Urgent Inaction Updates!!!

Pope Francis during his visit to Israel mere months before the siege on Gaza this past week. - courtesy The Guardian
Pope Francis during his visit to Israel mere months before the siege on Gaza this past week. – courtesy The Guardian

Well, most people don’t keep track of the schedule of ITCCS.org, but in case you do, an important date has come and gone not with a bang, but with crickets.

According to Kevin Annett’s posting as of June 29, 2014:

“A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at http://www.itccs.org .”

Of course, nothing happened worldwide, global or interplanetary to bring the RCC to it’s knees unless you take into account the continued protests of Dublin, Ireland’s Pro-Cathedral by non-ITCCS activists there.

No historic developments or Direct Action Unit actions occurred in Rome or London and Annett couldn’t have been bothered to write some sort of ‘story’ let alone get the Coventry Crew to put up something on the ITCCS website.

Could it actually be that I’m right…? That the fantasies of joining forces with Dean Clifford, taking down the Popes in this world (and all the other evil that goes with i)t is too much for Kevin to keep up with from his cluttered attic in Nanaimo?  Maybe the donation plate has dried up and there’s no more free trips to Europe?

Is Annett losing his game?

I mean, how could you not capitalize on the Jubilee (would that be the Queens Jubilee?) and make a transnational example of her.  That is unless you want people to forget that those arrest warrants expired in March of this year.

Well, have no fear Annett supporters, there’s plenty of other occult dates of significance that have yet to fulfill ITCCS prophesy, so hopefully by All Hallow’s Eve, you won’t still be disappointed.

p.s. Pope Francis is still in power…..just in case you were wondering….and he has yet to make a current statement on the tragedy occuring in Gaza.


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