We, the South Africa Common Law Jury – RE: Mel Ve vs Kevin Annett

Recent update from Brother Thomas regarding Kevin Annett and Mel Ve

Giftoftruth Southern Africa

We, the Jury:

There seems to be some confusion regarding International Common Law.

photo (10)

The following is for clarity:

There is One Universal Law of:

“Do no harm, cause no loss”

and the 5 ethics of:

Truth; Integrity; Responsibility; Accountability; Transparency.

1. Anyone can convene a court;

2. Anyone who observes a potential harm or loss may take responsibility in the matter and bring it to the attention of those who may be affected by the conflict; ESPECIALLY among  colleagues.

3. The group may then decide if a hearing is necessary regarding the matter and then proceed according to the Common law Manual (www.giftoftruth.wordpress.com) in the absence of another.

4. Every community will decide as to how and in what format its own common/customary/tribal/ecclesiastical court will operate.

5. At Common Law, verbal agreements are binding. There are many oral traditions, tribes and cultures.

5. There will be a universally…

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