Amy Smart and Steve Finney release a video.

Amy Smart and Steve Finney have just released a video explaining their experiences the past few weeks regarding their position on Common Law,, and Kevin Annett. They provide some discrepency regarding how the child ended up in care. For the record, Steve and Amy admitted in their own video that Kevin Annett told them to hide the child.

Steve Finney appearing at a bail hearing on several Criminal charges Oct 2, 2013- OBTAINED FROM AMY SMARTS OWN VIDEO FOOTAGE
Steve Finney appearing at a bail hearing on several Criminal charges Oct 2, 2013- OBTAINED FROM AMY SMARTS OWN VIDEO FOOTAGE

The image of Steve Finney in the prisoners box was obtained from Amy’s own video ( and was not obtained by any other means other than clipping the still image from YouTube. The question is do Steve and Amy know that Kevin Annett used them and likely was involved in Steve’s arrests and that he himself is an agent of the system that has a hold on their lives and their daughters life. Perhaps they themselves should ask Kevin why he is now in hiding while they are expected to tow the ITCCS party-line.

3 thoughts on “Amy Smart and Steve Finney release a video.

  1. Ask yourself what would you do if your child or grandchild or someone you loved was ‘legally’ kidnapped, stolen and/or kept from you by the state? And how you would feel if those employed by the state refused to give your loved one back BEFORE you judge anything these people are doing or trying to do…Nobody has the right to judge these folks if they have never known the desperation of being kept away from their child by a man made up law.


    1. Which ‘man made up law’ are you referring to? And for the record, I am not judging them for their desire to avail themselves of knowledge. I do question whose best interests are being served here. In one of the video’s (in family court) Steve clearly states that Kevin told him to ‘hide’ the child and to prolong the trial in order to make the court look bad. Can you honestly say that this couple are acting completely in the childs best interests here? Can you imagine the horror that will be felt by them when they come to the realization that they too…like the 50,000 dead native children, have been abandoned. And that their child was a convenient pawn in the whole charade? ITCCS is back up and remade and revamped and all those articles about childrens bones have vaporized in an instant… replaced with tales of satanic sex scandals and accusations of smear campaigns. This isn’t about Amy or Steve or helping their child… It’s about LEVERAGE and PAYPAL!!!!


  2. My main problem with Amy and Steve’s story is the fact that they only did their research online and did not mention going to any actual libraries or through any Canadian Legal guides. Research done solely online cannot be considered true “Research” as your findings will usually be searches done from the standpoint of a Confirmation Bias as most folks will not research things that disagree or contradict their own personal views which is reading of actual legal books is ESSENTIAL, especially if you are going to go to a trial setting and represent yourself.

    I really feel for these folks cause it’s clear they have been used not only by the system but by this phony-ass ITCCS and Kevin Annett as well.


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