Stepping out for a minute….

Joseph Smith was able to construct a whole new religion based on deception and secrecy.  Is Kevin Annett any different?
Joseph Smith was able to construct a whole new religion based on deception and secrecy. Is Kevin Annett any different?

This blog, when first created, sought to bring balance to the claims made by Kevin Annett by contrasting his own words with documents, video and other evidence.  The goal was to offer a counter-force that would act against the one-way-traffic of hero worship that was blinding the eyes of his followers.  These same followers chose to ignore the evidence that real people were being hurt by this man and that he was manipulative and deceitful.  Everyone was focused on what he could bring to them, the benefits of his work, his notoriety, his reputation and connections.  They chose to look away when he crossed the line, took advantage, or plain just didn’t show up.  Few have confronted him because THAT would jeopardize their stake in the game….what they would get out of it in the end.  They knew they’d made a deal with the Devil and that they’d risk losing it all if they pissed the Devil off!  So no one says anything so long as the barbs are pointing away and headed towards those deserving public figures like the Pope or the Queen.  Those who have dared to cross Reverend Kevin Annett have been publicly slandered and accused.

Little people get hurt, though.  Like Amy Smart’s child, whose welfare was put in jeopardy by the so-called adults in her life; who were so disillusioned about the validity of ITCCS that the were prepared to lose her to the system forever just because Kevin Annett said so.  But hey, it’s all about the end goal, right?  So long as we get our Common Law courts and our grand Republik, a few casualties will be worth it!

But wait! What about the founding principle of Common Law, which is to DO NO HARM? Dare I suggest that if not for those of us who criticize and keep Kevin Annett under the microscope, that HARM is exactly what would have happened to that little girl?  Who among Kevin’s sheep gives a crap about that?

For the last year and a half, the things I have written here have served as a sounding board for Kevin Annett to gauge the public’s opinion of him.  He’s used my criticism of him to craft a more careful campaign and I refuse to be his moral compass any longer.  He will have full freedom to expand his message, to concoct more grandiose schemes and weave more intricate lies, because I am done preaching to the choir.  So have at it Kevin!  Do your thing!  Go big or Go home as they say, because the only thing capable of stopping you is that you be allowed to dig as deep of a hole for yourself as you can.  I just hope its big and wide enough that a few people who have been your co-conspirators with you will fall in there with you .  Just don’t be surprised if one day a Common Law court decides to try you and your bedfellows for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

2 thoughts on “Stepping out for a minute….

  1. How about Jesus, stepping out for a minute, ha ha, this is a foul, wouldn’t you say all areas were covered, well the gate was still wide open, we are interested in the cemetery story, how about giving more info.🇦🇺


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