Haters Among Us

laurent louis quenelle.pngJust as Kevin Annett was announcing the latest batch of lies coming from the Annett/Webre/Tavistock camp, murder was being committed in Brussels.  Yes, while Kevin Annett was creating rumors that Pope Frances is hiding a serious illness (despite the Popes extensive tour of Israel this week) that threatens to take him out of the Papacy, an armed gunman walked into a Jewish Museum killing three people and mortally wounding one other:

Three people were killed in a shooting at the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday. The three died at the scene; another victim was in critical condition in the hospital.

A Jewish community figure, Joel Rubinfeld, told AFP it clearly “is a terrorist act” as a man had been seen driving up and entering the museum before opening fire inside and running off.

Rubinfeld, who heads the country’s league against anti-Semitism, said the act was the result of “a climate of hate.

Read more: 3 dead in shooting at Brussels Jewish Museum | The Times of Israelhttp://www.timesofisrael.com/3-dead-in-shootout-near-brussels-jewish-museum/#ixzz32lsMPFVB

The National Post said:

The attack, which came on the eve of national and European Parliament elections, led officials to immediately raise anti-terror measures and increase the protection for Jewish sites.

Video of the attack showed an athletic man with cap calmly walking into the Jewish Museum, getting out a Kalashnikov shoulder rifle and starting to shoot before briskly walking away.

No one has claimed responsibility for the killings.

“We call on the whole population to help identify this person,” deputy prosecutor Ine Van Wymersch said Sunday.

She said the gunman who killed an Israeli tourist couple, a French woman and a Belgian man with shots to the face and throat “probably acted alone, was armed and well prepared.”

The fourth victim died Sunday afternoon, said a government official who asked not to be identified because the news had not yet been officially announced.



laurent louis BBCLaurent Louis ITCCS

Who is this man, who, with singular purpose, ended four peoples lives yesterday?  Looking into the heart of what ails Brussels these days and who is fomenting radicalism and anti-semitic violence, I can’t help but wonder at what part Kevin Annett and his pal Laurent Louis have had to play.  There are no insignificant acts, the smallest word can bring giants to their knees.  Kevin has spoken words that have stoked smouldering embers of hatred, and has aligned himself with those who have the power to put bigger wheels in motion.  There is no doubt that the kind of people that Laurent Louis and his Anti-Zionist Party sympathizers attract are Pope and Jew haters, despite Louis’ assertion that he is simply an Anti-Zionist and not an Anti-Semite.  Do people like this deranged gunman, know the distinction I wonder?  Does Laurent Louis?:

This from Wikipedia:

Anti-Zionism and accusations of antisemitism[edit]

In 2013, Laurent Louis declared himself to be an anti-Zionist and espoused a well-known antisemitic conspiracy theory concerning the Holocaust, writing on his Facebook profile,

Look at how Zionists financed Hitler and created the Second World War in order to further their project, the foundation of the State of Israel … There it is, that’s how Zionists have become the masters of the world.[9]

At a rally held in front of the Israeliembassy in Brussels, he stepped on the Flag of Israel and was also seen holding a Hezbollah flag. He was quoted as saying to Syrian national TV, “Europe is being used in the conflict as a tool in the hands of Israel, the rogue state.”[10]

Louis has met several times with the French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, also an avowed anti-Zionist who has been repeatedly accused of antisemitism, referring to himself as Dieudonné’s “ambassador” to Belgium and performing the quenelle gesture popularized by Dieudonné (reminiscent of the Nazi salute).[11][12] He became close to the small Belgian party Islam, though soon had a falling out with them, with a spokesman for the party noting, “We had been warned that he was not a stable person, but had decided to give him a chance.”[13][14]

In January 2014, during discussion of current affairs in the Chamber of Representatives, he made the quenelle gesture and spoke of, “this Holocaust produced and financed, let us remember, by the founders of Zionism.” The president of the chamber condemned these remarks and the “hateful” and “uncalled-for” gesture, while the Belgian League Against Antisemitism brought suit against Laurent Louis for “antisemitism and Holocaust denial.”[15][16]

In Spring 2014, Laurent Louis anounced that a “European Congress of Dissidence” would be held on May 4 in the Brussels-Capital region, including figures such as Dieudonné,Alain SoralKémi Seba, and the antisemitic essayist Hervé Ryssen. The demonstration — described in the press as an “antisemitic meeting” — was prohibited by Belgian authorities. The location of the meeting, kept secret until the last minute, was finally announced as Anderlecht, but the approximately 500 people who showed up were dispersed by law enforcement.[17][18][19][20][21]

Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting[edit]

Following the May 24, 2014 fatal shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, Joel Rubinfeld of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism described the act as “the inevitable result of a climate that distills hatred… it will be necessary to use all legal means to silence the preachers of this hate who are responsible for spreading this virus of anti-Jewish hatred”, specifically mentioning Laurent Louis and Dieudonné.[22]

Louis Laurent vehemently denounced Rubinfeld’s accusations on his Facebook page, suggesting that the attack could be a false flag operation seeking to discredit him and his political party on the eve of the 2014 Belgian federal elections:

By linking me to this shameful act, Rubinfeld gravely endangers my safety and carries out an intolerable attack on my reputation. … This villainous act is clearly being used to tarnish my image and that of Debout les Belges on the eve of the elections. … We have nothing against Jews, need I remind you. It is incredible to confound anti-Zionism with antisemitism in this way. I have never called for hatred against Jews. I am an anti-Zionist, not an anti-Semite. Allow me, however, to find very suspicious this attack against the Jewish community on the eve of the elections. Even more suspicious given that one dares to cite my name in this matter which doesn’t concern me at all. If one wished to encourage Belgians to not vote for me and Debout les Belges, there’d be no better way to do it. Should we see in this a false flag aiming to reduce the success of Debout les Belges in tomorrow’s elections?[23]

Louis later posted that he had received death threats and that police claimed his life was in danger, intimating that they suspected reprisal attacks at the hands of Jewish extremists.[24]

In this day and age where everyone seems to be getting death threats, it’s hard to know which ones to take seriously and which ones not:

Hoof..Shoot the F....
Kevin Annett: “SHOOT THE FUCKER!”

What I can assure you of is that this is no longer Kevin Annett play acting out his fantasies in his attic.  What he is doing has very real and very dangerous consequences that should have people dealing with matters of Homeland Security sitting up and taking notice.  At the very least, those looking into the deaths of four innocent people in Brussels (home of the ICLCJ!) should be asking some serious questions of the man.  After all, you can’t call for the death of the Pope, claim to be working with Vatican Insiders and a radical Brussels politician like Laurent Louis, go traipsing across Europe and the U.S. several times a year calling for Sovereign militia’s to start deputizing ‘Sherrifs’ and go un-noticed….. Activity like that should get you more than being labelled a terrorist threat don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Haters Among Us

  1. Glad I read this, now you got me thinking you might be part of the problem. Good thing I’m not attached to any of this …too much disinfo, even though I said in previous comments that I didn’t think was the case, I clearly didn’t pay attention to articles where current events get tied into this whole thing. And if anything about Albert, I doubt he a jesuit or whatever, I’d say he takes on any cause (including ETs and fairies) if he believes consciously good. Seriously they would have picked a better actor for that part. Well, glad I can discern and not emotionally connected ..albeit, I know what disgusting things are going on in the world, and all of it disgusts me. You’d be better to post facts vs these kinds of things.


  2. From the bottom of my heart, is the true haters words, only one could hold a look, that the police could only capture. 🇦🇺


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