Karen Hudes Reaction to My Last Article: “A Pox on All Your Houses!!”

A girl from Bangladesh with smallpox in 1973, not an Indian girl with smallpox from New York in 1910 as Kevin Annett claimed while trying to sell his book
A girl from Bangladesh with smallpox in 1973, not an Indian girl with smallpox from New York in 1910 as Kevin Annett claimed while trying to sell his book.

I was a little shocked and dismayed at the reaction I received from my article: Dragon’s, Jews and the Golden Rule, given that I felt I had simply laid out a foundation for what has been happening with the players in this dis-information game and how it related to Kevin Annett and ITCCS.  The goal in what I was writing, and I never led Karen to believe otherwise, was to show the relationships between Webre and Keenan, Webre and Annett, and Webre and Karen Hudes, herself.  In our email correspondence she told me how she had met Kevin through a “double agent” named Terry McDonald and how she had made the drive from Washington to New York to meet with Kevin:

Dear Heather,

Yes, I did.  I spent a whole day traveling from Washington to meet Annett in New York.  I was taken in, although I wondered why he brought someone to our meeting that later caused me quite a bit of grief.  I was threatened on the streets of New York that day.  A random person came up to me (probably was following) and asked me whether I was Karen Hudes and made me feel unsafe.  Annett’s image came unglued as the person who had arranged for our meeting ended up with inconsistencies and not being trustworthy.  Annett’s connection with others that I know to be charlatans was the clincher for me.

It now occurs to me how similar Karen’s story of being followed and threatened mimic’s Kevin’s latest story of allegedly being followed and nearly dragged into an alley while on his European Tour.  Interesting how Kevin claim he was nearly nabbed after he had already returned home and his European Tour cancelled.  And it makes me wonder if he isn’t co-opting whistleblowers near-death experiences as well.

In any case my correspondence with Karen never focused on the issue of the Gold, or the corruption at the World Bank, for which she has had numerous interviews about.  My focus was on Webre and his latest expose on Karen Hudes.  His focus (and the focus of other bloggers like Jean Haines) was to repost a diatribe written by ‘somebody’ on the net about Karen Hudes being a Jew and Zionist and shill for the Rothschilds.  I suspect that this was also the same information that had originally been posted at Keenan’s site seconds before it was caught by Keenan and yanked down.  This interested me because of Kevin Annett’s support of Brussels Independant MP: Laurent Louis who has been criticized in the Israel times for giving the Quenelle Salute (allegedly a pseudo-Nazi, anti-zionist, extremist salute), and for trampling the Israeli Flag during pro-Syria/Assad demonstrations:

Syria is hardly done with their bloody conflict, so why is this man smiling as he stands on an Israeli Flag?
laurent louis quenelle
Laurent Louis displaying the Quenelle sign. Louis recently held a protest rally in Brussells highly criticized by the World Jewish Congress.

Now if you’ll remember, this is the same Laurent Louis, whom Kevin Annett made an Urgent Appeal on ITCCS.org for help on his behalf: Pro-ITCCS Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent-Louis Beaten, Falsely Arrested by Police March 8

The one Belgian politician who has exposed high level child traffickers and publicly endorsed the work of ITCCS, MP Laurent Louis, was viciously assaulted and arrested by Belgian police on Saturday as he peacefully collected signatures for his upcoming re-election bid.

Mr. Louis was released after six hours in jail, and is bringing a lawsuit against the police responsible.

Mr. Louis is scheduled to meet with ITCCS officials and Rev. Kevin Annett later this month to lend support to the second major common law court case involving Vatican child trafficking.

“This sick and unprovoked attack on Monsieur Louis is aimed at all of us and at democracy. But we will not let child killers destroy their accusers like this. We will provide real security to brave fighters like Monsieur Louis and Kevin Annett so this cannot happen again” said George Dufort, ITCCS official, in Brussels today.

(This is especially funny to read since George Dufort IS Kevin Annett……………..anyways….)

It naturally makes a person wonder at the decidedly ANTI-Jewish, ANTI-Israeli, ANTI-semitic endorsements coming out of ITCCS and Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre these days.  And it was in this vein that I intended to explore Alfred Webre and his connections, bringing attention to the fact that he used Karen Hudes religion to attack the person and not the cause.  The point in his reprinting what some unknown person printed on the web was to discredit her portrayal of the facts about the worlds most powerful financial institution.  It’s in essence a cheap shot but not beneath Webre or Haines and all that Light and Love.

So what really puzzled me was the following response by Hudes:


I am not going to correspond with you any more and this is why:  you have omitted the most important point: that I was reinstated as Acting General Counsel of the World Bank by 188 Ministers of Finance and that I am teamed up with the authorized signatory of the Global Debt Facility.  These statements are documented exhaustively.  Instead you come up with a mud slinging contest, which tags me as a Jew without also making it clear that I am requiring Jews to look at their Egyptian origins.  There is nothing about how Ben Fulford is also a Jesuit, how Fulford and Keenan teamed up to try and ambush me https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/keenanfulford.pdf
Keenan and Haines approached me in an attempt to drag me down, and that is what you are now trying to accomplish.  A pox on all your houses!
Good bye.
First of all I know nothing about such things as General Counsels, Finance and Global Debt Facilities….these things (and how they work) are WAAAAAY over my head.  I’m a paycheck to paycheck kind of girl.  Secondly, if these statements are documented exhaustively, why is she expecting me to mention them at all…this information apparently is readily available to anyone who wishes to look for it.  Thirdly, I didn’t ‘tag’ her as a Jew nor do I know anything about her efforts at ‘requiring Jews to look at their Egyptian origins’ (which I heartily agree with).  I was making a statement about how EVERYONE ELSE had tagged her as a Jew and was using that as a way to discredit her.  This was perhaps too subtle a distinction to make.  Lastly she rebukes me for not knowing that Ben Fulford is a Jesuit, which I have only just heard about in this letter from her to me.  All I knew for sure, by Ben’s own claims, is that he was inducted into a Chinese secret society called the Dragons.
The problem as I see it is that everybody is paranoid (or at least is acting paranoid)…either that or they ALL are disinfo agents (including Karen Hudes as Neil Keenan asserts) and the goal is to swirl people around in a soup of confusion so that no one looks at who is stirring the pot.
Ms. Hudes, if you are reading this, I meant you no harm (if that is, in fact, what I have caused you), and I suspect that you are much stronger than the perceived damage you feel I have inflicted on you.  I tried to explain that I am a writer, not an analyst, and one who has a bit of a strange and sometimes dark humor.  I see irony in many places and in many people and tried to portray that in my writing….It’s my way…to try to stretch peoples minds a bit and ask some of the questions for themselves.  People don’t always get that about me and are sometimes offended.  I don’t mean for that to be the consequence, but if all I’ve hurt is your feelings and not your work or your reputation, then it’s perhaps something you need to work on.  Personally, I don’t think you’re that fragile, and I think your accusation against me that I was being disingenuous might just be a projection of the stress and insecurity you might be feeling.  Then again, I’m no therapist.
It would have been nice to have you express your concerns to me in the same way you expressed them to Alfred….at least he got a chance to explain himself……me, I’m dealing with the possibility of Pox in My Household.
Author’s notes:
If Alfred Webre is so against Israel, how does he manage to found an Exo-Politics University in Israel with an Israeli citizen as co-founder?  Isn’t that like sleeping with the enemy?
Perhaps I’m missing something??
Also, for the record:
It wasn’t the word ‘Pox’ that Shakespeare used in Romeo and Juliet, but ‘Plague’ instead…:
In the play Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio says ‘A plague on both your houses’ due to the fact he blames both families for his death. Mercutio was the only person able to visit both houses freely. Mercutio dies when he tries to step between a fight between Tybalt and Romeo. In his dying breath he uttered the famous line, wishing a plague on the Capulets and the Montagues.
And while it’s ok to joke in this article about the ‘Pox Curse’ I’ve received from Ms. Hudes…smallpox is no laughing matter:


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