Kevin Annett to Appear on Alex Jones in One Hour Interview

Image courtesy: SpoonFed Truth
Image courtesy: SpoonFed Truth

Kevin Annett, who recently bemoaned the fact that RT (Russia Today) denied the opportunity of a one-hour interview with his highness, is set to appear on the Alex Jones Show sometime in the next week or so.  This fact was revealed in a brief appearance by Annett on the AJ Show yesterday, where Annett re-iterated the existence of secret documents documenting the activities of the so-called Ninth Circle Satanic Ritual Cult.  These documents, according to Annett, were allegedly presented by a witness to the jurors of the fictitious ICLCJ supposedly located in Brussels (not to be confused with the very real International Court of Justice at the Hague). Annett in his brief segment on InfoWars with Alex Jones, stated that these documents were taken from the archives at the Vatican by a Vatican “insider”.  If you consider that the archives at the Vatican are the Pope’s personal property, heavily guarded and given access to only those scholars the Pope deems appropriate, this is a very damning statement indeed.  A question few have thought to ask, is why would the Vatican keep such a document in the first place?  Rule number one of Satanic Ritual Abuse: leave no evidence behind.  Could Annet’s claims be linked to the recent scandal involving Benedict’s ex-butler, Paolo Gabriele, who went on trial in 2012 for the theft of highly sensitive documents marked for destruction?  Gabriele was, after-all, only one of ten people with keys to the Papal apartments and who had close contact with Benedict, so the conclusion could certainly be drawn that Gabriele is Kevin’s Vatican Insider. However, what is also possible is that Kevin took the information from a book entitled: His Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI written by Guilian Nuzzi an Italian Journalist who was given the documents by Gabriele.  The aftermath of the investigation is described thusly by Wikipedia:

On 17 December 2012 the Pope received a report on “Vatican lobbies” prepared by cardinals Julián Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi, a former archbishop of Palermo and Jozef Tomko.[24] Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, speaking on Vatican Radio on 23 February 2013, strongly criticized media coverage[4][25] of the report [26] as a financial scandal which purportedly became, upon the cardinals’ internal investigation, a gay sex and blackmail scandal as well.[27]

In a surprise announcement, Pope Benedict resigned on 28 February 2013.

Although the dossier was available only to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the investigators themselves, the latter were free to discuss the results of their investigation with the Cardinal electors of the March 2013 Papal Conclave, and the dossier itself was to have been given to Benedict’s successor as Pope, Francis.[28] On 1 March 2013, Fr. Lombardi reported that “two or three phones” had been tapped.[29][30]

On 12 June 2013 it was reported that leaked notes of a private conversation between Pope Francis and Catholic officials at the Latin American Conference of Religious (CLAR) confirmed the existence of “a stream of corruption”, and that “The ‘gay lobby’ is mentioned, and it is true, it is there … We need to see what we can do”. According to The Economist “Vatican investigators had identified a network of gay prelates”.[31] CLAR confirmed that its leaders had written a synopsis of the pope’s remarks, although not for publication. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi made no comment on the remarks made in “a private meeting”.[32]

Kevin Annett has maintained claims that Pope Benedict resigned because of a letter sent to the Papal Nuncio warning of the inditement against the Pope by the ITCCS.  To the average reader of ITCCS gibberish, it would appear on first inspection that Kevin Annett has insiders (as he himself has admitted to) within the Vatican and that he caused the resignation of Pope Benedict.  However, the most likely explanation is that Annett has a flair for headline spinning and has become an opportunist extraordinaire.

Case in point is his recent attempt at securing airtime with major alternative media outlet’s. While RT and the “russkies” in general were rebuked for not wanting an hour-long interview with the great and powerful OZ himself, Alex Jones was quick to put Annett on the air:

Kevin Annett giving an Interview on Alex Jone's show, InfoWars July 9, 2014. click image to go to Youtube and view from 32:00 onwards
Kevin Annett giving an Interview on Alex Jone’s show, InfoWars July 9, 2014. click image to go to Youtube and view from 32:00 onwards

Now, I will run the risk of attack by die hard Alex Jones fans for saying this, but I believe AJ is a ‘shill’ for the NWO.  I give him full credit for being the guy who woke me up, but not for being the guy who brought me my truth.  Alex, in my opinion, is a gatekeeper and dis-info agent and all of the things he accuses others of being.  This realization hit home for me when I witnessed a video (and compared the radio show account) of a pro-Fourth Amendment rally in Texas. During the rally, Jones blared his bullhorn over the other protesters already assembled there and then began accusing people of being infiltrators and government shills.  The organizers of the rally tried several times to get Jones to speak with them not over them, but to no avail.  People who arrived late automatically gathered around Jones thinking he was the center of the action.  I watched several video’s take by people there who tried to confront Jones, at first in a nice way, then out of frustration.  Jones went on his radio show the next day to label these people as disruptors and disinfo-agents:

Now, while Kevin has never ‘bull-horned’ over anybody, he has certainly co-opted many movements and made flagrant overstatements (ok…lies).  Fearmongering is what Kevin Annett and Alex Jones have in common, which is why it is not surprising to see this recent love-in.

What I want to reiterate is my previous statement…that Alex Jones is a NWO shill.  Hell, he may even be a Jesuit as some people have claimed.  I cannot help but look to other ‘truthers’ like Alan Watts and Bill Cooper, who appear to understand the subtleties of social engineering and who have maintained moral standards that the likes of Jones and Annett have failed to meet.  Alan Watt’s in this brief clip mentions the methods employed by the Tavistock Institute to manipulate social behavior  Remember that Tavistock is where Kevin’s associate/handler Alfred Webre has some association and that Webre is accused by Eric Jon Phelps of being a Jesuit Co-Adjutor.

Bill Cooper, who wrote the groundbreaking book, Behold A Pale Horse, was interviewed by a 24-years-young Alex Jones who later called Cooper (posthumously as well) a disinfo agent, an alcoholic and belligerent guest.  Cooper, once he found out who AJ really was, refused to be interviewed by him despite Jones several attempts to do so.  Amongst Cooper’s ‘conspiracy theories’ was his prediction of 9/11 two weeks prior to the event.

Cooper has also been debunked as being a ‘shill’, having been accused of plagiarizing some of the documents featured in his book, but Alex Jones despite his numerous claims of being physically attacked, stalked, tracked, harassed, etc… is still alive, while Cooper is not.

Now, it’s true that Annett doesn’t really care which which wagon he hitches his star to, Jones’ interest in Annett’s work after 7 years of quiet is troublesome.  There is a reason RT denied Annett an interview and it’s called discernment (a quality Jones clearly lacks).  Nothing will thrill InfoWars listeners more than to hear Annett amp up the anti-Catholic, Satanic Ritual Abuse and Baby-Eating Pope rhetoric.


Jones has promised at least one full-hour show with Annett as a guest.  It’s doubtful any hard questions will be asked and certainly no research prior will be done especially into the existence of the Ninth Circle cult and the source of the Vatican documents.  Jones briefly stated he’d never heard of the Ninth Circle and I would expect that this would be something to explore, but I won’t hold my breath.  In fact, don’t expect any follow-up on Annett’s claims, because Jones doesn’t confront liars on his show any more than he tolerates the truth tellers when they call in to challenge him.  Remember that with this bunch, your Truth is being spoon-fed to you and you’re job is just to swallow it.


One thought on “Kevin Annett to Appear on Alex Jones in One Hour Interview

  1. Benedict resigned for the reasons that he stated, old man who had fallen in Mexico unable to fulfill the duties of the office physically etc..He did not know it though that he had a divine appointment to begin dialogue through live emails, his idea, with the returned Christ Brian Leoanrd Golightly-Marshall. He did announce the christ in an Apostocic Letter he called “In Christum Credunt” .Not going into the facts here but to say all is recorded on servers, video and in print of the events of March-April 2013. Annett coincidentally not, had been in Port Alberni the same time as the Christ who lived amoung the same native people since he was a taxi driver in the town for a while. Annett would have read all about the “Man who would be King” because the local paper ran the story also the Christ made headlines when he was charged with uttering a death threat to his wife…which he did do, death to her soul…at the time of communicating with Benedict, I asked his best friend and confidant Father Giuseppe Civello who was using FB messaging to me as the Christ was communicating with Benedict through email, about the charges by Annett I specifically asked if Benedict knew of the charges, now it was Giuseppe who told me that he himself had heard nothing and he was fairly certain the pope knew nothing and he asked me if he should wake Benedict to ask him. I told him no, let him sleep. This is recorded within the 93 pages of FB messages in pdf form and print…also Annett was told by his personal secretary at the time in 2010, of the Christ who and where he is and given the personal phone number of the Christ to call him since at that time early in the piece for us Annetts work at first glance was to be admired…I think it was you Heather who wrote to me a personal message exposing him for which I thank you…I have been alerting our own people to him since…Ash


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