A Serious Challenge to Kevin Annett

John Deegan, former supporter of Kevin Annett, who has been accused of being on the take from the Irish clergy, has issued a serious challenge to Kevin.  In essence, it’s Put Up or Shut Up…..

2 thoughts on “A Serious Challenge to Kevin Annett

  1. Rev Kevin Annett was challenged to be present or represented by what he claims is his ITCCS Ireland group at St Andrews Church in Pearse Stret Dublin on the 1st of December 2013 to furnish the evidence to back up the claims he made in an e mail on the 8th of Oct 2013 and again using the false name of George Dufort on the 10th of October,that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has paid off a protester in Dublin as part of a ‘dirty ops campaign against him and his FAKE ITCCS Tribunal group.

    Nobody from his organisation turned up.

    Due to recent revelations by Karen Hudes that Rev Kevin Annett has facilitated the Jesuits in removing Josef Ratzinger and an e mail by Rev Annett himself confirming that he had indeed met Cardinals from the Vatican in Geneva on the 20th Sept 2012 as part of an intended ‘palace coup’ Archbishop Martin was asked to investigate if indeed Rev Annett is part of the Vatican Cabal and strong forces that he himself claims exist and is hindering the full exposure of Roman Catholic abuse.



  2. Kevin, to hold your own is real, but the mind is weak, we have encountered similar traits, to no, we shall not follow you. 🐕


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