The Great White Liar

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Has there ever been a greater con-artist and abuser of Natives than the very Reverend Kevin Annett (McNamee, O’Neil, Ui Niall, Eagle Strong Voice)?  Yet again he has resurrected the ghosts of scams past to bring poor Harriet Nahanee to center stage of a new post and new claims of a government cover-up.

Layers of confusion are always what follows a posting from the non-existent Brussels office of the ITCCS and his latest posting is a real doozy.  What Annett wants you to believe is that a secret communique has now magically arrived on his doorstep finally vindicating the past 20 or so years of fleecing he has engaged in.

Annet states:

“This memo explains why the first independent inquiry into residential school crimes in June, 1998 was so effectively disrupted and halted, and why so many key witnesses have been shut down or even killed since 1998. It shows how the enormous black ops and smear campaign against ITCCS and Kevin Annett is connected to this covert program by the Canadian government, and that it is still killing off native people today. It all confirms an enormous and deliberate travesty of justice by church and state in Canada to conceal their own crimes.”

The first independent inquiry, of course, was the one arranged by IHRAAM (a UN affiliated NGO). Various Native activists across North America and had been invited to come to Canada to be part of a tribunal into the Indian Residential Schools.  Nahanee,  James Craven and other activists were invited to participate as ‘jurors’.  According to sources Kevin Annett was disruptive to the proceedings, levelling allegations against many members at the Tribunal and spreading rumors behind peoples backs.  Nahanee at that time had been a long time friend of James Craven and had worked with Annett on various protests since 1995, but Nahannee soon ended her ‘friendship’ with Annett after allegations against him arose  from the Circle of Justice.  Allegations flew from both directions, most of them coming from Annett, labelling various participants like Ed John and James Craven as FBI snitches.  To what end did it benefit Annett to tell IHRAAM not to trust these people who would do nothing but raise the consciousness of the world if not to make himself the sole champion of the Native cause?  Why would it matter unless Annett was looking to undo or cover up the damage he had done by talking behind peoples backs?  Deflect, misdirect, confuse to proctect?  If Annett had truly been the target of ‘badjacketing’ as he claimed, would his staunch supporters not come to his aid to refute any claims against him?  Would the truth not set him free?

As for the truth’s in the above statement issued by Annett, it is not true that the Tribunal was halted, as if by interference or even the disruption he participated in.  In fact, a report was completed and published by Annett here:

A growing unrest among west coast aboriginals associated with the litigation presently before the BCSC (British Columbia Supreme Court) may lead to the rise of splinter factions that seek to exploit public sentiment over the United Church AIRS (Alberni Indian Residential School) disclosures. Protests and other direct actions by the NYM (Native Youth Movement) and the group associated with ANNETT and NAHANEE have already been planned in these circles … Any independent investigations by these groups into burial sites near AIRS could spell disaster and must be stopped through special ops conducted by the usual RCMP units and private contracted parties … The living aboriginal eyewitnesses pose as damaging a security risk to the government and the churches responsible as do such investigations. These witnesses must be contained or eliminated.

The portion of ‘the memo’ published to the ITCCS site lacks any validity because it omits important details needed to verify it’s source.  No letter head, no date, or any other identification corroberates the source of this claim (ie. a scanned copy of the original document)….just a bunch of words you’re supposed to believe came from your wicked, evil, awful government…unless you can offer up proof that the words contained in the CSIS memo are real.  This, in my humble opinion, is a document that really matters, should it actually exist. It is the kind of proof that really needs to come to light because it would lend more than lip service to the claims Annett is making.  So why quote a portion of the memo, why not scan the memo in it’s entirety and redact those portions that might compromise the source of the memo and it’s supplier?  If such a document actually exists, it is the most important document relative to Native activism, the TRC, and native land claims that should be leaked in it’s entirety.

So why just a snippet?  Because a snippet is all that’s needed to protect Annett’s reputation (what’s left of it that is) and to shed enough doubt on the credibility of those tribunal members and any others who might come upon a ‘Kevin Annett Tribunal’ Google search.  My guess is that people are asking questions…hard questions of him…and so a nice and tidy CSIS memo should do the trick to get those pesky doubters in line.

It’s unfortunate that yet again, another deceased Native has been saddled with the job of protecting a white colonialist minister worried about his reputation.

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9 thoughts on “The Great White Liar

  1. Thank you Heather.
    A couple of points.You are correct.The inserted bit-part of a memo is useless without the headed letter that it came from and indeed if it is a genuine the official document then it should also contain Department stamp that would identify it.
    After all,a Government letter ordering THE MURDER of Native activists would need to have some extraordinary identity mark on it in order for ‘operatives’ to act on it’s orders.
    Interesting too that this bit-part memo is so specific with the abbreviations as well as their full name ie. BCSC (British Columbia Supreme Court) – AIRS (Alberni Indian Residential Schools) -NYM (Native Youth Movement).
    This reeks of the work of someone (Kevin Annett) desperately trying to educate his uneducated audience/followers as we all know that the few air-heads that he has left supporting him would have no idea what he was talking about if he used the abbreviations but followers of Native issues would have no problem identifying the abbreviated versions.
    Would one Government Department need to be so specific about their Courts and the Native Groups in such a memo?
    I don’t think so but sure when Kevin Annett posts the full letter we all stand to be corrected.
    But then again,maybe the ‘operatives’ that were to be used to ‘eliminate’ Native activists are as brain dead as Annett and his followers.
    Maybe they have all joined Kevin Annetts ITCCS Alpha and Beta/Direct Actions Units (DAU) ?
    Remember the Montreal ‘Take Down’ and The Dublin Pro Cathedral Satanic Cults?

    Kevin Annett VIOLATES the MEMORY of Native Warrior HARRIET NAHANEE with more LIES

    P.S Anyone with an old typewriter (or an old computer) can print documents that look like they are old.
    But the headed letter and the official stamp that Kevin Annett is going to post shortly on his WordPress Blog will leave us all eating our words.
    But don’t hold your breath.
    Kevin Annett The Montreal ‘9th Circle’ Take Down HOAX


  2. Ah,the Great Montreal Take Down of August 2014.Yeah I remember that one.People in Canada were arrested by a group of civilians from Europe with the assistance of the dreaded RCMP.The same RCMP that Kevin Annett has been accusing of all sorts for over 20 years.
    Mind you,they weren’t any ordinary Joe Soap civilians from Europe.No siree. They were a seriously well trained DAU from the non-existent ITCCS acting on the orders of the non-existent George Dufort LLB,who even woke Kevin Annett up out of his sleep at all hours of the night to report on this and Annett rushed for the Skype button to contact Alfred Webre,he of the UFO fantasy Exopolitics nonsense.
    (See Kevin Annett wakes himself up to report about himself)

    These ‘European civilians’ removed all sorts of evidence from the scene in Montreal (allegedly) including blood samples and child pornography material etc etc and transported it to Brussels?
    How did they get RCMP and Canadian Government clearance for that?
    And what has happened to the ‘suspects’ that were detained?
    What has happened the follow up details that Kevin Annett has promised us all?

    As for the old typewrite/old computer.Well as we can see from the contents of the trailer in Lori O Rorkes front garden on 260 Kennedy Street Nanaimo (also the home of ‘Jeramiah Jourdain’) where Kevin Annett broadcasts some of his best bullshit fantasy stories,there is no shortage of antiquated material (not including Kevin).


  3. Out of all the information presented.

    There is specifics left out about what the actual scope of this topic is about.

    Genocide and Culture Genocide

    You can highlight Kevin all you want and his actions.

    In light of today the word Genocide is now a fact in Canadian History regardless of anyone’s opinion.

    This is the scope of the topic not Kevin and his actions. In fact, none of that matters any more unless it matters to you then it does.

    It is intriguing how in the fight for social justice how issues can be easily denied and avoided and then the issues now become about the one who decided to go national and global and even wrote books.

    I do not support or advocate for Kevin. I am only highlighting how the topic gets reframed.


    1. You are absolutely right Matthew. That is the topic that matters most which is what has been so upsetting about the agent Kevin Annett. He made the issue about him and his Nobel Peace prize nominations and need for donations until no one noticed the true history of the Residential schools anymore. It became about his Republik and Satanic Ritual Abuse and his trips to Europe paid for by well meaning folks such as yourself. He made it ridiculous and that’s the salt in the wound that I’m trying to expose.


      1. Heather,

        Thanks for agreeing now clearly your issues are with Kevin which in essence your changing what I am sharing. By reframing what I am saying to be about Kevin.

        Clearly, your the opposition with Kevin and you can be the opposition all you want for as long as you want.

        I am looking at all the information and in light of Kevins actions your opposing view is outside of what he had done when he first spoke about Genocide.

        No matter what anyone says there is Kevin’s perspective and the opposition to his perspective.

        If think you can persuade me to join In your opposition I won’t ever no matter what.

        The fact is he wrote about genocide in Canada and you know what Kevin won indirectly.

        No one else can take away it or unwrite his books or undue his actions.

        The actions outside the scope of Genocide that your highlighting from Kevin and the issues belong to the opposition.

        If he gets the Noble Peace Prize I and you have no say as it isn’t up to us.

        Now, I am curious if your going to arrange for what I am Sharing to be deleted.

        Are you the opposition who wants everyone to believe and accept and follow what your promoting like in China where opposing views are deleted.

        Or are you the type of opposition who will allow the individual to find out the facts for themselves?

        Lastly, the next highlight of Kevin’s timeline is he revealed denial of genocide was in fact a fact in Canada’s fictional history.

        This is the original issue and of course the deniers didn’t what the facts to be known. Kevin reveals his version of what he encountered and others fought him along the way to prevent there version of Canada didn’t happen.

        Good thing we have courts as without them we would be enslaved to fictional social norms which are not even considered laws to begin with.

        Just like the fake church courts which are not even courts or a component of the legal system.


  4. Kevin is a relentless snitch with nothing positive to say…his tirades lack any authentic character. Some truth, many lies, a huge ego, and a very mysterious celebrity reputation.
    I’m suspicious of the white Brahmin image anywhere…not that they are all fake…only that many are deliberately funded to serve a power agenda, not to say racist one. Believe it or not, there are Indians who help poor Indians, Haitians who help poor Haitians, and black Americans who help those, too!! I like to see where money comes from to seed things…don’t you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, According to Kevin there never has been any money, although I have many former supporters of his who were thrown under the bus who had receipts to prove they gave him substantial funds to run his scam. He tried to align himself with Heather Tucci Jaraff and the One People’s Trust and many other ‘sovereign’ peoples scams. New Earth, 2012 utopians saw him bringing down the patriarchy, the Church of Rome and the Jesuits…yet no arrests of top officials ever happened. Plenty of arrests of common well meaning folks though which always made me suspect he was the government agent responsible for flushing out the pheasants so they could get shot. No native person needed the likes of him to do their talking for them. He did it badly, with bad intentions, with bad outcomes and then ruined their reputations within their own communities so that they no longer had a voice.


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