‘Smear Campaigns’ and ‘Dirty Ops’

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When ITCCS went into Maintenance Mode last month, there were questions as to whether or not ITCCS would be resurrected like a phoenix from the flames, or not.  And in true Kevin Annett fashion, readers were not surprised to see a newer (if not markedly more crude) version of the good ol ITCCS.  It was sparse but held within it the glorious proclamation in the form of a Breaking Update (October 10th, 2013) that a new Renaissance was at hand.  The kicker was that there were fresh accusations of ‘Dirty Ops’, blackmail and the ever present need for secrecy due to the highly sensitive nature of ITCCS’s work. *cough*….

Some of the most newsworthy claims were as follows:

  1. The formation of a ‘new’ group called NON (not in our name) whose membership includes Ciaran Ui Niall (a pseudonym for an ‘actual’ Irish clergyman) amongst twenty other priests with a conscience in Ireland.
  2. ITCCS successfully deposed Pope Benedict and is now after Pope Francis.
  3. The International Common Law Court of Justice is located in Brussels.
  4. Cardinal Sean Brady confirms that Pope Benedict was forced to resign.

The following accusations were also made:

An insider in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s Dublin Diocese claimed this week that Martin has authorized a “dirty ops” campaign aimed at ITCCS activists and other Irish groups seeking to expose child abuse and trafficking in the catholic church.

The “dirty ops” plan includes smearing and spreading lies and disinformation about Rev. Kevin Annett and other ITCCS leaders to the media and the Garda, Ireland’s national police force, and attempting to falsely brand ITCCS as a “terrorist” group tied to the so-called “Freemen on the Land” movement.

“That was all spelled out in a memo Martin gave to a priest at the pro-Cathedral named Father Damien. That’s what I was told” said the Diocese source.

“The Archbishop also authorized the paying of bribes to one of the regular protestors at the Cathedral so he’d back off and even change sides. You know who the man is”.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is the senior Catholic official in Ireland after Cardinal Sean Brady was suspended last year because of a police investigation into Brady’s ties with convicted child rapists among his clergy.

The ‘communique’ is signed with the following:

To contact ITCCS Ireland relay messages to them or to Not in Our Name through these emails:



Issued 10 October, 2013 ITCCS Central, Brussels
Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013)Messages for him can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada) or 386-323-5774 (USA).
It is important to review these claims critically, because an innocent man, named John Deegan, is the reason this ‘Special Report’ (*cough*) was published.
It should be known that I have not been kind to John Deegan in the past, nor to his associates, especially Gerry O’Donovan who engaged me many times here on this blog.  My philosophy at the time was that of lumping Kevin’s supporters with Kevin – you’re known by the company you keep, right?  The mistake in this is that everyone has their own motivation, their own stories and background and judging each person by the same yardstick means that you risk losing a potential ally in the future.  I had unfairly judged Deegan, mostly because a person who calls herself Pagan Media That Bites had also done so.  I had failed the fundamental test, which was to examine the claims of others independantly and objectively and to try to write with as little or no bias as possible.  I had viewed Pagans claims against the Irish ITCCS and echoed them in my own writings.  I labelled them the Irish Rovers, not as a term of endearment, but as a way to attach a catchy label and attract readership to the blog.  I was indeed a dumbass, as I had been called by many of Kevin’s supporters, who came to the blog to attack me and not what I’d written, but in this case I deserved it.  I learned the hard way, but being attacked by Pagan, was a way to come to terms with those mistakes and  I’ve learned to reach out to Deegan, Gerry and others and ask for forgiveness.  I’ve since retracted my claims against them, because they were baseless and irrelevant.
And so, it is here that I formally apologize for my actions that caused and contributed to the harassment they experienced at the hands of Pagan.
That being said it’s important to examine the above ‘Dirty-Ops’ statements made by ‘George Dufort’.  First of all, George Dufort IS Kevin Annett…same as Jeremiah Jourdain is Kevin Annett…and Caoimhin Ui Niall, etc..etc… Kevin has a terrible time keeping his numerous aliases straight as is seen in this correspondence from ‘thecommonland’.  Remember that Caoimhin Ui Niall was first passed off as some ‘Elder’ of the ITCCS who called himself the Interim President of the Republic of Kanata…
Interim president - Caoimhin ui niall
Kevin was busted as being Caoimhin, but likely no one noticed… now he hopes no one will question who runs ‘thecommonland’, let alone pay attention to which ‘UI Niall’ responds from that email.

Former supporters ITCCS members are coming to the fore to reveal much about Kevin’s identity, agenda and dysfunctionality.

The following was recently posted on Alex Hunter’s FB wall:

Who is Kevin Annett?
Dodgy at the least – beyond any defensive level.
I am listed as a tribunal member and was listed as a juror until I complained that I had never seen a case even though the “tribunal” has allegedly already convicted the first “dirty 30”.
I asked to be removed.
Kevin stated that it wasn’t up to him even though HE is Jerimiah Jordain and George Dufour.
There is no tribunal in Brussels and there never was.
Kevin stated to my children and I that he was forming a tribunal with us but told the residential school survivors Steemas and Watsuk that the tribunal was a world court in Brussels.
He avoided answering our questions about all of the inconsistencies using political sidestepping.
Every time.
We are all fed up with him.
He didn’t show at the Bogus Truth and Reconciliation Gathering/Event in Vancouver to answer questions a few of the residential school survivors had for him after agreeing to be there Saturday (September 21st) the previous day.
The pattern of him missing appointments due to other “appointments” and his lack of empathy and respect toward toward the people he is allegedly standing up for is profound.
Kevin introduced his roommate Carol to Steemas, Watsuk, my children and I as his wife. When Steemas called her about his concerns she told him she was furious about it.
When Watsuk’s son Tulsii’m Kia’palanexw – the real/rightful Chief Capilano from three bloodlines – had questions Kevin’s response was “What’s his problem? Fuck him.”
When Steemas, Watsuk, my children and I were at the Catholic Church at Richards and Dunsmuir Kevin stated that he was running around in the church putting flyers in the pews and the church clergy office at the time the police came.
We all knew he was lying.
You cannot ignore the patterns with regard to Kevin Annett’s lack of honesty, integrity and transparency – unless you do so deliberately.
This has been going on twenty years too long.
If you need more proof there is a very long line of activists, residential school survivors, band members from virtually every nation and a lot of people who got sucked in along the way just like we did.
Ryan Elson, Greg Renouf and Arthur Topham were right about him and I was wrong to defend him all this time.
The answer to the question Who is Kevin Annett?
Controlled opposition.

When I started to type this my computer slowed right down – and it is now microwaving my hands in a really BIG way.
Electronic Censorship, Sabotage and Attack is being used to keep those of us that know the most about the most critical threats from communicating them to the misled majority.

ITCCS MembersDoesn’t this sound strangely familiar?  Is this not what happened with Mel Ve, John Deegan, Dave O’Brien, Gerry O’Donovan…. let alone, Jan Longboat, Amy Tallio, Frank McCourt, Jason Bowman, Rudy and Diana James, Camilla Novelli, Harriet Nahanee, Nell Cole, Bill Squires, Steve Finney and Amy Smart (and the list goes on…)?

Kevin Annett Tir na Soar

Supposedly this MASS EXODUS has been orchestrated by Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who Kevin claims PAID the ‘Irish Rovers’ (as I now lovingly call them) to engage in a “smear campaign” against Kevin Annett and other ITCCS members.  Kevin accuses the Archbishop of ‘paying bribes’ to silence those protestors (supporting Kevin) who seek to expose pedophilia among the clergy.  This blogger is curious how the Archbishop, who has taken an activist role himself in directly challenging Pope Benedict to address pedophilia in the church has suddenly become an enemy of Kevin’s.

In an article in the Irish Echo – Australia, Archbishop Martin and Cardinal Sean Brady flew to meet with Pope Benedict in 2009 to discuss the findings of the Ryan and Murray Reports.  From The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse page on Wikipedia:

Seán Cardinal Brady (leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland) said he was “profoundly sorry and deeply ashamed that children suffered in such awful ways in these institutions. This report makes it clear that great wrong and hurt were caused to some of the most vulnerable children in our society. It documents a shameful catalogue of cruelty: neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, perpetrated against children.”[2] He declared that anyone responsible for abusing children in Catholic-run institutions should be held to account.[40] This was echoed by Most Reverend Vincent Nichols (leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales) “no matter how long ago it happened”.

“On 25 May 2009, the Irish Times printed the reaction of Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin, who said (partially quoting a correspondent),

“‘there is always a price to pay for not responding’. The church will have to pay that price in terms of its credibility. The first thing the church has to do is to move out of any mode of denial. Where the church is involved in social care it should be in the vanguard. That is different to a situation in which the church proclaims that it is in the vanguard…. in a very short time another report on the sexual abuse of children will be published, this time about how such abuse was managed in the Archdiocese of Dublin of which I am archbishop.”


Why on Gods Green Earth, would these clergy, who have been so active in exposing sexual abuse in the Church try to silence Kevin Annett by using John Deegan and ACCAW, who also work to expose these crimes by the church…. unless it is to silence Anti-Catholic Church Activists Worldwide???????

The true hero in this situation???  In this writers opinion it’s John Deegan who has had the guts to approach Archbishop Martin about Kevin’s latest tantrum and who is putting himself out in front of the Pagan Media Bites of the world once again.  Who will stand with him?  I know I will….
In the mean time, I encourage anyone reading this article to write to thecommonland@gmail.com or call Kevin at home and see which of Kevin’s personalities decides to address your questions and concerns… and see how long before you too are labelled a ‘paid agent of the state’.

3 thoughts on “‘Smear Campaigns’ and ‘Dirty Ops’

  1. Great post; Heather.

    I had seen John Deegan’s wok also, & i wiondered how he fit into all of this.
    Thanks for the insight there. John does seem like a great fellla.

    And i would also like to say that, your humble-apology, for your errors of the past, imho, does reflect that you are a very spiritually-advanced soul.

    Yhvh bless you, & your great work.

    Charles Stewart.


  2. Received today….

    Protests at the Pro Cathedral are back on – beginning tomorrow before 11 am Mass.

    This is for TWO reasons.
    1. To highlight the accusations/allegations made by Kevin Annett
    2. To highlight the cavalier attitude of Archbishop Martin in relation to these allegations to the degree that he hasnt even informed or discussed this matter with Fr Damien O Reilly who claims to be totally unaware of the allegations made.

    Full information about this will be posted in a You Tube video shortly which will also highlight the reluctance of Gardai to investigate our compliant against John Ayres (17/01/2013) yet they have him in court for a similar offence perpetrated against mass goers.
    Also highlighted will be the ties between John Ayres and his friends,which led to them supporting the PaganmediaBites International smear campaign being organised by Kevin Annett to both discredit my work and elevate his profile to gain him sympathy and support.

    John Deegan


  3. I got involved in supporting Rev Kevin Annett, like many people in the belief that he was doing good work in relation to many issues in Canada that I felt needed highlighting in Ireland and took part in a protest at the Canadian embassy in Dublin in April 2011 with members of ITCCS Ireland (which is a group that was affiliated with Rev Kevin Annett .but not under his control)
    Unfortunately I did not do my homework on Rev Annett for a period of over two years that resulted in me believing his lies and taking his side against people that I now know to be good and genuine people who have now been proven right about everything that the were saying about Rev Annett.
    People like Lydia Whitecalf, her family, and people like Nell Cole, Greg Renouf and Heather Martin.

    I became more than suspicious about Rev Annett in May of this year,especially when he visited Dublin and I accompanied him into The Pro Cathedral and witnessed his docile, cavalier attitude, where instead of confronting the administrator with his ‘warrants’ and/or addressing the congregation he allowed himself to be quietly brushed aside.
    In June my suspicions were heightened when he asked me in an e-mail (and to ITCCS Ireland members) to remove Greg Renouf from the internet and later denied this and was assisted in this denial by his father Bill suggesting that WE remove Mr Renouf,as ‘Kevin doesn’t get involved in matters like this’.

    Then in September of this year I discovered that Rev Kevin Annett was supporting other ’causes’ and people that I did not agree with and I immediately withdrew my support both in an e-mail to him and on Facebook. As a result of this I was informed that Rev Annett was using my name as a convener of his Tribunal, something that I played no part in. I was informed also that two members of ITCCS Ireland were also being used in this manner and I contacted them and they confirmed that they played no part in this Tribunal either.

    As a result of me demanding from Rev Annett that he immediately remove my name from his Tribunal I became the victim of derogatory e-mails from him and also the victim of what has now obviously become his trade mark when challenged – the victim of a smear campaign.
    This was firstly done in an e-mail from Rev Annett to members of what he calls his ‘inner circle’,warning that I had become a ‘hired gun’ and then again,using the false name of George Dufort he made a public statement alluding to this on his website on the 10/10/2013.

    Further research and information since then has shown that Rev Annett is the driving force behind a smear campaign against me since November 2011 where he carefully masterminded a website and Facebook page run by a woman who goes by the name of ‘Aris Arnelle Durcocher’ (aka PaganMediabites) that would weaken my personal work, force me to depend on him, blame me for being the mastermind behind the Jason Bowman fiasco AND help him gain popularity and sympathy as a ‘victim’ of a smear campaign. He proudly boasted in an e-mail to me that he gains in this manner from smear campaigns.

    Let us not underestimate the intelligence and deviousness of Rev Kevin Annett and his use of his clerical training that now shows his behaviour is comparable to the very same clerics he claims to oppose,who for years branded victims of abuse as liars and having mental problems when they were confronted with the truth.
    Mental homes all over the world were filled with innocent people who dared to speak out when the word of a cleric was taken without ever a look for evidence and facts.
    We will never know the total list of innocent victims that were incarcerated in mental homes during the reign of Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland John Charles Mc Quaid (1940-1971)
    I was faced with the same allegation by Rev Annett that I too have mental problems just because I challenged him in September 2013
    Also let us not underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups and the influence that Rev Annett has over such people as was proven by his use of PaganMediabites.

    Yes there is a certain bravery in confronting Rev Annett because he has no problem in lying through his teeth to smear those who do and yes there is a price to pay given what we know now about him and who his sponsors may be; but to continue to support him or quietly walk away is not an option I would choose.
    I have apologised to those I hurt through my actions in supporting Rev Annett and I apologised also to those that I refused to listen to who were warning me about this man.
    I am delighted to see now that so many people are coming forward to speak out about their own actions in supporting Rev Annett.
    It will be interesting now to see how Rev Annett will respond to the many truths being spoken about a man that openly boasts of working with Roman Catholic Cardinals from the Vatican Curia as part of a palace coup against Ratzinger on the 20/09/2012 (no mention of arresting him) and is now aligned with 20 Roman Catholic Priests in Ireland as part of a group named Not In Our Name (NON).
    Considering the vast amount of child abusing clerics we have here in Ireland who have never been convicted for their crimes,those who have escaped the sex offenders register and the amount of Cardinals in the Vatican who have covered up the crimes of their clerics,one would be entitled to ask questions of Rev Annett about the company he keeps and his motives for keeping such company.

    Yes indeed – it’s interesting how Rev Kevin Annett,a defrocked United churches minister from Canada, who was recommended for a psychiatric evaluation by his church could find himself in such a position.

    John Deegan


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