Kevin Annett Nobel Laureate allies ITCCS with Oathkeepers



Kevin Annett.. Nobel Laureate? Apparently he has been nominated for his work with Native people….really? And what of his many trips planned for this year back to Italy and to the U.S. (where he claims to be working with the Oathkeepers in New York)… And plans on releasing a ‘common-law’ handbook for people wanting to start their own Tribunals. Does he remember disrespecting the remains of murdered children at a Protest rally? Does he remember being told by the Mohawks at Six Nations to never return until he apologized? Does he forget the number of activists he has stabbed in the back and labelled black operatives? Of course not… He’s got a sponsor now.. Likely Jesus Christos – the Antichrist 666 of Now for all you trolls out there who will accuse me of being a ‘paid operative’.. Let me tell you that I can personally guarantee that Kevin will one day piss -off the wrong abuse survivor who won’t take his backstabbing whisper-campaign crap, or put up with him standing them up at the last minute. When the list of casualties he is accumulating grows there will be more eyes on him and more of those eyes will be on the side of the just.

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