‘This is somebody’s young kid’: The unmarked graves of Brandon’s residential school

No sign of ITCCS or Kevin Annett anywhere near this ar!ticle is a very good sign indeed

National Post

Growing up, Katherine Nichols went past the Brandon Indian Residential School everyday in her school bus, but she had no idea what it was. After the school was torn down in 2000, and her parents took her to see the ruins, all she knew was that it was a school for aboriginal children.

It wasn’t until she took a first-year Native Studies course at university that she learned about the residential school system — Canadian history’s “sad chapter.”

And so when choosing a topic for her master’s thesis at the University of Manitoba, the budding forensic anthropologist was drawn back to the Brandon school, which operated from 1895 to 1972. She wanted to see if she could unravel its darkest secrets — and document all the students who had died or gone missing and where they were buried.

Handout/Katherine Nichols Handout/Katherine Nichols

The small cemetery just north of the school has a cairn listing…

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