Kevin Annett’s New Years Resolutions

Logo for the UN International Tribunal into Crimes in Rawanda
Logo for the UN International Tribunal into Crimes in Rawanda – Look familiar?

This week Kevin Annett issued a video stating that in 2014 his work will include bringing Pope Francis and Child Protective Services to justice as Part II and III of his ‘court cases’ brought forth by ITCCS.  He also claims that 30 human skeletons (of children) were discovered by pipefitters in Port Alberni, BC.  In the video below the shortest statement ever written by Kevin Annett, he admits in an interview with Alfred Webre that he will be working with the United Nations to bring about this justice.  Lets not forget that Webre too is an ex-Ford Foundation and United Nations employee, two organizations that have nefarious underpinnings:

“In the early 1920s Ford’s weekly newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, published a series of articles based on the text of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic tract that had been circulating in Europe.[2] Ford published a book-length compilation of the articles entitled The International Jew, which was translated into most of the European languages and was widely disseminated by anti-Semites, chief among them the German publisher Theodor Fritsch, an early supporter of Hitler. Thanks to a well-financed publicity campaign and the prestige of the Ford name, The International Jew was hugely successful both domestically and internationally.

Ford Foundation continues today to be associated with anti-Israeli sentiments (as does Webre) as is outlined in the article where the above and below excerpts can be found:

In June of 1974, UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim went out of his way to meet with the antisemitic PLO terrorists, something that Israel protested.[24] Did Waldheim’s behavior make sense? Sure it did: Kurt Waldheim had been a major — in fact, a decorated — Nazi war criminal, and so it makes perfect sense that he should have worked overtime, as UN Secretary General, to give international respectability to the PLO, an organization spawned by the same Final Solution for which Waldheim had worked so passionately and so prominently.[25] In November of the same year, Waldheim, supported by the Ford Foundation, tried again: the Ford Foundation was arranging for US senators and representatives to meet with UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, and with the PLO, in order to promote the PLO as a political player with supposedly legitimate demands against the Jewish state, once again over the objections of the Israeli government.[26] To put all this in context, consider that only two years earlier, in 1972, the PLO had murdered innocent Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich, shocking the entire world.[27]. -A Skeptical Look at Ford Foundation: Does it’s Nazi Past Matter?

Read the entire article at:

Among right-wing Christians and conspiracy theorists alike, the UN represents the Beast of Revelation in the Holy Bible, and has some very strange things associated with it:

The United Nations meditation room: strangely symbolic according to some.

From Last Trumpet Ministries:

Two weeks ago, I was in the United Nations while on my seventh trip to New York City. I stood in the meditation room, which contains Satan’s altar. I went into this room to do spiritual warfare and bind devils through the blood of Jesus Christ. The room was designed by the late Secretary General of the UN, Dag Hammerjskold, who said that the black stone monolith or block is “every man’s god.” The room is 18 feet wide at the entrance, which in numerology is 3 sixes. The room is also 33 feet long and tapers inward to form a truncated pyramid. There is an abstract mural on the front wall, which is full of witchcraft symbols, and in the middle of the room, is a black stone block, which weighs exactly 6.5 tons or 13,000 pounds. The black stone block has a certain kind of magnetism about it, and when I walked into the room with my praying wife, I could sense the intense presence of an evil force beyond description. This is where the world leaders and Illuminati masterminds go to meditate, which is why it is open to the public only in the mornings. Once the sun moves from antemeridiem to post meridiem only the adept in witchcraft are allowed into that room, for that is witchcraft doctrine regarding meditation. As the sun gives way to waning light and the female power of the moon goddess, the meditation room at the UN becomes off-limits to what they call the “profane.” 

Kevin might try to poo-poo the whole UN Is Evil claims by some, let us not forget that the Holy See has “both a vote and a voice” within the United Nations Assembly:

“While permanent observers, such as the Holy See, cannot vote in the General Assembly, in most UN conferences they are granted the full status enjoyed by UN member states, including not only a voice, but also a vote. During debate, the Holy See, alone among the world’s religions, can make as many interventions as a member state.” – The Vatican at the United Nations: A Cause for Concern

So how does this fit with ITCCS’s mandate of using UN-NGO’s to bring down a Jesuit Pope?  Perhaps the kind of ‘division from within’ tactics that Kevin confessed to in his letters concerning Pope Benedict to ITCCS Ireland members is what he’s aiming at?  UN-NGO’s are already being used to precipitate change in the way the Vatican does business:

“Non-governmental organizations especially challenged the Vatican. Both the Youth Delegation and a wide coalition of women’s organizations issued open letters questioning Vatican positions in light of the church’s teachings, especially its strong commitment to the poor and marginalized, many of whom are women.

The “See Change” Campaign

The Holy See’s attempts to block consensus fueled an already active campaign by NGOs to change the Vatican’s status at the United Nations. The “See Change” Campaign has been endorsed by hundreds of NGOs, including Women Living Under Muslim Laws, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network, National Coalition of American Nuns and the American Humanist Association. With the premise that the Roman Catholic church should participate in the United Nations in the same way as do the world’s other religions — as a non-governmental organization — the campaign calls on the UN Secretary-General to review the church’s current status.

Change is essential. Why should the Vatican be on a par with countries that have a genuine citizenry, women, men, and children who are directly affected by the health care decisions made at the UN? The Vatican, many believe, has gone too far and concrete examples of what can happen when the separation of church and state is violated have captured the imagination of many. The “See Change” Campaign is an effort whose time has truly come.”

Is it a wonder that Kevin appropriated laurel leaf symbol from the UN Logo?

A bogus 'bench warrant' using the laurel leaf symbol
A bogus ‘bench warrant’ using the laurel leaf symbol


p.s.  Stay tuned for an article to come on part 2 of Kevins claims of pipefitters finding 30 childrens skeletons in Port Alberni, BC….I’m awaiting some answers from some people in the area about this….

14 thoughts on “Kevin Annett’s New Years Resolutions

  1. It’s very interesting that Rev Kevin Annett should state on his website (10/10/2013)
    that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was involved in a ‘black ops’ campaign to discredit him.
    The Archbishop is aware of the claims made against him as are the Gardai in Ireland yet there has has been no response from Archbishop Martin to these serious allegations.
    Given Rev Kevin Annetts friendly relationship with Cardinals in the Curia (see his e-mail dated 20/09/2012) and Archbishop Martins work with the UN maybe a clearer picture is emerging here of the REAL work of Rev Annett in light of Karen Hudes revelations.


    In 1976, Martin began to work in the service of the Holy See for the Pontifical Council for the Family. He later worked on the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, being appointed the Under Secretary in 1986 and the Secretary in 1994. On 6 January 1999 he was ordained as Titular Bishop of Glendalough by Pope John Paul II. On 17 January 2001, he was appointed Titular Archbishop of the same diocese. This marked his appointment as the Holy See Permanent Observer in Geneva, at the United Nations Office and Specialised Agencies and at the World Trade Organisation. It was in this capacity that he represented the Holy See at various UN conferences, including the International Conference on Population and Development. He led the delegations of the Holy See to the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation (Doha, 2001), the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.
    During the 1990s, Diarmuid Martin represented the Holy See at major United Nations International Conferences, spoke about the Church’s teachings on social matters at a variety of Bishop Conferences, and was a member of various Vatican Offices, including the Central Committee for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000. Also, he was involved in discussions between the World Council of Churches and the Catholic Church as well as the World Faiths Development Dialogue. He also represented the views of the Holy See to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, where he advocated for debt relief for less developed countrie


      1. I think that 2014 will bring more truths and revelations about
        Rev Kevin Daniel Annett MD-MDiv-B/S.
        It will be interesting to see if he actually does embark on his ‘world tour’ on Jan 15 2014 in the USA and if he will publish dates and venues in advance.
        My guess is it will be like his Genoa/Rome ‘visit’ in Sept 2013 where he sat at home and hoped people would turn up and get arrested on his behalf and when they didn’t he invented people like ‘Fr Ciaran Ui Niall from near Wexford’ and 9 elders who he claims turned up.
        I will be delighted to turn up at any of his venues and ask a few questions.


  2. The only reasons someone would name a blog like yours and obsess about him are 1) the blog author is a lunatic with far too much time on their hands, 2) the blog author is paid to do this.
    I think #2 is the more plausible. Get a life


    1. Yawn… oh yes, the ‘paid agent’ thing again… ho hum…. It has perhaps escaped many small and limited minds that there are people like Kevin willing to write the garbage he does and is also either 1) a lunatic with far too much time on his hands, or 2) a blog author who is paid to do this. It would be nice if people like you could argue a ‘point’ for goodness sake!! I trust that if you have your own blog simon, you are capable of original thought, so please feel free to criticize my theory, but leave the cult follower rhetoric at the door.


      1. I am curious you seem to be a very intelligent person when you respond to peoples comments. I am wondering if the court order on is legit?. Do we really have no laws right now?. I have believed what was on his sit,e it all seems legit to me, but with the stories I have read on this website, now I am having a harder time believing him. I hope its true because I want the stupid goverment to admit what they did, as well as the vatican and others. Let me know thanks.


      2. What makes the court order legitimate? I could write anything on a piece of paper…claiming to have God Given authority….but since there is much debate on his existence…we must certainly rely on Common-sense law, no? So that brings me to the common law manual created by Kevin (supposedly). When reading this How-to manual, nothing that Kevin did (according to tribunal members and his own testimonial) adhered to his own principles. Now, can the person who draws up the papers act as judge, jury and executioner? Not according to Common -law. And what if Kevin Annett created George Dufort to make like the arrest warrants etc..are from the dubious Brussels central office? What if George Dufort is as fictitious as Jeremiah Jourdain? It’s one thing to fake a Native Elder..and another to fake a legal document. So I guess I am returning the question to find out if YOU think that it is legit. If George Dufort is Kevin Annett then Kevin committed fraud did he not?


    2. Ah…’the paid agent’ accusation
      ….AND the lunatic accusation.
      Considering that the former Rev Kevin Annett REFUSED a mental health assessment test and as a result,voluntarily sacrificed his job,his marriage and his children,I would hardly think that a ‘stooge’ like you would be well placed to make that accusation against the author of this blog.


  3. Simon Shaw Andrews;
    Let’s see if I have this right.
    You believe that ONE man who has a WordPress blog called ITCCS and uses a gmail account
    is somehow part of some HUGE and IMPORTANT International Criminal Tribunal.
    Is that REALLY what you believe ?
    Honestly ?
    Surely not.


    1. Hello Jonathan,
      Not sure if your comment is an endorsement for Kevin Annett or against him…. could you elaborate on this?


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