Kevin Annett ITCCS 6-29-14… “Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation”

Pope number two resigning? Just how does Kevin get all this inside info anyways…? Tactical units? Just not buying it… Maybe it’s a set up? Gets you arrested and not Kevin.. Seems like a genius psy-op to me!

7 thoughts on “Kevin Annett ITCCS 6-29-14… “Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation”

  1. July 10th folks! Put it in your diary if you want to have a fun evening either preventing an evil black magic human sacrifice, OR , if it’s your thing, you can attend it!!! Watch out for imaginary Direct Action Units!


  2. Nice attempt at debunking Heather. Shame it’s not working on those of us who have been researching these topics for many years!

    Those of us who have researched the Dutroux Affair, the Franklin Coverup, the McMartin Preschool case etc. etc. etc, who have heard countless witness statements naming people in high places involved with pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse etc. know these things are true and are happening. Desperate times in the land of slaves methinks :-/

    Your fake sincerity is a good ol’ laugh, BTW 😀


    1. Naming and proof are miles apart. The McMartin case was flawed in how it obtained witness testimony….therapists with agendas do not give credibility to a case. What this has to do with the Pope resigning is something I hope you’ll flesh out for the readers. I’ve already stated that I believe Satanism and the rituals performed in its practice are real…so I guess I have to ask what point you are trying to make?


      1. “Therapists with agendas”… oh, yes, the grand conspiracy of therapists hell bent on who knows what :-/
        You dismiss the McMartin case (gosh, who would have guessed). Would you like to dismiss Dutroux and Frankiln?!? Then we can talk….


      2. You know enough about the McMartin case to claim it was flawed and yet have never heard of Dutroux or Franklin… yeah right :-/
        (I guess we all have holes in our knowledge… in this case rather large)
        How can you, in all seriousness, vilify what Annett is doing and yet not fully understand the paedophocracy!
        Sorry ‘Heather’… you lose credibility here!
        What do I think of the DAU’s?… More POWER to them 😉


      3. Heard of the Martensville case? Strange you have not mentioned it considering your vast knowledge… Or perhaps you have some rather large holes yourself. Don’t like what your reading here yet your spending a lot of time detracting away from the question I have asked you.. If I’m so wrong, then you are wasting your time here.. I’m done…


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