Legal Notice Issued by Kevin Annett


crazy priestLEGAL NOTICE

Publicly Issued October 17, 2013 By me, Kevin Daniel Annett, and on behalf of Toos Nijenhuis and other flesh and blood men and women – The Plaintiffs. IN THE MATTER OF CRIMINAL ACTS BY Melani Spencer aka Mel Ve and by her husband aka Richard Ve and by Archbishop Andre Dupuy, Papal Nuncio for the Netherlands and his agents – The Defendants, LET ALL PERSONS GIVE HEED The Defendants are named and will be charged in a Superior Court and in a designated Common Law Court with the following offenses, specifically: Extortion, Fraud, Criminal Assault, Defamation and Libel, Obstruction of Justice and Criminally Conspiring to destroy the good name and livelihood of the Plaintiffs and to conceal other criminal acts including human trafficking, murder and crimes against humanity. A Writ is being sought in this matter. LET ALL PERSONS CEASE AND DESIST FROM AIDING, ABETTING OR OTHERWISE ENCOURAGING OR ASSISTING THE DEFENDANTS IN THESE CRIMINAL ACTS, LEST THEY ALSO BE NAMED IN THIS LEGAL ACTION. Filed 17 October, 2013 In The Hague, Netherlands and in Brussels, Belgium.

2 thoughts on “Legal Notice Issued by Kevin Annett

  1. I am sure Mel Ve is terrifed now that she has been named in a court which exists solely in Kevin Annetts head. Staffed by people he made up and which exists in cyber space with no powers of arrest or any possible sanctions which Yeah she will be terrified as well. Hey Kevin ancy chance you can add me to the list of people cos I think you are full of crap too.


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