Why ITCCS Founder Kevin Annett Doesn’t Mind the Arrest of Steve Finney


As I mentioned in a previous article, Common-Law is really Precedent Law which relies on previous cases having been tried before the court as a foundation for trying new ones.  In the case of Steve Finney and Rhianne Baines, who claim that police targeted them for belonging to ITCCS, provide a unique opportunity for Kevin Annett to further validate his pseudo-organization off of their arrests.

Back in 2009, nine eco-activists in Scotland shut down the Aberdeen Airport for two and a half hours to protest the expansion of the country’s airports and subsequently increasing the levels of greenhouse gasses (if you believe in man-made global warming).  In 2008, another eco-group was charged with vandalism after painting a smokestack on a coal-powered electrical plant.  These individuals were tried before a jury and acquitted under English Common-Law stating that they had a ‘lawful excuse’ as they were damaging a small property so that they could protect the society at large.  The environmental lawyers had a hay-day with the verdict saying that another such case could be the tipping point that shifts social values.

“‘In the civil rights era in the United States protesters sometimes broke the law because of their moral views and were exonerated by juries. Prior to that during the era of slavery juries would sometimes refuse to convict those who helped slaves escape from their owners,’ said ClientEarth CEO James Thornton.”  – The Ecologist, June 14, 2010

Environmentalism, like the Freeman and Sovereignty Movements are gaining momentum and it is therefore, no wonder, that the people behind those movements jump for joy when their peons get arrested.  It is, after all, what the social scientists recognize as a necessary evil for social change.

The dilemma here is this:  How else do we enact change in the world when our ‘representative governments’ fail to do what is in our best interests.  Now it’s not that I support the idea of Global Warming (when new studies are being released that show a cooling, rather than warming trend), but I do support the idea of more efficient use of our resources and being responsible consumers.  Similarly, I support the idea of greater freedoms, but not at the expense of society and not without there being a heavy emphasis on personal responsibility.  The truth is that we don’t live in a society where everyone holds those same values.  Some people just could care less or are flying through life ignorant of what they do or how it affects others.  There are psychopaths and sociopaths in our midst who have their own agenda….a lot of them are in positions of power.  So how do we get the kind of social change we want?

Well, Kevin’s idea of a Common-Law court by the people could be one way, if it wasn’t being spear-headed by a sociopath and likely psychopath, like Kevin Annett.  If you doubt his qualification under either of those labels then I suggest you pick up a psych textbook and look up Hare’s Criteria and see if he doesn’t fit the bill.  Here’s why:

When Steve Finney was arrested it wasn’t because he was the leader of ITCCS as Kevin would have you believe. Finney isn’t the leader, Kevin is.  Finney has a juvenile record that is preventing Amy and Steve from gaining full custody of their daughter, now in the care of family.  Finney refused to comply with the court order to go through ‘rehabilitation’ to meet the requirements for gaining greater access to the child.  Finney was required to appear in court to answer why he was refusing to do the mandatory ‘rehabilitation’ to which he stated he did not recognize the court and that he was not the Steve Finney the judge was addressing.  The judge, within his right, issued a bench warrant for Finney’s arrest because under the law, Finney was not present in court.  Finney and Amy (who taped the whole thing) thought Finney got off scott-free, that the whole International Law thing worked and so they walked out of the courtroom.  Amy was heard to say, “huh, that’s it?”.  That wasn’t it, now Finney has a warrant out for his arrest and he is driving around town with a bogus licence plate of the Republic of Kanata on his car.  He got pulled over.  The officer might have found out about Finney’s warrant and put him under arrest anyways, except Finney’s refused to produce ID, refused to get out of his car and when his car lurched forward (according to him), Police took that as a sign that he might try to run them over and flee the scene.  Finney, in his interview with Kevin Annett (oh, yeah and Rainbow Warrior Speaks too..) tells his story how he sees it, but Kevin Annett does a LOT of coaching and twisting of Finney’s words.  Finney, I don’t think, is very smart (no pun intended) and so a grey haired guru-type like Kevin taking the reins is probably a relief for Finney.  (See my previous articles here and here for the video evidence Amy herself provides).

Here’s where the pathology comes in:

Kevin, during the interview, is all to willing to drive the conversation into the realms of righteous indignation because it makes for great T.V.  He stretches the truth, inserts facts and leads Finney through most of the interview.  (Rainbow Warrior didn’t speak very much).  And Kevin’s smug comments made Finney look worse than he already does which won’t bode well when CAS workers and Police see the above video.  Kevin is helping to incriminate Finney and he couldn’t give a crap.

Here’s a question:  If Kevin believes so much in what he is doing why doesn’t he get himself arrested?  Because Kevin is too smart (if he’s not being paid to set people up) to do that when he can get the Steve Finney’s and Rhianne Baine’s of the world to do it.  And how do we know this?  Well, lets not forget that Kevin seems to prefer taping public notices to church doors rather than storming the church demanding the ‘Reclamation’ he so often writes about.  Why else did he chose to pass by a street-person sitting at the church steps without so much as a second glance or an offer of a cup of coffee and a sandwich?   BECAUSE HE REALLY COULDN’T GIVE A CRAP!!!

Kevin ignores this homeless person asleep outside Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Kevin ignores this homeless person asleep outside Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Kevin walks right past homeless person to 'tape up' a public notice of the Reclaimation of Church for the poor and needy
Kevin walks right past homeless person to ‘tape up’ a public notice of the Reclamation of Church for the poor and needy

That’s the hypocrisy that Kevin Annett, Reverend and Pseudo-Native Guru hopes critical thinkers won’t notice, let alone call him on.  He hopes that people won’t notice the little girl caught between CAS and ITCCS because the SOCIAL ENGINEERING is what matters most.  And it is precisely why Kevin prefers to have people like Rhianne Baines of Coventry and Steve Finney of Kitchener there as cannon fodder.  Their arrests elevate his status as a Guru and legitimize what was once the rantings of one guy on a blog into a full-fledged legitimate organization.

What is encouraging is that unlike the courts in the UK who acquitted the environmentalists despite their breaking the law, it appears unlikely that the judge in Kitchener will be as forgiving when Finney takes the stand.  My question is, when will we see the name Kevin Annett on a court docket?  My guess is not any time soon.

9 thoughts on “Why ITCCS Founder Kevin Annett Doesn’t Mind the Arrest of Steve Finney

  1. ‘Kevin ignores this homeless person asleep outside Holy Rosary Catholic Church’

    Do you know who took the picture of the person sitting in the street ? Are you personally aware of the full circumstances of the day ? Did the church offer this person any aid ? How long was he sitting there ? Did Mr Annett have any discussion/interaction with the person . . . ?


  2. Hello Gazz,
    Watch the full video (shot by Shawna Greene’s son that day) and decide for yourself…As for what the Church did, how can I know that?? As for what Kevin did… you can see that he gave merely a cursory glance on his way to the door and then hastened himself across the street to the safety of the plaza….


  3. Thanks Heather, without knowing the full circumstances of the day, I will reserve any judgement i suffice to say that I myself pass many people in similar circumstances without any interaction – does this mean I am any less moral ?

    Do you believe Mr Annett’s cause to be a worthy cause ?

    What is your main contention with him ?

    What do you believe to be his agenda ?



    1. I make no judgements about you Gazz based on your opinions of Mr. Annett. I used to do that about a lot of people connected to Kevin… now I know better. I respect that you have chosen to address the issues… to have a discourse about it all, rather than post childish comments about the size of my ass or my nose…(if you’re reading this ANON stalkers this means you!). I work with those people every day…most are victims of their circumstances…some refuse to take the help… I’ve learned from my children not to judge them and to do what I can to give them some hope.

      As for Mr. Annett’s cause…. what exactly is his cause? He has abandoned the promise he made to repatriate the remains of children at the Mush Hole. He’s attempted to infiltrate OPPT and other ‘Trusts’. He’s affiliated himself with a cult leader claiming to be the Anti-christ. He charges 30 individuals (most whom have been directly associated with his defrocking as a Minister) and high level persons in government and the Church creating a predicament regarding ‘jurisdiction’ for which he criticized Jason Bowman who attempted to file a motion at the Court of Queens Bench here in Canada. Now he is fomenting a Freeman/Sovereignty movement while using a child as fodder to do so. I don’t know, Gazz, I can’t quite tell you WHAT Annett’s cause is…

      His agenda? I personally believe that Annett is a controlled asset who is being used to create anti- Harper, anti-establishment, and anti-church sentiment. If we are being socially engineered to embrace a New World Order, we re being driven to it through fear and hatred….the kind that Kevin Annett spews in his weekly Urgent Action Updates and ITCCS blog articles.

      Again my opinion


  4. Please forgive me Gazz… I can’t help but cringe at your last remark, because if I had a nickle for every person who asked for information confirming Kevin’s wrongdoing…. I say this because the last person who asked me to present that kind of evidence used it to produce a ‘report’ full of lies about myself and several other of Kevin’s detractors. Turns out that Kevin has hackers who pose as IT computer specialists who are actually part of the Anonymous network. One of them knows Kevin quite well and Kevin admitted that I was no longer in his good graces and that people less forgiving than him were going to stop me from writing about him. It turned out that these are not the brightest bulbs in the pack and rely on the impression that Anonymous is some big, bad-ass kind of secret society there to mess people’s lives up. In reality, they are a bunch of washed up ex-military has-beens (often with criminal records) who have to infiltrate and set up bogus FaceBook groups to lure their hacking targets. I chose not to be intimidated or to let their name calling and cowardly harassment affect me. I’ve seen activist groups get co-opted and infiltrated by agents, NGO’s and politicians alike and so I recognize those people who claim to be for and with the people who are there to spy, subvert and divide what could be a truly good and pure ‘truth’ movement. http://truthinanutshell.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/ngos-politics-and-the-demise-of-the-grass-roots-revolution/

    Now as for the blog link you supplied, I really liked what was said there regarding the Truth… It’s what I’ve been interested in since I woke up 7 years ago…. and I never take it for granted that I know everything there is to know… There is much about what Kevin talks about that is truth, and it perplexes me why he has to pepper it always with lies. The truth about the Indian Residential Schools is horrific enough… why post images stolen from National Geographic of Mass Graves in Syria claiming that they are from an Alberta IRS? He inflames peoples emotions by doing these things and to me there is a purpose to that that isn’t in our best interests.


  5. Yes, that’s a fair comment Heather. As can be seen in the link I left earlier, you should never accept things at face value. It really is for people to accept that there are some big problems with the system and it really is a question of making that choice I alluded to in an earlier response here.

    As the author details in the article about David Icke, it is a matter of walking the walk and just how far one is prepared to go. By and large it is those good folks who walk the walk that end up being persecuted by the state, Barbara Tucker is one with the Brian Haw peace campaign. There are many more. On a personal level, I too am struggling with authority here in England.

    I understand that you must be asked time and again to produce evidence of what you say about Mr Annett. Perhaps a whole page listing that evidence with direct links as a permanent feature here will assist new comers establish the facts. I simply haven’t the time to research each and every ‘truther’ that has sinister motives (alleged).

    It really isn’t hard to determine the system is based upon lie after lie, particularly so when the points I’ve highlighted about the ‘English’ monarch are considered, which is one of the reasons I took interest in Mr Annett’s work. To me – whether he has a sinister self interest in what he does or not is insignificant. I have established my own truth about the system I live in and under.

    Of course, if what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt that, then it is contempt for the Native peoples he purports to defend and he should be called out for that. He no doubt will refute what you say and hence the questioning/confusion.

    Least-ways some good has become of Mr Annett’s work, as I have alerted others to the suffering of the Native people. As with others like David Icke etc, the elements of truth they do disseminate are valuable, it is for individuals to filter from that any absurd nonsense.
    Another site you may find of interest perhaps.

    Good luck.


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