Kevin Annett Exposed….Again!!!!

Cari-Lee of Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee was interviewed earlier this month by Kira Young on The Bridge to discuss the Cultic personality of Kevin Annett.  The topics discussed were revealing to say the least, as the topics ranged from pig nuckles, the disrespect experienced by the Mohawk Elders, being smeared, and how like the Catholic Church Pedophiles, Kevin Annett grooms his followers to “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

One thought on “Kevin Annett Exposed….Again!!!!

  1. hey there, hi. I was a friend of Max R when he was working with Kevin Annette, so I am hearing you loud and clear. Now I see who convinced a lot of my good truther friends that I was some kind of an agent. Good one. If I’m an agent I must work cheap. I listened to Kevin because I live in community with one of the first nations groups he is talking about on vancouver island. I had heard all these stories before, so it all rang true to me. I could see that his effort was becoming just a fundraiser for himself or patently delusional at best.


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