SRA and The MindWar Psyop

ryan-gableKevin Annett continues to peddle the Satanic Ritual Abuse meme adding nonsense about a child murdering cult that remains at large despite the detailed information coming out of the ITCCS (Kevin Annetts Attic in Nanaimo, British Columbia). Somehow, this United Church Minister turned Druid Priest wants followers to believe that he can screech Satanic Abuse while worshipping the hoofed lord of the Celts on the Autumnal Equinox. His cohort Ryan Gable fancies himself a Knights Templar and neo-Nazi according to his own home videos. So how is it that they expect you to buy into their frantic claims of wanting to save the children when they know where and when child sacrifices are happening? Do these guys get off on imagining the rape and torture of abducted children and the thought of the horror their followers feel when the word Satanic is uttered over and over again? Why else would they abandon Neelu Berry and others who laid claims of SRA in Hampstead UK? How can anyone be expected to swallow this hypocritical pile of horse manure when the ITCCS has abandoned so many real people in need of help? Surely Satan himself is very pleased with the chaos and dark magic these two occult wannabes have created. Quite a nice trick to fool people into believing you’re a Christian minister crusading for children, while you concoct tales of their rape and murder….I’m sure he’s very pleased indeed!

Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped


Kevin Annett once performed an ‘Exorcism’ outside the Vatican and claimed he caused lightning to strike the Vatican dome and tornado’s to roar about Italy.  When Annett published these Urgent Action Press Releases he made it seem as if the “Devil lurking within the very heart of the Roman Catholic Church” was reacting in pain to his very presence.  Yet, this is a man who has denied the very existence of Jesus Christ; who himself instructed Peter on the founding of “The Church” and who exorcised a legion of demons into a herd of swine and resisted the temptations of Satan.  Surely, without the help of the Holy Spirit (of whom Jesus warned that one should never deny) and the invocation of the name of Jesus Christ himself, no exorcism is possible.  So how is it that this Christ denier can claim any kind of authority over demons, let…

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