representative of the truth of what the Spartan society was then Annets use of the plastic Surgery partan shield on a manual about bravery and truth-telling is representative of what lies within the 134 pages of fluff passing as a revelation.  Annett is after-all a plastic shaman.

Surely Annetts history of lying and smear campaigns against former fellow activists is proof enough that nothing of value is contained in his latest PayPal grab.  If anything, readers should be very aware of the differences between the fate of true whistleblowers in our society, and those who have merely claimed that title.  The “Truth -Movement”, which Annett has attempted full penetration of, was in itself a Mirage, built on the ashes of 9/11 and co-opted by the highest levels of Intelligence Agencies.  If Kevin Annett is the yardstick by which society is to guage the value of a whistleblower, then what do we make of the brave actions of Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden,  Kurt Sonnenfeld , and many others?  How persecuted is Kevin Annett when he is free to fly around the world, to write books, to make YouTube videos and speak on radio programs?  Why does he get away with publishing libellous material about people (often high ranking politicians, law-enforcement officers, and CEO’s) and yet never sees the inside of a jail cell?  How are we to take this ‘book’ seriously when everything Annett has done is in keeping with Cass Sunstein’s recommendation to send “covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups” which spread what he views as false and damaging “conspiracy theories” about the government“.(The

According to Annett:

Truth Tellers’ Shield is a definitive manual and “how to” guide for anyone who goes up against wrong doing. Written as a practical aid for real and potential whistle blowers, Truth Tellers’ Shield draws on hard experience and street wise knowledge. It teaches the reader how to navigate and survive attacks and smear campaigns by powerful adversaries while surfacing the truth about their crimes.

Like the Spartan Mirage, two versions of the reality of Truth Telling exist.  There is the plastic sword and shield reality that Kevin Annett will sell you where you can sit holed up in your attic making YouTube Urgent Action Alerts of Utmost Importance, or the Snowden/Manning/Sonnenfeld (the real Spartans!) reality that REAL truth telling is dangerous, sacrificial, incarcerating, unrelenting and life changing.

To learn the value of truth-telling, save yourself the 10 bucks and read the following articles:


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2 thoughts on “Truth Telling and Kevin Annett’s Spartan Mirage

  1. You had me very worried when I noticed your headline with ‘Truth Telling’ and Kevin Annett in the same sentence but upon reading your article I see where you are coming from now.
    Kevin Annett made great claims in August 2014 (with the help of his legal adviser Alfred Lambremont Webre) that his ‘Direct Action Units’ had captured and imprisoned ‘suspects’ in Montreal with the help of the RCMP and that ‘evidence’ had been gathered to back up his claims.To date we are waiting for for evidence that proves that this ‘evidence’ actually exists and for that evidence to be made public.Among that ‘evidence’ Kevin Annett claims that child pornography was confiscated by his ITCCS ‘Direct Action Units’ while working under his command.In the absence of this ‘evidence’ being turned over to Police Officers it is reasonable to draw the conclusion that Kevin Annett and his ITCCS Agent in Boise Idaho,Ryan Gable have retained this ‘evidence’ for their own personal use.
    If Kevin Annett or Ryan Gable would like to publish evidence that would force me to consider the conclusion that I have come to I will of course do so.
    Remember: Being in possession of child pornography is a very SERIOUS criminal offence.

    Kevin Annett & His ITCCS PERVERTS Have Been Storing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY Since August 2014


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