Global F.A.C.T. Interview with Mel Ve

Well, the site has reared it’s ugly head once again, minus about two years and over one-hundred articles (ahem* EVIDENCE) published by Kevin Annett, the sole proprietor, secretary, lord and sovereign King of the International Common Law Court of blah blah blah…

The new look of the site (which is incredibly amateurish) cannot help but boast the massively HUGE laurel leaf/scales of justice emblem which appears on nearly ALL of the ITCCS fraudulent documents that Steve Finney and Amy Smart and Rhianne Baines cart around proclaiming Canada is dissolved.  Only a few back-dated articles exist there for the moment (while Kevin re-ass-esses his position in Cons-piracy-land) to serve as a reminder to anyone who cares that ITCCS ever existed at all.

Yes, it may well be that Kevin’s chicanery is at an end folks, and that all of this may be soon put to rest.  I suppose that will depend on whether it’s the court of public opinion or an actual court of law that takes him down first.  It is on this note that I share Global F.A.C.T.’s interview that Tony and myself hosted last night with Mel Ve who was able to shed a little more light into the demise of her relationship with Kevin Annett and the fall-out she has had to endure.  Some great callers arrived to add to the great night of revelations and truth-seeking.

click the image below to listen to the show (3 hours)


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