Kevin Annett’s Misinformation Campaign Targets RCMP, UBC and Others: Pickton Case Resurrected

Death is an obsession with Kevin Annett lately.  Bones of dead children, murdered and missing women, cult sacrifices (Satanic or not?) and mass graves are indeed what preoccupies Kevin Annett’s dreams and daily affairs.  Unfortunately, his dwindling death cult fails to deliver on it’s weekly promises to rid the world of the evil, awfulness at the root of it all. And on top of that, fresh claims of murdered women having been dumped on the grounds of the University of British Columbia campus by the RCMP and their evil minions are beginning to make the rounds.  Enmeshed in these claims is a years old tale being ressurrected by a fictitious maintenance worker who claims he saw Dave (brother of Robert Picton) dumping bones out at the Musqueam Indian Reservation.   Supposedly, Les, being a stand-up guy, did what anyone would do in that situation.  He gathered the decaying corpses and took them straight to Simon Fraser University’s Forensic department and had them analyzed.  Totally believable right?

This is the story according to how ‘Les’ tells it:

“It started the night I saw a guy unloading bags near the reserve garbage dump and burying them there. Later I recognized him as Dave Pickton, brother of serial killer Willie Pickton. I dug around there later and found a bunch of bones Pickton had buried. I took them to SFU forensics and it turns out they were the bones of several young women mixed up with pig remains. Dave Pickton was actually employed by the Musqueam band for over two years. “

Les took his discovery to the police and the press. He was told to keep quiet about it and even threatened by police officials. Later, when he talked about what he’d found he was fired by the Musqueam band and forced to move away. According to Les,

“For years I was friends with Wendy Sparrow and Ed John and the other Musqueam chiefs, and I learned a lot about their dirty laundry, like the child trafficking and the guns and drugs they bring in through Celtic Shipyards. I know there’s body dumping sites in at least three spots on the UBC campus, not just at Musqueam. UBC is provincial land so it’s under RCMP jurisdiction. The Mounties have made many of our aboriginal women go missing. So what better place for them to hide their remains?”

Assuming that a guy named Les did work at the Musqueam Indian Band and did see a guy matching the description of Dave Pickton, there are a few niggling details that just don’t add up.

  1. Why would the Picktons drive for an hour (in good traffic) to dispose of murdered women on an Indian reserve at a public dump when the farm itself was isolated and buttressed up against a hedgerow of trees and located not far from the river?
  2. How could Les be sure that the bones he dug up later (how much later?) were the same bones as were dumped by Pickton?
  3. Who was the Forensic specialist at Simon Fraser University who was stupid enough to risk their reputation and career and a criminal prosecution for examining human remains without notifying the police and Coroners Office?  (This was my question regarding similar allegations regarding human remains allegedly sent to Smithsonian by Kevin Annett.  See my article here.)
  4. What evidence is there that RCMP are involved in the murder and disappearance of native women and that they are using UBC campus to dump bodies?
  5. The Picktons allegedly put their victims in the woodchipper and fed them to the pigs….so, what bones?

None of the claims in the ITCCS article makes sense, unless you know how often Kevin Annett has contrived fantasies about dead women and children and created humble anonymous whistleblowers who make like a fart in the wind and disappear without a trace.

I enter into evidence the following pictures and ask you to decide what makes the most sense.  I submit that the Picton farm was the most likely place for womens’ remains to have been disposed of, simply for the convenience of it and for the security of knowing that some shmuck like ‘Les’ wouldn’t poke his nose into a garbage bag on a reserve and take the bones to have them analyzed by some professor.


Pickton Farm (above) during the dark days of the investigation


Were RCMP standing on top of a mound of evidence all along???


Pickton Farm from the road showing large mounds and trees where bones could have easily been buried.


Aerial view of the Picton Farm today – land that is set to be developed into multi-family units with shopping nearby.

Distance from Musqueam Indian Band to Simon Fraser University…


Distance from Musqueam Indian Band to the Pickton Farm (which happens to be very close to Simon Fraser University….just a hop skip and a jump for those Forensics boys!)

I submit that the RCMP have a notorious reputation for mishandling crime scenes, murder investigations and native women in their custody.  And while Human Rights Watch has done a better job at addressing the RCMP directly (rather than sending Rainbow Warrior to execute a citizens arrest warrant) than Mr. Post-it, Kevin Annett….They have not ever accused the RCMP of murdering and raping anyone and then disposing of their bodies.

In a special report issued in February 2013, Human Rights Watch (HRW) of New York City claims that the RCMP is directly implicated in the disappearance of aboriginal women across B.C. In their report, HRW documents how Mounties routinely rape, torture and imprison west coast native women, and often these women then vanish. An HRW spokesman claims that “many hundreds of First Nations women in British Columbia are going missing at the hands of police under a fog of official deception.”

Do you notice that the ITCCS posts no links to Human Rights Watch and the statement made by the HRW spokesman?  I’d like to direct you to their website and to the amazing articles and letters to the Canadian Government on the subject of abuses by the RCMP:

Picton is a monster and not a scapegoat (as Kevin opines), and the crimes and cover-ups by RCMP are in No Way validated by the lies and obfuscation put out by Kevin Annett, and his Death Cult Followers.


6 thoughts on “Kevin Annett’s Misinformation Campaign Targets RCMP, UBC and Others: Pickton Case Resurrected

    1. I think more importantly is that he has never proven that he was. Hell, I could claim Bugs Bunny was nominated and no one would know that info for 50 years. Do you think anyone will care in that time? He’ll be dead and gone by then.


    1. Well that depends on who you consider the controllers are? If you’re thinking politicians, go higher….more like the Jesuits, whose school he attended while living in Winnipeg, MB before moving West. Why/How did he become friends with Alfred Webre. who was accused by Eric Jon Phelps as being a Jesuit co-adjudicator and a knight of Malta. Eric Jon Phelps worked closely with Kevin Annett at the same time as he was friends with Alfred Webre.

      See the interview with Phelps and Annett on Freedom Central in 2012 (Nov) here:
      Phelps was working with Kevin Annett back in May 2012:
      While Kevin and Alfred went back to at least 2010 as co-hosts at Vancouver Co-op radio…


  1. You are the fraud after reading this and on the dark side to falsely say these things did NOT occur to our history. From Canada, my generation has heard our loved ones’ stories right from their own mouths, now that the Cabal evil politics is out and ties to the same elite government who sell-outs to their NWO and be their sheep, we natives are still being dismissed by white women who don’t have the guts to interview a native first hand and let them tell you directly OUR histories TRUTH, thanks for your opinion on matters pertaining to us, but we didn’t ask for it. Also, you mislead Kevin’s interviews focus to be the “jews”? It’s not about any specific group other than us natives & those in power and in control of the colonization genocide agenda occurring in our country and our basic human rights we still DONT have. This is our story and Kevin is supportive of our truth which I am grateful for his steadfast unwavering efforts to expose these ugly truths dominating and killing my people. There IS also a youtube video of the mohawks from Canada vocalizing THEIR support, in fact, check it out. We are the grandchildren of our ancestors they tried to kill- Still here and not going anywhere regardless of what we are put through!


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