ITCCS Damage Control

rainbow warrior goddess

Yesterday, Kevin Annett appeared on a blogtalkradio program: Consciousness Caffeine: Clarifying the Controversy with Kevin Annett hosted by Rainbow Warrior Goddess The lies of course began as soon as Annett opened his mouth where he insinuated that Alfred was delusional, paranoid and just some guy who had done a couple of interviews with him.  In reality, Alfred Webre has had a working relationship and friendship of sorts with Kevin Annett over the past 10 or so years.  As you may know, Alfred has recently made public his own testimonial of how he came to have concerns regarding Annett’s behavior and how he challenged Annett to bring proof that the ITCCS is made up of other people than just Annett himself.  He also invited other members of ITCCS to speak on Annett’s behalf which led to him sending threatening letters addressed from a Marie Bouchard at some non-descript Brussels postal code.

Barely ten minutes into the program, Kevin Annett denies he even knows who I am.  At this point, I’m hitting the pause button so I can have a good laugh and get a second cup of coffee before I resume what will be the most foul smelling pile of crap I’ve heard in a long time.  Here’s how that part went:

RWG: How ’bout let’s step away from Alfred a bit, why don’t you describe how you met Heather Martin, or her role.  She’s another person whose brought up a lot of issues and interviewed another one by the name Rachael Kavanagh.  But we’ll get to Rachael afterwards, we’ll start with Heather.

KA: I’ve never met Heather Martin.  I don’t even know who she is.

He then goes on to do the old Jedi Mind Trick thing with the listeners claiming that I appeared out of nowhere and am involved in some random ‘drive-by shooting’ kind of attack on his character.  And Rainbow Warrior Goddess never challenges him on this point, proving that she obviously has done zero research into the con-artist she’s helping to defend.

As you may recall, this all started with Kevin and I back when I was going to show his film Unrepentant at a local film festival.  I’d gotten information that he was a user and abuser of native issues and informed my AE9/11 group about the change to the line up:

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 7:48 PM, Heather Martin <> wrote:
Hi All,
A friend has posted information on FB containing a link to a letter from Circle of Justice to KevinAnnett.  After reviewing the concerns presented by Circle of Justice (even though the letter was written in 1998), I have decided to pull the film from our line-up as the concerns presented by COJ describe unethical research methods and worse, in order to produce the film.  The film, while shedding light on a problem, re-victimizes the victims of this tragic affair and I feel strongly that showing it will damage Saskatchewan Truth Networks credibility in it’s infancy.  Saskatchewan has a rich Aboriginal heritage which I choose to honor in this way.
I thought you should know what we were doing.  I am looking for an alternative to show that day, but might just leave it at four films over the weekend.
All the best,
lawrence McCurry FB
I received some feedback from my group to which I wrote the following response:
——— Forwarded message ———-

From: Heather Martin <>
To: Michael Goguen <>
Cc: others
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 17:00:55 -0500
Subject: Re: [Press For Truth];

I am most grateful for the constructive feedback.  I have been in conversation with Kevin, who is disappointed we are not showing his documentary at this time.  I have expressed some of the same sentiments as Michael, to him and am looking forward to perhaps speaking with him in person (on the record) about his experiences.  I am, of course concerned about potential backlash on the 9/11 movement which remains, for me and our network, the primary focus of our work and effort.    We want to put forth information, but not at the cost of our movement and integrity.

I will keep you all apprised of the situation as it unfolds.
Warm regards,
The following is my Facebook ‘chat’ with Kevin Annett:
For the record I thought I’d copy the conversation between Kevin and myself to date (he did just message me as I was writing this to you)…  Cheers…
July 16
Report · 9:09pm
Hi Kevin, I am just writing you to let you know that I’ve decided to not show the film on the Aug weekend. The reason for this is that I have been receiving links to information surrounding the Circle of Justice issue back in 1998. The group you were once affiliated with levels some pretty serious allegations against you, and although I cannot get follow up from the contact e-mail listed in the 1998 letter, I think it is best to hold off showing this film at this point. Please know that I am also aware of the huge number of assaults and threats made to your person and your reputation. This is a complex story where real people are involved and I would like to explore this more before deciding to show it…. Please know that I have not passed judgement on you, but am choosing to be cautious so that any and all innocent parties can be spared. I am certain that the truth is that you have some powerful enemies, and as your lawsuit amps up, this is turning up the heat on you as well. I expect that WUFF will be very successful and will open the door to other showings under our networks name. I hope you are still open to us meeting and perhaps getting some of these issues clarified for the record. Respectfully, Heather.
Report · 10:11am
Hi Heather. Thanks for writing. I will always address real concerns and evidence from people, but none of Renouf’s stuff, or the “circle of justice” smears, is based on any evidence, simply unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo. Yes, both of them represent a real black ops campaign by the feds and the church against me that goes back to June of 1998. I;m not surprised that it has reached you. If you’d like to discuss this, let me know your specific concerns. But as I always say to people, what do unsubstantiated claims by people who are openly identified operatives have to do with the issue of genocide and mass murder of children?
Report · 11:32am
Hi Kevin, I need to read the full list of incidents against you to familiarize myself with your situation.. the fact that someone in my other networks is sending me this array of info is what is making me cautious. I would still love to meet with you if you happen to be out this way.. keep me posted.:)
Making me cautious… Let me know if you will be out saskatoon way and we can get together… Let me know:)
Report · 2:54pm
Even if those smears on me were true, which they’re not, to not screen my film because I don’t pass some kind of morality qualification test would be like never discussing civil rights or racism in america because Martin Luther King used to frequent prostitutes. If you don’t mind the analogy. Unfortunately in Canada, the fact of anyone being “controversial” is more important than the message he carries, or the issue he addresses. I would so love it if people could stick on the issue and not fall prey so easily to gossip by trained operatives. There’s a rap sheet on Greg Renouf a mile long, by the way.
Report · 5:09pm
Its not that you are controversial as much as some people in my network on fb are sympathizing with Greg and I have concerns as to how this may damage what I am trying to do with the other projects we have on the front burner. Without having all the facts and investigating the issue thoroughly I cannot respond to questions raised about the film, its content, etc. We will be seen as endorsing all the films we are showing, although we have a standard disclaimer, and we are seeking to promote the filmmakers in their future works. I am just taking a precautionary stance, which my gut says is prudent. I am a single parent and am doing this with my own and other peoples money and just want to have as much info as possible. Thats the scientist in me, I guess. As an aside, if I wad scared about being controversial, I would not have fought our health officer on H1N1, and the Gardasil vaccine…lol… However, I am not so naieve to deny that the Vatican is a whole other can of worms.. one I can ill afford to take lightly in its influence and power. I know you know this… I just need more answers and will be more than grateful if you can supply me with some. Much respect, Heather.
Report · 9:26am
That’s fine. What questions do you have specifically? I’ll do my best to answer them. The circle of justice thing is well documented, including letters from people who were supposedly denouncing me saying they said no such thing … and so on.
Report · 11:21am
Yes, I believe I’ve seen such references on Wikispooks or somewhere else … can’t recall… I also saw the press release today regarding Jason Bowman. This is a setback to be sure, but I am concerned that the release has no author other than ITCC Elders (which I cannot find their names) and the Belgium office has no contact info. Could this be one of the problems that people like Greg has with you is that you appear to be the sole person spearheading this endeavor (besides Jason) and so it becomes very easy to attack you because of this? I went on ITCC.orgs site and can only find you listed as the secretariate and no other tribunal members. This is a problem as I see it for the organization as you have no other people who can /support you/lend credibility to the cause (other than public support of course). No man is an island…… As well, when you discovered human remains at the church sites were the police contacted? Would this be a way to get the Mainstream Media into the picture as well as set up an investigational process within the system (this seems to be the complaint by against Jason Bowman)?
Report · 10:52pm
Our three dead native co-workers in Vancouver are proof of what happens when people go public in our work (Bingo Dawson, killed by cops, ditto for Ricky Lavallee, and Billie Coombes murdered in VGH hospital). I am the public figure head for many people who will likewise die if they come forward. Any seasoned activist knows these risks, which is why Renouf is an obvious provocateur. Since 1998, I’ve had three separate organizations destroyed from within after we were too visible and public. Anyone who has influence who comes forward to support me and this work gets taken out – ask Dr. Jennifer Wade at UBC, Amnesty founder, Rev. Bruce Gunn, Buffy Sainte Marie, who spoke out in support of us and then was threatened legally … this is a long history which you and others need to know before listening to garbage and smears.
Report · 10:03pm
Kevin, I will do my homework on this and I am in no way jumping to conclusions here, nor taking sides. I am simply wanting to find out about the’s Belgium office, and whether there are other members of the tribunal who are not listed on the site. Is this because they feel threatened (aside from being put on Renouf’s blog page)… There is an important story that needs to be told here (not just about the residential school victims), but about the stuff going on now… How did things with Jason Bowman get so bad? And if it is just you running the tribunal and you post a press release where you say “we” and “us”, that leaves the impression that you have a team and so far I only see you with a target on your back. I hope you know that I am only giving my perspective and I certainly need to do a lot of reading to have an idea of what you are describing. I will do what I promised and do my ‘due dilligence’. 🙂
Chat Conversation End
Of course Kevin knows EXACTLY ‘who Heather Martin is’.  She is the pitbull who has had her teeth sunk into his leg for the past two and a half years.
But this post is also about his lies smearing innocent people like Araya Soma and Rachael Kavanagh who were actively involved in supporting his work, who (like others before them) cared about this man and his efforts and who are now being crucified by him for it.  Here’s what he said about Araya:
KA:…for example, she (Heather Martin) was interviewing one of these women, uh, um, in England, her name was Araya, and Araya had contacted me two or three times over the internet, we talked a little bit. Quite friendly.  She said she wanted to help our work in England, she was quite destitute, so I sent her some money to help out, ’cause she said she was going to help build a common-law group in Gloustenburg (Glastonbury?) where she lived.  That’s the last I ever heard of her.  Next thing I hear, HEATHER, is interviewing her and Araya’s claiming I led her on, I was trying to get involved with her (laughing) romantic relationship…I mean all this nonsense. So It’s basically a defamation campaign that these anonymous people suddenly show up who’ve had no contact with me or our work, so I mean it’s just classic, you know, smear operation.
Smear operation?  You mean, two previously un-aquainted women somehow are part of some psy-ops to derail the good Reverend and his Holy Crusade?  No, far from it!  Two previously un-aquainted women were being wooed at the same time and were told he could send them money for their living expenses, their travel expenses and to help him with ‘secretarial’ detail for the ITCCS.  He got Araya evicted from her home because he failed to show up in Glastonbury for the Truth Juice event he was to speak at.  The woman organizing it was Araya’s landlady and when she heard Kevin might be staying at her flat, Araya was given the boot.  Kevin promised to send her money to help her, now that she was homeless, but never spent a penny nor a pound.  Instead he smears her in this ‘interview’….Yup, real classy guy!
Here is the Facebook chat conversation between Rachael and Araya:

Araya Soma

6/11, 10:16pm
Araya Soma

Hi Rachel, hope u ok, was sad to see you leave itccs, am now bit concerned abt kevin and what he is really up to, cud i ask u what to do, coz i was gonna get more involved and i love what he does and has done, but i also know there cud not be a common law court in brussels unless am totally mistaken, coz Brussels being in europe, its canon law not common law, so my friends all think its weird, if u cud enlighten me or tell me ur experiences, coz i am meant to put him up in july….. also he s been very nice one min and tellin me stuff and gonna skype me, then dont hear from him for a week or so, we’ve already skyped but am just very confused abt whole thing now….thank you

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:21pm
Rachael Kavanagh

first question, and please be honest – is he flirting with you?

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:24pm
Araya Soma

well he kind of was , said some really nice things and wanted invite me to ireland and send me money to help me get there but since then nothing….

that was 10 days ago….

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:25pm
Rachael Kavanagh

thanks, thats all I needed to know. Common Law can be established anywhere essentially. I am studying an aspect of this at the moment. I’ll get back to you. Ha, funny, he also asked me to meet him in ireland, and was most romantic. I fell for it. Not to worry.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:26pm
Araya Soma

everytime he says will skype me, he doesnt since last 10 days ….before that he managed to skype me few times…said was gona send me some cash coz long story but my landlady was gona put him up then i think she got scared, so i told him wud put him up here in my room, and then my landlady gave me a month to leave !!!!!

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:26pm
Araya Soma

my landlady i think got scared to have him come and stay so its left me in shits

and kevin said he wud help me and give me alittle money to hep me move and find a good place here and also for travellin to him in ireland, but that was 10 days ago since then been avoidin me and i dont know if he s even stil comin

people here in england who do common law/lawful rebellion will tell u as they told me that its impossible to have any common law court anywhere but only english speaking countries as common law does not stand in brussels being european canon law so they say he s lying

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:31pm
Rachael Kavanagh

well i’m doing further research however trust your gut there. Also kevin promised me the world – even wanted to move here to nz to be with me – and that was recently. he may have had the both of us on a string at the same time. for that reason alone, i don’t trust him. Sorry, i hope he didn’t get your hopes up as he did with me. Just be careful.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:34pm
Araya Soma

well he did last time he promised me all that was last time abt 10 days ago , since then he s like ok i llskype u in few hours but then nothing, and he has not sent any money, as he promised, i dont k
now why my landlady got scared and told me to leave as soon as she found out he wud stay in my room, she was gona put him up, she runs the place here where he was gona do talks and invited him to stay indefinetely, then changed her mind, all was very weird, he said
he had money given to him by tribunal and cud help me if i helped him in his work….

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:35pm
Rachael Kavanagh

haha, yes, he said the same to me…….be his assistant or sexy secretary or some shit. Wonder what your landlady discovered.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:39pm
Araya Soma

not sure she s not really speakin to me anymore…am movin out in few days….he only said wanted go to france and maybe cud accomany him and also to ireland nd help him in his work, he did not mention sexy secretary or anything but said his guides told him to invite me to ireland and to look after me sort of thing

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:40pm
Rachael Kavanagh

HAHA oh he’s a peice of work honey.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:41pm
Araya Soma

so u sayin he shud not be trusted or is he just a bit lunatic or something….or lost or otherwise ?

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:46pm
Rachael Kavanagh

guess so, from his actions anyways.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:48pm
Araya Soma

or is it defo a power ego trip as many seem to think ? which one is it ?

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 10:51pm
Rachael Kavanagh

I’m going with the power and ego trip honey, plus he is one horny old man. my advice stay away – we both dodged a bullet.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:53pm
Araya Soma

thanks xxx he must have done this to quite a few then…. anyway i suppose what matters is that he gets the job done….. yes he s old and not my type anyway… i truly just want to help but i dont like to be messed around and wait for news and he ignores me !

Rachael Kavanagh

6/11, 10:55pm
Rachael Kavanagh

he may come back and state that this is all in my head – but i’ve kept his emails and can even forward them to you. He now knows weve spoken, so i doubt he will be backc in touch. Yes he’s done this more than once.

Araya Soma
6/11, 10:57pm
Araya Soma

how does he know we ve spoken ..i havent told him was gona speak to u…

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 11:06pm
Rachael Kavanagh

I did, to catch him out – he’s now being smart and abusive via email and telling me I have problems. Sorry, should have warned you, but i feel you know exactly what to do now. He is a womanizer pure and simple, and i’m also sorry, but no, i don’t buy a bar of what he’s doing in brussels.

Araya Soma
6/11, 11:22pm
Araya Soma

waht made u pull away from him, was it coz u found out he was bureing a womaizer or coz u did not trust him abt common law courts ?

Rachael Kavanagh
6/11, 11:30pm
Rachael Kavanagh

i asked him some direct questions, which he became offended about…….actually there were alot of alarm bells really.

June 12
Rachael Kavanagh
6/12, 4:55am
Rachael Kavanagh

hey i meant to say – I hope you find a good place to live – and i’m truly sorry we have both had to go through this – but if you do your research as i have – there have been others.

Kevin NEVER sent Araya any money and here is her PayPal transaction statement from June 2014 to December 2014 to prove it:

Araya Paypal

Now in case anyone doesn’t know this, but Kevin (ahem), I mean the ITCCS PayPal account is registered to Kevin’s father William Annett (image courtesy of Greg Renouf at


Funny that Kevin would play the ‘death threat’ card at approx. 13:00 min’s into the interview.  Kevin has continuously named Greg Renouf as an agent provocateur, a pedophile and incited hatred against both Greg and myself on Santos Bonacci’s radio program where he is on record saying that if something unfortunate were to happen to us it would be our own fault.   Greg has been a tireless investigator of the truth and the paid activists who infiltrated Occupy, We Are Change and the Environmental Movements.  Kevin has actively solicited the help of others to damage Greg’s credibility and has incited them to utter threats against Greg.  But it’s not just Greg he has a ‘bone’ to pick with, below is his threat directed at me:

Picture 100

“Just some friendly advice: stopping people like you is now something that’s in the hands of less accomodating people than me.  I’d be careful if I were you“.

It was shortly after this that I received private harassing messages (I apologise for the vulgar language):

timm threats...

Yes, Kevin has plenty of friends willing to do his dirty work for him, but he’s the victim, right???  That’s why he’s slandered and libelled nearly all the people on the following list of ‘Tribunal Members’.

ITCCS Members

And yes, people are dying around Kevin Annett and getting jailed (like Laurent Louis) around Kevin Annett all the time…… funny that…..

Rainbow Warrior Goddess failed to vett her guest, or at the very least ask a few hard questions….but that’s the great thing about the truth, it’s light shines in all dark corners and flushes out the vermin….And no amount of damage control will snuff that light out.

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