Kevin Annett Exposed!: Womanizing CatFish, Slanderer and Druid Priest

Rachael K

I recently recorded an interview with Rachael Kavanagh who completely blows the lid off what Kevin Annett claims the ITCCS is all about.  As she tells me, It’s not about saving children, nor is it about bringing criminals to justice.  It’s a facade that gets people believing in the system of Common-Law as he sees it, not as it actually exists. It’s a way for him to gather donations so he can travel the world and pretend to be in high level meetings, reclaiming churches and disrupting satanic ritual sacrifices. Not only that, it is a means of Kevin Annett to lure women (and several at a time) into travelling to these foreign countries to meet him as his ‘secretaries’, and as we find out he also admits to studying to become a Druid priest.

These would be completely fantastic allegations wouldn’t they?….. if they hadn’t come from the people who were working with the man, and who were prepared to sell their homes and give everything up because they believed in him.  If I had to guess what he’s been up to I’d say he was looking to start his own coven….now what kind of Christian ‘Reverend’ does that and cheat on his wife at the same time?

This doesn’t just come from Rachael’s testimony, though.  It also comes from a young woman in Glastonbury in the UK who had offered her home for him to stay at and who got evicted when Kevin Annett stood her landlady up (Remember the TruthJuice Festival he was supposed to be speaking at?).  Araya Soma had only had a few email exchanges with Kevin Annett, but who believed so strongly in what he was doing that she was willing to meet with him in Ireland.  The eviction and the friends who came to warn her against getting mixed up with Annett brought her to her senses and she ended the brief relationship.

Then what happened was that he said he was going to try to come to England and my landlady at the time said she was going to put him up indefinitely, because according to her he wanted to stay in Glastonbury for quite a while, for as long as he could.  So I said to him just in case my landlady can’t put you up you’re quite welcome to sleep on my floor. It wouldn’t be forever, but for a week or so.  The whole thing lasted a month or so and in the middle of that there seemed to be other ladies involved with him and then people started to tell me to be careful because there’s a lot of controversy about him and I tarted to research all that and sure enough there were a lot of things on the net about him.  At the time I thought it was ladies who helped him and ended up having a relationship with him.  
The real blow up happened when I told my landlady that he had invited me to go to Ireland, and people were warning me, and he told me he was doing this Druidic thing, which I think is a bit evil to be honest.  What transpired that was bugging me was the Common-Law court that he had set up in Brussels, which I thought something wasn’t right because I know about the Laws in Europe and what really goes on.  I know that in Europe it’s Cannon Law.  They don’t have Common Law, so to establish such a court in Brussels, I found a bit weird and I ended up saying, you couldn’t have done that.

In emails to Araya, Kevin paints quite the picture:

Subject: Re: hi x

You’re right about the lack of courage, it seems to be spreading, the fear. I have not felt afraid, just outraged, by these criminals and their lackeys. I do wonder where all the warriors are! I feel the fire of your spirit and it matches mine! Talk to you tomorrow,

In strength and the honor of our soul,

Kevin – Caoimhin

On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 8:53 PM, araya soma <> wrote:

cant wait ! yes glaston has a few amazing people, but there is a lot new age bllshit here too, and people who claim to be all love and light but rip everyone off and not very nice…the men are wimps am sorry to say, i ve mostly found english men to have very little guts and courage compared to the french who unite and have less fear and defend the feminine a bit more like the original native americans who were more matriarchal and respect for women, hence why i feel like going back to france…

….only problem with france is canon law, which we dnt have here in uk as magna carta still stands for now, so we still have chances , in france they can throw u in jail easy and throw away the key…it seems wherever we are the country has its own detriments and pluses, chemtrails are BEYOND horrendous here, so i take diatomaceous earth a lot and hemp as much as poss…. i love people with courage , it does lack this here , the women have more guts than the guys !

So i admire your courage a lot…..

—– Original Message —–

From: Kevin A

Sent: 05/10/14 01:42 AM

To: araya soma

Subject: Re: hi x

I know the feeling. I am thrilled about coming to see you and to be in Glastonbury … I am learning Druidism and my ancestors were from there … it’s good to be brought together with good souls and those we are meant to be with in this time of change to the new world

—– Original Message —–

From: Kevin A

Sent: 05/04/14 06:33 PM

To: araya soma

Subject: Re: hi x

Hi Araya,

Thanks for writing, and yes, I will be in Glastonbury in early July, and will be staying in England for awhile, actually. I am on my own now and am relocating to Europe because so much of my work is there now. I have been banned, basically, here in Canada.

I appreciate your dream! There have been temptations and distractions sent my way but with heaven’s help I have been able to avoid falling for them.

I look forward to staying in touch with all of you. Any other dreams or guidance you can offer will be appreciated! Glastonbury is very important to me spiritually because my family is from there originally, before they emigrated to Canada in 1820; and because of my own Druid past and studies. We can discuss that more, I hope.

blessings and God’s love,


New World? Druidism? Meeting Araya in Glastonbury and Rachael in New Zealand?

Kevin’s Travel Planner must be pretty busy.  And who is paying for all this travel?  Well, apparently, Kevin Annett has a ‘secret’ fund from which to pay for women to travel and meet with him, but how is that possible when he has no job and has to survive off the donations of others (poor muffin)?

According to both Rachael and Araya, they both woke up in time to see what was happening.  Araya never heard from him again, while Rachael was publicly smeared on the ITCCS New Zealand page as well as the ITCCS- Kevin Annett page and was accused by Kevin of having stolen ‘secret’ drafts of the new Constitution of the Republic of Kanata.  Of course nothing was stolen by anybody and this should be easily recognized as Kevin’s Go-To tactic whenever he screws people over and they speak out about it.

Urgent Update from – Kevin Annett

1. Another eyewitness has come forward linking European royalty to ritual killings and human “hunting parties” in Belgium and England as recently as 2008. This witness is willing tob go public and their video interview will be available soon.

2. Local organizing funds are now available through the Brussels Tribunal (ITCCS) for any common law group that applies. Write to .

3. Our volunteers now number over 450 in 13 countries. Fifty one local chartered common law groups now operate.

4. Not coincidentally, new sabotage has reared its ugliness in response to our breakthroughs. The New Zealand common law face book site is now in the hands of a disruptor named Rachael Kavanagh, who has broken publicly from our work and is making direct threats of physical violence against me as well as spreading the usual smears and lies about me. Rachael is also threatening to work with the notorious “Mel Ve” in Holland who is actively undermining our work at the behest of the Catholic bishop of Utrecht who is linked to ritual child killing.

Please know then that the New Zealand common law facebook site does not reflect the work of either myself, ITCCS or the common law movement connected with us. We urge any of our NZ contacts to work directly with us and avoid association with Rachael Kavanagh and those behind her.

This is the most recent sabotage of one of our more effective groups, after a similar take-down-from-within of our Calgary, Canada common law group. (Authors note: this refers to Nadine Bews who once gave Kevin a heartwrenching testimonial of her family’s experience with the Indian Residential Schools that was used as ‘evidence’ in his fake Tribunal)

This experience should serve as a lesson for all of us on how the other side works to destroy our effectiveness: by planting operatives early on in our groups who win confidence and then sabotage through misinformation, lies and divide and conquer methods.

Armed with this knowledge, do not feed the problem by counter attacking these operatives once they are exposed. We find they fade away when they are ignored. We stand on the truth, the evidence, and our solid commitment to saving the children and stopping the criminals. That is our power, the power of the light, Let nothing and nobody divert you from that focus.

Thanks to you all. Carry it on! More news soon.
Kevin Annett

Well, Kevin is certainly wrong about the ‘fading away when they are ignored’.  He clearly forgot the power of the Goddess while studying at Druid School.

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