Kevin Annett Dodges Alfred Webre Interview Amid Fresh Allegations


Today a third whistleblower came forward to record her testimonial about Kevin Annett.  This comes in the wake of renewed attacks by Kevin Annett against former supporters of his ITCCS.  As was expected, the few die hard Annett Supporters (possibly fake profiles of either Kevin or Bill Annett) have come to the defense of Annett, claiming that he is the only person for the job when it comes to exposing pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse.

As Araya Soma points out in her interview with me today, this is a classic deflection tactic aimed a discrediting the claims of people who have very real and personal experience with the man.  She adds that it is not surprising that Annett has now refused to answer anyone’s questions regarding the latest flurry of accusations from ITCCS insiders, not even when the request is coming from Alfred Webre himself.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

ITCCS News Update: is now awaiting a response from the ITCCSTribunal as to whether it will make available ITCCS personnel for an interview.

KEVIN: I’ll leave this up to ITCCS Central. But I see through this nonsense Alfred.
ALFRED: Kevin & ITCCS – Hi! Thank you.

This is all very simple. What we are requesting is an interview with Kevin and with some other responsible personnel of the ITCCS (not a witness) who can verify all of the core facts of the ITCCS and what was stated by Kevin in his interviews.

This is not paranoia. It is a reasonable journalistic request by a journalist who has covered the ITCCS for 3+ years.

Can someone from ITCCS please respond?

Thank you, Alfred
Turns your News Inside Out


As was seen back in 2012 when Tony Boutros interviewed Kevin Annett, when it came to answering hard questions, Kevin prefers to run away.

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