Tuam Babies Inquiry Moves Forward; ITCCS Lies Revealed


Two years ago, Kevin Annett was trying to niggle his way into the hearts and minds of the Irish by fomenting tall tales of murdered babies discovered in a cistern in Tuam, Ireland. At that time he was attempting to subvert the activism being done by ACCAW and their local protests against Archbishop Dermot Martin in Dublin and Maynooth.  On September 9, 2014 Annett published the following ‘truthiness’:

Ireland’s latest cover up of mass murder, after the remains of 800 babies were discovered in a cistern at a catholic orphanage in Tuam. According to a Dublin church insider, Brady and his assistant Archbishop Dermot Martin – now his successor in crime – have kept a lid on any Gardai police inquiry into the Tuam grave site with payoffs to politicians, threats against eyewitnesses and the usual misinformation campaign in Ireland’s trained-seal corporate media.

The statement came on the heels of several legitimate reports highlighting the discovery of a mass grave site on the grounds of the Bon Secours Mother and Baby home in Tuam. Catherine Corless, the researcher who broke the story to journalists, has been deeply involved in the two year process of bringing a valid Inquiry to fruition.  The initial story caused a firestorm of reaction from mainstream and alternative media sources but no claims were as disturbing and graphic as the ones put out by Kevin Annett in print and in his numerous interviews with Alfred Lambremont Webre and Alex Jones.


In several interviews, Annett claimed that the children had not only been murdered, but had been dismembered and decapitated which he claimed showed evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  Alternative Media Presstitutes like Jones ran with the shock value and embellished on the prevalence of baby eating and sacrifice by Catholic run institutions without even once fact checking or interviewing Corless herself on what she had found.

Meanwhile, local activists (who for several years were working tirelessly to bring attention to the coverup of child sexual abuse in the church) were now faced with an onslaught of conspiracy theories and rabid paranoia surrounding abuse within the Catholic Church of Ireland.  These peaceful activists were now suddenly in the cross-hairs of the Gardai and were being viewed as extremists and a threat to Archbishop Martin.


The scariest thing Kevin Annett ever did was tape a few public notices to the front doors of a few churches.  Unlike the real activists somehow end up getting arrested, put in a mental institution, thrown in jail or have their children taken away from them.

steve finney 3 Steve Finney in handcuffs after his arrest for sporting a Republic of Kanata licence plate and refusing to give his name to police. Click above image for video.

So it is with a glad heart that I read today about the excavation of the suspected resting place of childrens remains at the Bon Secours home starting October 4th.  The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby homes will undoubtedly complete the excavation in a manner similar to that of a criminal investigation as it seeks to determine just who is buried on the grounds.  It is an eerie reminder of a series of articles I published on the debacle that was the Mush-Hole dig HOAX.

Kevin Bones 1

I am relieved that in the case of the Tuam babies, Kevin Annett cannot fabricate photographs of mass graves, claim that they were ritually abused and cut up, because there is a REAL investigation going on with protocols and evidence bags and forensics specialists who would eat Kevin Annett’s wooly tartan for breakfast before allowing him within 900 miles of Ireland.  I pray that the Irish people and the survivors of those times that let young women believe they would burn in hell for having a child out of wedlock,  will finally start to heal and that the Catholic Church of Ireland will begin to face the reality of the monster it has become.

I pray for the continued safety and strong voice for the activists who press on in their efforts to bring justice for the voiceless.  May all orphans find rest.


5 thoughts on “Tuam Babies Inquiry Moves Forward; ITCCS Lies Revealed

  1. The Catholic Church is One of the most evil institutions on the face of this planet they are responsible for the death of all innocent ones God has already judged them be careful of being an advocate for them or you may share in her plagues .


    1. I’m not sure that the Catholic Church is the most evil institution on the face of the earth, but is certainly responsible for its share of evil deeds. I am not an apologist for the RCC…quite the contrary. And as to being judged by God, I would argue that we all will face our judge in the next life and we will all have those things we will have to answer for. That goes for Kevin Annett as well.

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  2. What a shit website you’re a fucking disinfo drone for sure. Good luck sucking the illuminati’s cock, you are NOT going to survive…


  3. For some reason, Beatrice, you seem to have read and commented quite a bit on this ‘shit’ website….why does my exposure of a narcissistic, womanizing con artist disturb you? Are you in love?…or did you send him a sizeable donation and may be regretting your choice? The fact remains, Kevin Annett won’t do anything he promised about TUAM or any other abused child scandal and that, dear sycophant should have you leaving him nasty comments instead of me.


  4. Why is this false claim that 800 bodies were found in a sewer in Turam still being perpetuated? The researcher made no such claim. What she said was that she had examined Church records of children, numbering around 800 who had died in the early 20th century and there had been scant details apart from records of names, approximate age and probable death, mainly disease.
    Her records of children’s deaths largely mirrored the deaths of infants who were not orphans due to some dreadful scourges prevalent in Ireland and the UK at the time.
    She also pondered that some children’s bodies may be interred in a former sewer which had been converted to a a crypt. She gave no number and an inquiry is till ongoing as to how many bodies- and whether they are children or not- with archeologists doing the painstaking work. To date they have identified that there may be around 20 skeletons and they have no idea how many more- if any- there may be due to the fragile nature of the crypt.


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