A Time to Come Clean

rabid dog

The lines were clearly drawn in the sand this week…. from all sides, a full accounting for each persons involvement and support for Kevin Annett.  For Kevin, the fairie tales he once spun about murder, black-ops, smear campaigns, co-intel pro, International Courts of Justice, worldwide Satanic Human Sacrificing networks, etc….had run out…. People have grown up, woken up and are now starting to speak up in the wake of all the drama that has been Kevin Annett. For some of us that have been reporting the in-numerable lies spoken by this man it seems like fate has come full circle.  Kate’s show last night was a scathing expose of Kevin’s spiritual corruption and what is yet to come in the near future.

Kevin’s desperate attempt to throw a legal threat at Mel Ve and all AIDERS AND ABETTORS,(which would include me, Kate of Gaia, John Deegan and everyone else working secretly behind the scenes) is what a cornered rabid dog is expected to do.

What more can be revealed about the man?  Let me assure you the emails are flying and between those who Kevin would least expect would have formed alliances.  Many have chosen some months ago to not be involved but who now are prepared to act.  Yet, in the waiting, there is a sweet, sumptuous knowing that the more Kevin opens his mouth… the more he prints…the more he posts… he is digging himself deeper and deeper.

But what of those who still harbor a relationship with Kevin…even continuing to promote, fund and work with him.  Have you considered that you are no longer immune?  That the contagion has spread to you as well and that your association with this man has contaminated you?  In particular I am speaking to those still left on the ITCCS Tribunal list who are now conveniently hidden by the ‘Maintenance Mode’ of ITCCS.org’s site (may it never resurrect itself)).  And I speak to those who claim to know the truth, who have published Kevin’s articles in the past who now remain silent amongst the growing knowledge flowing like a river on the airwaves and on the world wide web.  By now the Alfred Webre’s, the Jean Haines, Jeff Rense, Santos Bonacci’s, Heinrik Palmgrens and David Ickes of the world have been called to fully study the fruits of Kevin Annett’s labor and reconcile the truth to the world. There is no judgement in this, the simple fact is that not ALL the light has been shone in the dark corners yet.  When it is, will you and I land on the side of righteousness?  I pray, so.

It’s time to come clean.

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