Dean Clifford: Widowed Son of the Republic of Kanata

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The Freemason Distress Signal

Is there “no help for the widows son”, now that Dean Clifford has been sent to jail?

That’s right, folks.  Sovereign citizen and Freeman (or Freemason?) on the Land, Dean the Wolverine Clifford has been sentenced to three years behind bars (see full article below).

This revelation brings me to wonder aloud some very pertinent questions such as:

Where is the ITCCS, it’s (so-called) Brussels court, it’s Leader and Guru Kevin Annett now that Dean Clifford has been sent to Jail?  Where is the leader and Interim el-Presidente of the Republic of Kanata and all it’s hundreds of followers now?  Where are the protests? Where is the outrage???

Radio free kanata

Perhaps it was a mistake of Dean to use Kevin’s forged and fraudulent documents as part of his legal defence?  Too bad Dean didn’t listen to me when I sent him proof that Kevin IS George Dufort and that Dean would be committing a fraud by using Kevin’s lets-play-pretend Proclamations and Public Notices generated out of the attic of his Nanaimo, BC home.   Is this why Kevin has gone so silent?  Could he be in jail himself and no one is left to give a shit? Why are there no pleas on YouTube to send money to the ICLCJ or ITCCS or to Kevin Annett’s hidey-hole attic, (aka ‘Republic’) to help free Dean Clifford?  Wasn’t Clifford the key to the success of the Republic of Kanata or was the Republic a honey trap to get Clifford snugly behind bars?

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Where are the frantic postings using Dean to fluff up the threadbare credibility of the ITCCS and the little patch of Heaven called Kanata?

Here is Kevin’s article proclaiming Dean a “Prisoner of Conscience” a year ago:

Kevin Annett: “He’ll never get out of here”: Common Law activist Dean Clifford adopted as International Prisoner of Conscience after his year long incarceration without charges or trial in a Canadian prison

Posted on
October 10, 2014

Breaking ITCCS News, October 10, 2014 (Brussels)

Dean Clifford, Canadian Political Prisoner

Brussels, October 10, 2014

The ITCCS Directorate today adopted Canadian common law activist Dean Clifford as an International Prisoner of Conscience and began campaigning for his immediate release from “barbaric police state conditions”. The ITCCS will be presenting a formal petition of Habeas Corpus to Canadian courts to secure his release.

Clifford was arrested without a warrant or charges in November, 2013 while giving a public talk on common law rights. Since then, he has been confined incommunicado in a Brandon, Manitoba prison, where he has been routinely denied the right to appear in court, file petitions or seek Habeas Corpus relief.

This week, a sheriff at the prison told Clifford’s wife,

“Dean will never get out of here”.

Clifford has been a prominent common law educator for years in Canada, challenging the arbitrary unlawfulness of Canadian law and the “crown” court system. He is also a supporter of the ITCCS and the common law court movement.

“Everything indicates that Dean Clifford is being deliberately targeted and persecuted by the Canadian government and made a public example of for his exposure of the illegality of the crown courts” said ITCCS North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett today.

“Simply for demanding the proof that he’s obligated under Natural Law to pay taxes or obey arbitrary statutes, Dean has been locked away without a fair trial for a year, family members are denied access to him, and his basic Habeas Corpus rights and due process have been thrown right out the window. None of us is safe if they can do this to one honest man. Dean’s persecution as a political prisoner is showing us why we need to stand down all crown authority and create a new nation here.”

On behalf of the ITCCS, Annett announced that a common law court is being convened in Brandon this month to bring charges against those responsible for Dean’s unlawful incarceration.He also disclosed that a nation wide campaign to release Dean Clifford will commence this week, including public protests and occupations by ITCCS and common law activists across Canada.

ITCCS Central is asking all of its affiliates in nineteen countries to stage similar actions outside and inside Canadian consulates and businesses around the world on behalf of Dean Clifford and the common law.

For information how you can assist, contact , .

This Statement is endorsed by the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata in Winnipeg.

Issued 10 October, 2014 (GMT) ,

Man spends weekend in jail after calling judge “a fool”

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