Kevin Annett Waffles Over Satanic Ritual Abuse

This meme of Bob Ross seemed appropriate given the latest BS coming from camp Kevin.
This meme of Bob Ross seemed appropriate….forgive my sense of humor….

Kevin Annett recently denied that there was such a thing as Satanic Cults ritually abusing children in an interview with Andy Peacher, a well-known UK activist and radio show host.(See exerpts from the program in the video at the end of this article).

Peacher had Annett on for the first hour to discuss various issues but cut straight to the point when he asked Annett:

Peacher: Can you then comment on the relationships between Satanic Cults, the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the Jews?

Annett: Um, well, no, not direct (laughs), I, that’s a very big question, and there’s been a lot written about it by people far more aware and kinda educated about that aspect than I am.  Um, don’t forget a lot of these, um, uh,um, you know, what I’ve, okay, let me tell a short little story.  When I first began to document the stories of 20 years and more ago, of these, um, experiments and other crimes that had been happening to native people on the west coast of Canada, I find that often when people are referring to Freemasonry, um, and Satanic Cults, when you look into it, what your actually dealing with is government programs and that’s if you’ve read at all about MKUltra and Mind Control Techniques, THEY PLANT FALSE STORIES AND LABELS IN PEOPLES MINDS so that if under hypnosis, or whatever, people begin to recount what happened, you know these grisly experiments, they’ll say “OH, YEAH, SATANISTS DID IT TO ME”.  Not a government paid, uh, you know medical personelle….So often when survivors talk about, you know, being tortured by Satanists, or uh, Freemason, or, or, whoever, right?…It may be true, but as often as not, it’s been something planted in their mind: FALSE MEMORY. (emphasis throughout is mine)

Now, let me allow the gravity of what has just been stated by Kevin Annett to sink in here…. and I encourage you to read the above paragraph over again just so you know you read it right.

What just happened in the above transcript from the video/audio clip of that interview you can listen to below is a complete denial of everything that Kevin Annett has been expecting you to swallow about Satanic Ritual Abuse over the last three years.  And while he does give you correct information about the MKUltra programs and the creation of false memories, what is important is that this has not been his opinion at all.

Let’s review some of his own words:

“There have been 34 Catholic child mass grave sites found in Ireland, Spain and Canada. The grounds were believed to contain bodies of over 350,800 missing childrenalthough the respective governments and Catholic Church have refused ITCCS’s continuous requests for excavation. Popes Francis and Ratzinger, plus Queen Elizabeth have all been named by eyewitness testifying before the ICLCJ Court as having killed and raped children in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult human sacrifice ceremonies.”

“Kevin Annett discussed ITCCS actions that are now planned against corporate defendants that were implicated in the disruption of an August 15, 2014 planned Satanic sacrifice in Montreal by ITCCS Direct Action Units. These defendants include Cargill Corporation, where Satanic rituals has been held in corporate headquarters according to participants who have come forward. Cargill is “is now the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue.

““These things happen regularly,” he says. “They are definitely tied into, not just Roman festivals, but also Satanic calendars. There are certain days of the year that seem to have more significance in terms of human sacrifice. New moons apparently often tie in to those times of the month as well. But the Roman festivals are significant because they seem to be guiding the actions of these cults that operate within or around the Catholic Church.”

These are the words and writings of Kevin Annett.  The same Kevin Annett who slandered Mel Ve and her husband after filming two and half hours of ‘testimonials’ of Satanic Ritual Abuse testimony by Toos and her daughter while in the Netherlands.

death threat

This same Kevin Annett who stated that he could tell the nearly 800 childrens remains had been ‘ritualistically tortured and dismembered’ and THATS a sure sign of Satanic abuse.

Irish babies

The Kevin Annett who declared to Alex Jones that the Ninth Circle Cult and 12-Mile Clubs were operating various ritualistic child rape and murders, which Alex Jones claims to have never heard of before.  So why does he deny it now?

frog face 11

Perhaps it is because of the ghosts of Con-men past who haunt Kevin and his attempt to stay afloat in the aftermath of the torpedo-sinking of the ITCCS by Alfred Webre, Wat7uk and Alex Hunter.

Kevin Annett talks with Robert Green while Hollie and her mother look on.
Annett Garrish
Kevin speaking onstage with Brian Gerrish of UK Collumn where he stated he would not be going after the Queen for abducting 10 Native children from Kamloops BC in 1964.
Kevin and Pals in happier times. Seen here at the Protest the Pope rally with Belinda McKenzie, Cornelius Crowley and Penny Pullen and others.
Still hasn’t found one grave of a Native Child allegedly murdered at the hands of the Catholic or Anglican church. Nice trip to London though.

Ghosts like Hollie-Grieg and Hampstead Hoaxers like Belinda McKenzie who are just a little too cozy with people like Neelu Berry who was also on air with Peacher asking Annett some very pointed questions:

Berry: How was it then that you got the co-operation of Police, course here we have Police allegedly committing the crimes and they are running the country, there are, there seems to be Satanic Cults running every public service in the UK including the National Health Service…I’m horrified that these rituals are taking place with elderly, with disabled, and children and these kind of characters are in every public service on up.

Berry has a court date coming up in June to face harassment charges in connection with false allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse at Christ Church and Hampstead Primary School, in Hampstead, UK.  She is also one of Kevin Annett’s most public supporters, sporting several photo’s of false legal documents bearing Kevin’s pseudonyms.  She has a history of mental illness where she accused hospital staff of conspiring to kill her handicapped niece.  She now claims it was a Satanic killing.

ved republic

How did Annett get the co-operation of Police for so long when so many of the eye-witnesses (especially those aboriginal ones) have ended up dead?  How did Annett get away with publishing the names and addresses of eye-witnesses to one of Canada’s most notorious mass murders of women in history without being arrested for obstruction of justice, or tampering and how is it that he managed to stay alive if he had such damning information against the RCMP, Vancouver Police and various politicians?  Wouldn’t a church occupation be the perfect excuse to arrest and deal with the problem Kevin Annett was creating for the so called ‘crime syndicate’?

Kevin annett endanger's witness
If Annie Parker exists, is she still alive after having her name, address, and phone number published on the internet?
Are we surprised that Native people working with Kevin Annett end up dead?
Are we surprised that Native people working with Kevin Annett end up dead?

I guess Neelu will find out when Annett and his Film Crew (yeah, right) go to meet with Neelu this summer.  I wonder how the awkward reunion between Belinda, Neelu and Annett will play out once Araya finds out he’s coming to town?  Oh to be a fly on THAT wall!

p.s. Special thanks to the awesome work by the YouTube Channel: Republic of Kenata Exposed

14 thoughts on “Kevin Annett Waffles Over Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. Hi,

    I noticed in previous blogs that the email address was associated with Annett and/or groups set up by him.

    In the context of the Hampstead SRA case the same email address again pops up. This time it is associated with “Jacqui Farmer” who runs the “Hampstead Research” website. The same “Jacqui Farmer” apparently wrote an electronic book called Illuminati Party- Reasons to not be afraid of the Illuminati.

    Further, this same person has been advertising a speaking tour of the UK.

    As you will notice in the video the email given to get more information on “Jacqui Farmers” speaking tour, and how to buy the book, is

    I don’t know much about Annett and his workings, I come at this from having an interest in the Hampstead accusations. I was wondering if you have any thoughts or knowledge as to who these people are and why this email keeps popping up?


    1. Hi Sandi, was a dummy email created by Kevin Annett to fool people in the UK and Ireland that there was some priest named Ciaran Ui Niall/ Caomhin Ui Niall working with Kevin and giving their support to him. This was a complete fabrication as was the long story concocted to prop up the phoney priest’s identity. Kevin has done this when working with native people here in Canada (gave himself an indian name and created two native elders who lavished glowing endorsements about him but only on things that Kevin himself published). I’m certain if you email and you were to get a reply it would have the same IP address as all the other emails Kevin has used over the years. As for Jacjui Farmer, I don’t know who that is, although I understand she runs the blog you mentioned and is crossing the line with some of what she is publishing (names and addresses of people who are accused but not found guilty of any crime). It sounds like a spoof of her in that Illuminati video, although I can’t guarantee it. What I do know is that Annett and Belinda McKenzie worked together at one time and now have plenty to say when it comes to Neelu Berry. She seems very oblivious to the threat posed by aligning herself with those two shills (IMO). Hope this helped somewhat.


  2. Thank you for your response. What made me wonder is there appears to be no other internet footprint for Jacqui Farmer before publishing her book in November. There does appear to be numerous spoof accounts for her.

    I did email them a few days ago but got no response.

    Yes,i remember seeing Belinda outside the court with Neelu, introducing Neelu to the camera as having arrested a judge. I could tell then that Belinda would use Neelu and Neelu would end up in trouble.


  3. Kevin is part of a large network of operatives, including Alf Weber, Leuren Moret, Judy Wood, Gordon Duff. Online Disinfo is a growing industry.


    1. Jim, who do you think is behind this growing industry? I’ve had my suspicions, but am interested to hear yours. As well, what is the purpose behind it? Thx.


  4. […] Incredibly, Kevin Annett recently told UK activist and radio show host Andy Peacher that he no longer believes Satanic ritual abuse is even happening. In this startling ‘turn around’ statement, Annett now says he attributes countless reports of Satanic ritual abuse to the planting of “false memories” and “false stories and labels in people’s minds”. This statement is in direct contradiction to his long-held observation that: […]


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