Kevin Annett’s Love Letter…and a Confession

Three years ago TO THE DAY I wrote my first WordPress article about Kevin Annett.  Back then I was writing about Kevin’s claims that the government was trying to kill the natives with the Tamiflu Vaccine (pfft) and the discovery of children’s bones at Brantford.  The blog in that time has over 120 articles to it’s credit and 102,700 views and nearly 800 (mostly respectful) comments.  It is a volume of work that I have wrestled with spiritually and emotionally in that time and have tried several times to let go.  The so-called Truth Movement and it’s carte blanche acceptance of everything Kevin posted made it difficult to leave; I felt I had to keep writing until I knew that the blog wasn’t necessary any more.  I thought that time had come at the start of the year, but I was wrong.

This past week a radio show called THE ANGRY BEAVER totally blasted Kevin Annett out of the Truth Movement waters.  People who have been part of the Freeman Movement have taken their leave of his madness.  All that are left are the die-hard anti-Catholics who actually believe the Queen and the Pope are about to be arrested…any minute now…..

And just as I have been contemplating the endpoint to the blog, I read a letter posted by William Annett written by Kevin claiming I am secretly in love with him.  This comes at a time when people around the world are learning the truth about Kevin Annett’s lies.  It comes at a time when people with Street Cred within the Freeman Movement are denouncing his so-called Republik.  It comes at a time when the real activists in Ireland, England and elsewhere are resuming their activism work in the wake of Kevin’s smear campaigns.  Kevin is effectively in hiding from the world, barred from Facebook (if you believe that), and unable to reinvent himself as the savior of any great cause.  There are no causes left to fight, so like a fear-biting dog who’s malnurished mass is hidden in a dark corner, Kevin Annett has only one thing left to do….Bite!

But as you read this ridiculous diatribe, do notice the most important statement he makes….Not about me, but about George Dufort.  You see, while he’s trying to dazzle you with his witty charm (NOT) he lets the most important detail slip into print.

George Dufort doesn’t exist!!!!  He is a pseudonym for a real person (supposedly), just as Jeremiah Jourdain was a pseudonym for a real person (which he wasn’t).

This poses a problem that I’m surprised Kevin’s keen legal intellect has missed:  Just how do you forge a signature on an arrest warrant or public notice and have it be legal and binding????


366. (1) Every one commits forgery who makes a false document, knowing it to be false, with intent

(a) that it should in any way be used or acted on as genuine, to the prejudice of any one whether within Canada or not; or
(b) that a person should be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or to refrain from doing anything, whether within Canada or not.

Making false document
(2) Making a false document includes

(a) altering a genuine document in any material part;
(b) making a material addition to a genuine document or adding to it a false date, attestation, seal or other thing that is material; or
(c) making a material alteration in a genuine document by erasure, obliteration, removal or in any other way.

When forgery complete
(3) Forgery is complete as soon as a document is made with the knowledge and intent referred to in subsection (1), notwithstanding that the person who makes it does not intend that any particular person should use or act on it as genuine or be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or refrain from doing anything.

Forgery complete though document incomplete
(4) Forgery is complete notwithstanding that the false document is incomplete or does not purport to be a document that is binding in law, if it is such as to indicate that it was intended to be acted on as genuine.

(5) No person commits forgery by reason only that the person, in good faith, makes a false document at the request of a police force, the Canadian Forces or a department or agency of the federal government or of a provincial government.

Punishment for forgery
367. Every one who commits forgery

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Use, trafficking or possession of forged document
368. (1) Everyone commits an offence who, knowing or believing that a document is forged,

(a) uses, deals with or acts on it as if it were genuine;
(b) causes or attempts to cause any person to use, deal with or act on it as if it were genuine;
(c) transfers, sells or offers to sell it or makes it available, to any person, knowing that or being reckless as to whether an offence will be committed under paragraph (a) or (b); or
(d) possesses it with intent to commit an offence under any of paragraphs (a) to (c).

(1.1) Everyone who commits an offence under subsection (1)

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

Wherever forged
(2) For the purposes of proceedings under this section, the place where a document was forged is not material.


So now we have screenshots of Williams post on the Facebook page where several of his followers are raining platitudes on Kevin’s head for such a wonderful article taking aim at me.  Please wake up people!!! You are following a man who has committed a crime and according to how these forgeries were used (by Amy Smart, Steve Finney, David Compan and Rhianne Baines), there should be enough there to put Kevin Annett in JAIL!!!

bench warrant 5bench warrant 7Jeremiah Jourdain signature 1

That’s right folks! Jeremiah Jourdain does not exist!  George Dufort does not exist….whoever the heck else’s signature appears on those arrest warrants likely doesn’t exist either…and in fact, I suspect ALL those signatures were written by the same person: the Reverend Kevin Daniel (MacNamee) Ui Niall, Eagle Strong Voice, Annett!!! (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)….

If I were Steve Finney and Amy Smart I’d be going after Kevin for fraud and interference in the case that nearly lost them their daughter to social services.

If I were David Compan I’d be going after Kevin for nearly getting him committed to a mental hospital for using fraudulent documents in an attempt at keeping hospital services running.

If I were Mel Ve (and Richard), I’d be suing Kevin for the travel costs and for the purchase of a new laptop and for slander and libel based on his accusations against them and for misleading them to participate in a fraudulent court.

If I were Dr. Jennifer Wade, I’d take Kevin to court for using my good name and humanitarian causes to promote a fraud on the native people in Canada.

If I were anyone who donated money to this fraud called the or to the ICLCJ I would ask for my money back in the form of a civil lawsuit.

And lastly, if you are any of the women he has been wooing behind his ‘wife’ Lori’s back, I would re-evaluate your situation, think twice before selling your home or leaving your husband and kids to be with this ‘man’.  Don’t ruin your life for a cause built on forged documents and the delusions of a sociopath.

Now here’s the letter which no longer appears on William Annett’s FB wall, but is still posted on Before It’s News and Galactic Connection
7 hrsWhy my Harshest Critics are Secretly in Love with Me, and Other Observations from the Front Lines,
Or, Love Letters to Heather Martin
by Kevin D. Annett
I should start by saying I’m not a man so lonely as to seek out all the female attention I seem to be garnering these days. Okay, sure, it’s coming at me over the internet, and it’s generally nasty and stupid, but isn’t that love in action? I mean, even my enemies admit that I am sort of cute.
And so I’m tempted to heed the advice of my closest friends who keep urging me to “respond” to the creepy internet comments being made about me again, like clock work, now that our work is taking down more of the bad guys in high places. Because I do have to admit that all this attention is kind of titillating for me.
There really isn’t much to respond to, first of all, besides hysteria. People can shriek “Kevin Annett’s a con man!” without any proof for only so long before they just get boring. And even some of the more intelligent (read, paid) critics who have sleuthed about and “discovered” that the IP addresses for our common law court emails can be traced to friends of mine in Canada don’t seem to be operating on full mental thrusters, since the deceptive cloaking of one’s real location is, well, you know boys and girls, just standard procedure in a war.
Maybe that’s part of their problem – my critics, that is. They’re living in a child’s world. They simply won’t understand who and what we’re dealing with, and how we must often operate in secrecy to not only stay effective but stay alive.
Yes, it’s true that most of our Common Law Court and Tribunal officers use pseudonyms: well, duh, I wonder why that would be? Just ask former Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis why. Laurent went public with his support for our Tribunal’s exposure of high level child rapists just two months ago, and now he’s facing years in jail on trumped up charges. So, sorry folks, but the survival of our work and eyewitnesses is more important than the need to placate critics: even if the latter are secretly in love with me.
But as for true confessions: well, sigh, yes it’s true that one of our best people in Europe has gone by the false name of George Dufort for several years now. But no, friends, he is not me. Nor did I ever “admit” that he is to anyone, internet lies to the contrary. Who is George Dufort, really? Does it really matter? Only to the other side, who very much want to unmask and whack him, and to nitpicking morons who probably have my picture secretly pinned to their bedroom wall.
And so I guess I really shouldn’t be so amazed by the orgasmic vehemence with which total strangers whom I’ve never met will attack me while ignoring the real criminals, the child torturers and top level perverts who prey on the innocent. It’s always safer to shoot laterally than upwards. And we’ve all been conditioned to fear and attack each other rather than the rulers. It’s how slaves think.
So ultimately, folks, I pity rather than resent all the “Stop Kevin Annett” bozos who spend their pathetic days glued to their computer screens, searching for new ways to bring me down. They just need to get a life.
And of course, that’s where I come in, because I have one: a life, that is. And they resent it. Or maybe more to the point, they love me for it, and so, being mediocre, they must hate me. After all, only someone infatuated with Kevin Annett would spend so much time attacking him. I learned that after my divorce.
And so, dear Heather Martin, or Christine, or whatever name you’re going by this week: I am here for you, when all is said and done. I’m an Aquarius, I’m in my late fifties althoughI look younger, I like to take long walks on the beach and I enjoy romantic candle-lit dinners, and I have this thing about flogging guys in clerical robes with the truth and locking them up in prisons. Do you think, well, there might be a chance for you and me?
Take your time, sweetie. I don’t expect an answer right away. These things take awhile, especially since, as the old Broadway number reminds us, you always hurt the one you love.
Kevin Annett is a secret member of an advanced alien race seeking to overthrow anyone devoted to imbibing American beer and Canadian platitudes. He spends his days commanding his army of drones from a hidden base just outside of Biggar, Saskatchewan. He is the father of 193 illegitimate children from all the women he’s conned, and is presently working on a new novel about the mating habits of catholic clergy. He is secretly married to Heather Martin, who hates it the way he’ll never take out the recycling on time on pick up day.

28 thoughts on “Kevin Annett’s Love Letter…and a Confession

  1. Reblogged this on IT'S YOUR LIFE and commented:
    The so-called truth movement has been hijacked by guru’s claiming to have removed the power and authority of the worlds most powerful people and the institutions they govern. However, when the documents created by these guru’s end up being forgeries (and admitted ones at that), the people following the guru’s have run the risk of imprisonment and committal to a mental institution for nothing other than the sociopathic delusions of the guru. The question is, will there be justice, will anyone complain, and will this man ever stop trying to take advantage of people?


  2. Thank you for your tireless work and thank you for exposing Kevin Annett these past three years.
    In reality there should be a queue of at least a few dozen people ready to sue Kevin Annett with the latest revelation about his fraudulent use of the name ‘George Dufort’ but as we know Annett laughs this off publicly knowing that he has all the dosh safely stashed away so he is safe from a civil-suit.
    With all the connections that he boasts of having in the Vatican,The Archdiocese of Dublin,The Irish Police Force (An Garda) The Papal Nuncios Office in Holland and the Vatican where he can get items from the Vatican archives and has friends in the Vatican Curia he met in 2012 to help overthrow Ratzzinger,it would be safe to say that he has enough corrupt people in high places to save him from criminal prosecution also.

    There are a lot of other factors too that will save Annets skin- like shame.
    People who have been conned by Annett will feel ashamed.It is a common thread among people who have been conned either out of money or conned ‘in love’ to stay silent about it.
    Mr Annett is clever enough to know that too.Remmeber,he is Clerically trained so has all the same tricks up his sleeve as those in the Vatican and Roman Catholic Archdioceses worldwide that he has befriended.
    And of course there are the standard accusations from the Clerically trained Annett of accusing everyone who challenges him of being a church and state agent.
    Can everyone who previously supported him and moved away from him REALLY all be spies?
    All of them? Really?
    Including Anne Mc Namee his ex-wife and mother of his two children?
    And Pamela Holm is other ex-wife?
    I mean Marcia Lane ceased supporting him in October 2013 (as did Claudia Julien) and she could ‘spill the beans’ on a lot of Annetts wrongdoings but openly admits to her friends of being scared of ‘Annetts wrath.
    How many more are there out there like Marcia Lane who fear what Annett will do?

    But isn’t it amazing that after your years of investigating Annett that it would be he himself who would drop the ball in the ‘DUFORTGATE’ saga?
    And it isn’t out of stupidity that he did that.Not at all.Annett is a clever little slithering weasel but like all narcissists it was his arrogance that caused the slip.
    In his arrogance to have a go at you Heather and to misrepresent and article you posted months ago when you beautifully shared your pain with us all about how difficult it is for you to deal with inner conflict,something that we all battle with.
    So thank you for being the catalyst that rattled the con man into dropping the ball.

    Having read ‘Kevin Annetts Love Letter To You’ I couldn’t help but feel like putting my fingers down my throat to get sick at how Annett see’s himself in the ‘looking younger than his age’.
    It is obvious that Annett doesn’t have anyone close enough to him in his life to have the courage to tell him the truth that he indeed looks like a man knocking on the door of SIXTY with all the wrinkles to show every one of those years.
    If there was a WALNUT LOOKALIKE competition he would win it hands down.

    But while there are people like ‘Pastor’ Rick Hidalgo in Salem South Dakota USA and people like Rhianne Baines in Coventry UK,not to mention Joshua ‘Rainbow’ Lemmens’ bowing to their GOD Kevin Annett and promoting Annetts FAKE court and FAKE documents to lead people astray then Annett will continue to invent new ways to con people.
    Can an old dog learn learn new tricks?
    Can one of the oldest dogs of them all,Kevin D Annett learn new tricks?
    You bettya he can.
    He has invented:
    George Dufort
    Jeramiah Jourdain
    Mary Hennessy
    Fr/Br Ciaran Ui Niall
    Carlo Freschi
    Domingo Santori
    and TEN un-named elders who perform ‘secret’ ceremonies’ in Italy
    I wonder who will be his next invention to replace Dufort?

    Oh! And for the record.
    Laurent Louis (The Belgian Politician) has never gone on record stating that he supported or supports Kevin Annett or his FAKE courts and tribunals.
    It’s another of Annetts master lies.


  3. Also – legal documents signed by a pseudonym have no legal validity anywhere on the planet. So any of you people out there who still believe that the ITCCS is a real court: none of the documents produced can have any legal standing whatsoever. They might as well be signed by “Michael Mouse”.
    And, as Heather Martin says – you’re being conned by a self-admiitted forger and fraud.

    And the reason why Kevin is suddenly so concerned for his welfare that he won’t come to Europe? It’s because he’s been refused a visa. Yes, very mundane, I admit. No “Jesuit assassins”, no albino monks…..just a boring old refusal. Why? Oh, just the fact that he lied on his application and has previously been deported for breaking his visa conditions.

    So please people, take back your lives.


  4. Interesting that Annett has removed his Facebook page and has allowed his devotees to to do his bidding for him the Facebook Group.

    That’s what the catholic church do.They hide behind them and use them as ‘human shields’ and let them do their bidding for them.
    It’s easy to see the people like Mg Massey has never met Annet cause anyone who has knows that Annetts has had a humor bypass so claiming that his ‘love letter’ was an attempt at sarcasm if laughable.
    Annett is to humor as what Hitler was to world peace.
    Mg Massey doesn’t know the difference between narcissism and sarcasm.

    Isn’t it amazing that they all still support Annett after him admitting that the George Dufort signature on the ICLCJ ‘court’ is a FAKE?

    Interesting that they are a part of a group that now contains THREE clerics.
    1.Kevin ‘Hoof’ Annett
    2.Joshua ‘Rainbow’ Lemmens
    3.Rick ‘Half Nelson’ Hidalgo.

    And a group that has 14 FAKE leaders
    1.George Dufort
    2.Jeramiah Jourdain
    3.Fr/Br Ciaran Ui Niall
    4. Mary Hennessy
    The 10 invisible Elders.

    Fiction at it’s best.


  5. Much publicity has been given to two of Annetts main protagonists:
    George Dufort
    Jeramiah Jourdain

    and rightly so because of the ‘high profile’ nature of the position that Annett has given to them in his head,in an attempt to give validity to his FAKE ‘ITCCS tribunal’ and his fake ICLCJ ‘court’ but the real heroes of this complete box set of fiction by Annett surely must be;
    Carlo Freschi
    Domingo Santori
    (See here)

    Consider for a moment the magnitude of what these ‘heroes’ actually did.
    At great risk to their lives and liberty,these ‘two men’,armed only with a camera and a few pieces of A4 paper had the audacity to try to arrest the Queen of England in ROME.

    Annett himself (by his own admission) is facing Jesuit hit squads in Europe at ALL times and has been advised by his ‘high command’ not to travel anywhere in Europe alone (it would seem that Jesuit hit squads are only active in Europe so he is safe to take long walks on the beach and have romantic candle lit dinners anywhere else).
    Would it not then have been considered an act of almost suicide by Freschi and Santori to attempt to arrest the Queen with the ICLCJ warrants that Annett (George Dufort) has authorized them to use?

    Consider what these ‘brave men’ did against what Steven Finney did.
    Considering that Steven Finney was given hero worship AND the title of LEADER of the ITCCS in Canada for putting cardboard license plates on an automobile and going for a drive surely the actions of these two men should have been rewarded handsomely?
    But what has happened to these ‘two men since that magnificent,historical event when ‘two men’ tried to arrest the Queen of England on foreign soil?
    We have heard nothing about them and the reason for that folks is simple;


    If this event had taken place why didn’t Annett post the address of the Police station in Rome that was involved and ask the world to write to them in support of Freschi and Santori (like he did in the cases of Baines/Finney/Compan/Cunningham etc ?

    And given what you all know now (but WE knew already) that these ‘court documents’ were absolutely useless because they were signed by ‘George Dufort’ it would not be unreasonable to expect that Freschi and Santori would have faced the same fate as Compan/Cunningham and Finney having tried to CON authorities with FRAUDULENT documentation.

    You are being fooled on a grand scale


    1. Well the PERVERTED PSICHOPAT that the qween of engeland IS must be arrested AND PUT TO DEATH…This MUST BE the fate of ALL of the PSICHOPATIC PERVERTED CABAL…What’s wrong with that…after all these insane scumbags are responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of human beings AND the misery of billions…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Take out the puppets and your still left with the puppet master… Kevin wants you to believe that what you propose is the solution to the problem… It is a hydra you fight.. Cut off a head and two grow in its place..


  6. Well WHAT IS the solution then…?The psichopatical nWO madness of a plan is never going to work-not cos I think so but because “nature says so”-every other living things’ “social” structure DO NOT function,and CAN NOT function like that.Never did!If it was a “viable sheme” it would have been “present” for AGES in the (eco)system-and I mean like for hundreds of millions of years.This IS UNDENIABLE FACT whether or not some (in)sane animals’ fanasies “say so” or some imagined “higher enlightend being speaks to them”…the wishful fantasies generated by the human brain aren’t going to change THIS!Such a ComuNazi OneWorldAbsolut Rule Order system is IMPOSSIBLE-pwahh this will be faaaar worse than the worst slavery,I can’t even imagine “living” such a nightmare-ish “life”!The sureal “today” that we’re (gradually forced to accept)living in is very very close to the LIMIT!
    ANY further attempt to implement this or some other form of such madness will only result in SELFDESTRUCTION of the Human kind…As simple as that!

    Soo in my oppinion “the puppet master” had to SHOW that “he” learned THE LESSON!Otherwise…well at THE END “he” too will be (literary)wiped out from the face of that tiny planet…


  7. Just like Alex Jones did 20 years ago, I guess Mr. Kevin Annett has done the same at leading the controlled oppositon of the Aboriginal Movement..sad days we have here folks…sad days ahead indeed…what do we do from here, should be the ultimate question!


    1. I think that was the goal. Alex interviewed Kevin Annett twice…btw. The Native people need to lead themselves in their own movements (which some are doing). I have great faith in the young people bringing their voice to their elders causes.


  8. what I would like to ask you all…do you all disagree with the stances that Kevin made throughout his documentary??? And if you do not, why do you not?? Even though maybe he might have lied in some things, how did he lie in other things such as missing children and women and killing and torturing of them as well in the past and as well in the present??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He took their testimony and used it to gain a platform for his political agenda. So yes, I disagree with his stance. The survivors testimonials are factual and an important (and covered up) part of Canadian History. I’ve never had an issue with the testimonials of the Native people. That’s where many people who have attacked me have gotten me all wrong. The testimonials were never the issue. The fraud perpetuated by Kevin Annett so he could make money off the victims suffering…THAT’s what I’ve had a problem with.


  9. Blah blah blah blah. Is Kevin out to make a profit? Probably, did the residential schools murder and abuse kids? Yes… as Kevin reported. So all this discredit bullshit you got setup on this blog doesn’t really mean anything. Nice try at detracting… but facts are facts… It happened, and Kevin exposed it. Amen to him.. shame on you.. whoever you are…

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      1. About everything you say. You are a road block to the justice free people deserve. The old world governmental systems must die. Corporations with the help of the Monarchy and government criminals have robbed and plundered our peoples for centuries.
        I don’t believe there to be a peaceful solution, violence must be met with violence. Open armed conflict.





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      1. There are many versions of truth my friend. Why would you turn a blind eye to a so called man who sympathized with a serial killer of women like Robert Pictor? Why would you sympathize with a white man ex preacher who takes money from women and native survivors of abuse and then smears their names all over the internet. Why would you support a man who told people lie after lie just so he could get their money? You are blind by your version of the truth and your all-caps response only betrays your pain in knowing that I am right in spite of how much you want me to be wrong.


  11. Pretty sophisticated stuff for a nurse and even more sophisticated comments…hmm..sure you are not a paid Disinfo agent ? And is your activism/ Blogging only about discrediting one person or do you have something concrete about child trafficking ?
    You should apply to intelligence agency in your country, cause you do very sophisticated and thorough work. Even the choice of background colour and structure of your Blog induces anxiety. Again not bad for a nurse. No FB Page, no photo, no info on you…

    Well if you have couple of brain cells more than the average fear bloke, than this kind of stuff makes people actually start to listen to more to Kevin Annett.

    In any case the evil ones are those trafficking children and doing all sorts of horrendous crimes against our children and going down down where its a million degrees…very very soon

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  12. I just love all these bloggers and deniers of historical truths.
    Let’s take Israel as an example: Empires and Churches, mercenaries and Tyrants have subverted and destroyed biblical time lines and robbed humanity of priceless artifacts and literature.
    All to suppress evidence of the Jewish claim to the land. Bloggers like this one, show their unintelligence by defaming people for their own egos.
    And to boat they don’t show the faces to instill confidence in what they say. They hide behind their ROCK.


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