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  1. Thank you for posting this valuable material. It is sickening how Annett has abused the grief of the victims of residential schools for years for his own gain.


  2. you seem to have an aful lot of time and effort into this blog about annett, dont you have better things to do? perhaps a fraction of effort put in the right direction would shake you to your senses.

    make it 30 minutes in and see what you think. clearly this is no elaborate sham orchestrated by one man, kevin annett. and to what ends, how does he profit from all this slander of public officials? seems to me he would be a wanted man for such allegations, if the were indeed false.

    food for thought.

    ps. i dont need your pretentious reply, it will fall on deaf ears from such a silly person like you. you are a dis info agent, clearly. official records dont lie, eyewitness testimony is there to be heard. open your ears, your eyes, turn your brain on. stop feeding from the trough of those guilty


    1. Who are you trying to help? Certainly it’s Kevin, who has abused his fair share of survivors…what does that make you? Lower than swine methinks…


      1. You fuck’ing Bitch ,if your Heater is thay name . We do’t like your piece,why would you wan’a stop kevin ,wen he only tries to help bring down the pedofile’s everywhere ._? Are you this stupid ,you have now brought the searchlight on yourself .Well done Heater ,is there someone or something we can’t help you with._?


  3. @i don’t think so

    In another article I proved that the ICLCJ was a website run by Joshua Lemmens who owned the domain name registered out of Hope British Columbia and not out of the address Kevin published as being in Brussels. The natives testimonies have nothing to do with Kevin Annett being an abuser of Residential school survivors and a tax-dodging forger and con-artist. They are victims…he’s the snake oil salesman exploiting them.

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  4. Heather who are you any way, at least Kevin Annett fully identifies himself. All you have in your bio is a weird picture of a bird. What are you afraid of or asshmed of?


  5. Heater you will not be wanting to play this game.Jennifer asked you a very justified qoestion.And you stupid as you are ‘ask if you show me yours il show u mine? ” kevin is a Hero ,you definitely are lower than satan,and that’s prity low. Below is waiting for you.


    1. Name one child Kevin Annett has helped save from the jaws of abuse! Name one native Kevin Annett was affiliated with who didn’t end up dead or disown him! Name an Irish abuse survivor who hasn’t been taken advantage of Kevin Annett after actually meeting the man. Name a “ninth circle” member who has been brought to justice by Kevin Annett’s actions. Name one Catholic clergy who has been arrested by his fake ITCCS and is in jail because of it. Anyone can hurl insults when they are hurt and angry and I take your reaction just like I take everyone who has reacted like you before…you have a good heart and want to see justice done. Well so do I and the paid agent Kevin Annett is a gatekeeper to preventing that justice being done. He’s a liar and a fraud and a con-artist just out to take your money and discredit those frontline activists with boots on the ground trying to make a difference in the world. You might be one of them, so I warn you that those who have worked too closely to Kevin Annett have suffered grave financial and personal costs. Some have gotten arrested while Kevin hides under his rock. There is at least one innocent child I have helped save from going into foster care because of that horrible excuse of a human being so if that makes me Satan, well then so be it. My hope for you Lars, is that you and Jennifer send lots and lots of your money to him and that you pay for him to come to whatever country you live in and that you have him stay at your house for a long time while he gets you to pay for things and fatten him up before he f&CK’s off with your goodwill. And I hope that when you ask him about how badly he has treated you that he publicly smears your good name on the internet and that it will be at that point when you realize who I am and why I have this blog and I will gladly add your testimonial to the nearly 50 people who have been taken in and abused by this low-life (sorry…hero). I hope you get what you are looking for…maybe then sanity will return to you.


    2. Please watch this video compilation from Kevin Annett’s supporters showing people who tried to support him who nearly or actually did get arrested for trying to use fraudulent court documents fabricated by Annett posing as George Dufort. One man was arrested at gunpoint while the other was sent to a mental hospital. https://youtu.be/keQzLV4LEUc


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