The Hypocrisy of Carrie Lester, Pseudo-Native

*-Carrie Lester drum

It’s bad enough when you have one con-man on the loose, co-opting Native suffering for his own benefit. but when he has support by high profile activists who affiliate themselves with Idle No More, it is heaping salt on amputated limbs.

Above is pictured Carrie Lester (photo credit to Robert van Waarden), self-ascribed mouth piece of the Idle No More movement and loooong time supporter of Kevin Annett.  You might remember her from the Occupy Toronto video (appearing at 2:41) featuring the Reverend Kevin Annett and that it was at that meeting that he claimed he had unearthed the remains of two small children from a five-foot square by two-foot deep ‘excavation’ conducted at Brantford Indian Residential School. (click image below for video)

Carrie Lester OT Lester, who has made much of her own reputation from the promotion of Kevin at speaking engagements was present at the Mush Hole in Brantford and actively assisted Kevin in his fraudulent claims in interviews with newspapers, television and radio.  She also helped him reach avid listeners and students at venues such as Ryerson and Trent Universities.  Her YouTube channel still features the Occupy Toronto/Kevin Annett debacle.

Lester also is a known associate of paid activists and known provocateurs at protests and rallys over everything from Idle No More to the Line 9.  She claims a Native heritage which, she supposes, entitles her to a certain amount of outrage.  All fine and dandy, except when you regularly affiliate yourself with unscrupulous characters like Kevin Annett, Sakura Saunders and ‘chief’ Davyn Calfchild (pictured below).

carrie lester paid activist

No blogger has unearthed more dirt on the various Native and Environmental movements than Greg Renouf of, and not only of their very slimy behavior, but of their connectedness to one another.   Carrie Lester is involved with many of the activists Renouf has called out and conveniently turns a blind eye when they run amok.

Like the most recent re-appearance of Kevin Annett (using a fake profile Ciaran O’Neil) where he is busy banging out posts promoting all his recently published ‘books’.

Most recently featured is a post from Ciaran O’Neill’s FB page showing that Carrie Lester, the half-native woman of Idle No More’s drum beating brigade and child bone waiving circus, clearly likes the idea of letting Willie Picton speak.  And apparently doesn’t mind the use of poor Maisie Shaws image to flog the many half truths and outright lies that Annett passes off as Canadian History.

Let Willie Pickton Speak: Revealing the Bigger Picture of Canada’s Genocide
by Kevin D. Annett

“Pickton was the straw man set up for everyone to gawk at and hate while the real killers got away. The arrangement was vast and orchestrated from the very top”. – Grant Wakefield, former CSIS agent and undercover operative at the “Piggy’s Palace” killing site, August 4, 2011

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“I’ve never met the alleged serial killer Willie Pickton, but he and I have this much in common: we have both just published books that have Canada’s power brokers worried.”- Kevin Annett

Let us not forget that No Human Remains were unearthed at Brantford or Port Alberni Residential Schools as Kevin Annett (I mean Ciaran O’Neill) has claimed.  No bones were sent to Smithsonian and only a handful of old buttons stands as proof that indeed children must have been at that school.  Certainly the only testimony worth anything has been from the victims of abuse and the families of those who died while at Residential Schools across Canada.  For those stories to have come to light is not because of the actions of Kevin Annett, but of those victims who were willing to come out and give their testimony to Native Judges assembled at the first ever tribunal into such things back in 1998.  Annett didn’t organize it, but he certainly co-opted it much like he attempted to co-opt Occupy movements in first Vancouver and finally Toronto.  And it was in Toronto that he found a willing accomplice in Carrie Lester, one who could ooze native injustice while remaining oddly ‘White’ with her priorities:
However, she was present in honoring Leonard Pelletier (incarcerated for the murder of Anna Mae Aquash) at an event sponsored by the National Union of Public and General Employees.  Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that the murder, rape and dismemberment of native women has become a platform upon which political activists are all to willing to stand?  Is this the real drum beat being heard at the hands of those like Carrie Lester?  Like waving the remains of dead children, or promoting your latest book using Willie Picton’s criticism of the RCMP, there can be no justification for what those hypocrites like Carrie Lester and Kevin Annett are doing to Native people.  If Idle No More has a voice left once these infiltrators are done with them, I wonder if it might finally stand up  to those pseudo Natives and firmly tell them to stop acting like their colonial predecessors.

4 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Carrie Lester, Pseudo-Native

  1. I dont knowmuch about what went on in the canadian residential schools but i know that here i australia the church stole aboriginal children away from their parents and committed criminal acts against those kids. It is well documented now, i saw his video and i am astounded that these acts could have been committed in full knowledge of not only the church but other groups of authority. If even a small percentage of any of this is true, then kevin not only lost his family, friends and way to provide for his family because of his actions and belief that those involved should be named, shamed and brought to justice. I cant see why he shouldbe stopped, only someone with guilt or something to lose would feel that way.


    1. kevin annett is full of crap. He has been exposed as a serial bullshitter from canada to ireland to europe. Children being uncared for and treated badly wasnt exciting enough for kevin, he thought that making up tales of satanic abuse and hunting children through the forests of europe would get him a much bigger payday, what he has achieved is to make everything seem like lies. He has a new book out and im sure he will claim the usual “secret anonymous sources” to con the unwary. Annett dosent care about his own children, never mind any others. Still, if his book bombs he could always find work as a gollum lookalike.


  2. Carrie Lester is one of the most genuine down to earth people I ever met in my life. I have known her for 25 years , watching the passion she raised her children with was inspirational,finding her roots, connecting to her grandmother and family was and is as sincere as its gets, she has every right to speak out and try to make the ignorant world aware of the injustices that were done to our aboriginal people. Everyone should know, everyone should speak up. She is trying to make a difference. She should be honoured for that. She has my upmost respect and love.


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