Kevin Annett broadcasts “Ninth Circle Members Identified” Call out for Arrests..Again!

Kevin Annett is conveniently hiding out at William Annett’s trailer in Florida… broadcasting a script often read in the third person calling on Direct Action Units to arrest the ‘sick monsters of the Ninth Circle’….

Aren’t you tired, Kevin? Aren’t you really, really tired???


2 thoughts on “Kevin Annett broadcasts “Ninth Circle Members Identified” Call out for Arrests..Again!

  1. Just curious, are you “for” the arrest of the Pope for the rape, torture, murder, and how they protect the pedofyle’s in the Church to this very date, or are you against his arrest for this? Have you heard the testimonies? Have you read and seen the graves of all the children in Canada? Do you have children?


    1. Hi Trish,
      I’ll answer your questions one by one:
      1. If an actual court (Common or Otherwise) in any land were to present actual evidence with legal documents and sworn jurors, etc…I am for justice using legal means. I like due process. I detest murderers and pedophiles, but I like that there can be justice for victims if the system is fair and binding. Nuremberg was this kind of court… It was fair, had due process and gave out justice to murderers and torturers. And it was televised/recorded. Kevin has yet to produce evidence that ANY court actually exists. If you can prove it, I’d love to see it.

      2. Testimonies of who? Some ‘eye-witness’… when no court exists, what witnesses can there be to ‘testify’….

      3. Have you seen the graves of all the Children in Canada (I’m assuming your meaning Residential School children…)? Kevin was supposedly at one and claimed to have found childrens bones…made a big deal in front of cameras and then lied about sending them for forensic analysis to Smithsonian to cover up the fact that none of the bones he found were human. Do you mean THOSE children??

      4. Having children does not pre-dispose a person to having more compassion for children or causes that seek protection of them.


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