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It didn’t take long for Kevin Annett to shoot back with a pack of lies aimed at Mel Ve (Melanie Spencer) of Freedom Central – a very popular FaceBook page and Website for people seeking to think outside the box on ideas of spirituality, our human history and where humanity could find themselves in the future.  Mel is someone who this writer has followed for the past 7 years since I woke up and whose volume of work speaks to her passion to bring knowledge and understanding to the world.  For the last few months Mel has opened her heart, her door and offered her services as a citizen juror for Kevin Annett’s Tribunal.  As was heard in the radio interview with Kate of Gaia last night, Mel has come full circle to understand what this writer and others have known for the past year and longer about Kevin Annett.  It’s been a somewhat painful experience for Mel and her husband, knowing Kevin on such a personal level, and not one that is unique when it comes to Kevin’s supporters.

I tried over the year to try to reach out to Mel and warn her, in hopes that she could avoid the inevitable.  I could forsee the trainwreck… the articles filled with BS would undoubtedly contain Mel’s name…using her sphere of influence to get people to push the Donate button. Now that Mel has turned on Kevin, he has declared war on her and made his attack personal:

Kevin Annett shared a link.

5 hours ago

Important notice to ITCCS affiliates and supporters from Kevin D. Annett:

October 13, 2013

Re: Recent unprovoked attacks on ITCCS and myself by Melani Spencer aka “Mel Ve” of Holland

For clarification, a recent unprovoked public attack on me and the ITCCS by Melani Spencer requires this statement.

Mel Ve, aka Melani Spencer from Holland, has publicly claimed that she is the Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice when she was never appointed to that position. She also says I appointed her to that role, which is not true; I simply gave her the right to represent ITCCS in Europe and in setting up a South African group. I have asked her to cease and desist from claiming that title for herself and she has refused to do so.

According to Toos Neijenhuis, a cult ritual survivor in Holland, Mel and her husband Richard have tried to extort money from her after doing several interviews with her. Mel has also removed our ITCCS TV site without explanation, and has cut off all contact with me and ITCCS after we challenged her on her actions.

I assume that her cutting ties with ITCCS and attacking us publicly as she has done is an attempt by her to justify herself by making us look bad. Her actions make no sense otherwise, since I and ITCCS have done nothing to cause this break, besides challenging her unethical behaviour.

I would appreciate the chance to clarify this to everyone at CMR, blog radio shows, and elsewhere before Mel and Richard can do more damage to our work.

Our work with all the ITCCS affiliates is going forward and the common law court work in South Africa still has our support.

For the record, Mel Ve and her husband Richard do not have our support or confidence any longer, and they are not affiliated with or represent ITCCS or our common law work in any way. We ask them to stop this untruthful and destructive path, and to stop harrassing Toos Neijenhuis and her family.

Please contact me directly for more information.


Kevin Annett


Kevin, when the e-mail correspondence surfaces between you and Mel it will only further discredit your latest allegations and you have really crossed the line in alleging that Mel and Richard extorted money from Toos who is a less than reliable witness to ANY events.  I saw it in the trailer and challenged Mel and yourself on it… Remember what you told me?:

Picture 100

I think that people will get a better picture of who you really are….

frog face 5


  1. Looks like people are starting to get who Kevin really is. I have seen these types of letters many times and Kevin always claims to be innocent. Most of the time he is not! He keeps his contacts within his mailbox so no one, not even his father, really knows what Kevin is saying. I can’t even count how many times his network has imploded. Stay away from this man! He talks a good game but when you get to the core, the mask come off.


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