Kevin Annett Turns Attack on ACCAW Members, Formerly ITCCS Ireland


Coventry crew
Earlier in the month I reported that ACCAW had removed it’s support from Kevin Annett and ITCCS.  According to a statement made by Dave O’Brien, the goals of certain members of ACCAW had changed, but until this week little has been said regarding WHY.
The recent arrest and activities of Rhianne Baines, her partner and others sympathizers to ITCCS like Steve Finney here in Canada have left many to be critical of Kevin Annett and his ‘organization’.
In this forum thread, for example, there was plenty to be said about the recent developments in Canada and the claims of Kevin’s ITCCS:

Re: Steve Finney: anti-child slavery agent and Freeman

by Pottapaug1938 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:31 pm

“Motivated, perhaps, by the desire to subject myself to a sort of visual abuse, I went onto the ITCCS site and scanned downwards. Among other things, I noticed an article entitled “Spiritual Reclamations across the world inaugurate new ‘Jubilee Revolution’ — Debts, laws nullified.” The article goes on to say that on September 22, an assembly of “[t]raditional elders, shamans and clergy” in Rome and in other cities around the world informed the world that the Church of Rome “has been spiritually disestablished, declared abomination, anathema and anti-Christ, and banished from the world. Christians are now free to be faithful to Christ alone within their own self-governing congregations, separate from the corporate apostasy of the papacy and mediated religion.”

Boston was one of the other cities where this happened. Gee — I live in Boston; and there was nary a word about this in the local media. Given our large Roman Catholic population, you’d have thought that at least SOME of them might have taken exception to this disestablishment; but then, I get this mental image of a group of wackos standing in some park or on some street corner, making their Grand Proclamation, completely ignored by almost every passerby.”

Certainly all this attention did not go un-noticed by the members of ITCCS themselves:

ITCCS MembersSurely those persons listed as Tribunal Members would have done some soul searching to see if the goals of ITCCS still matched their own.  As it turned out there were a few who now have broken ties with Kevin and his crusade as this post on Dave O’Briens FaceBook wall demonstrates:

There is presently some information doing the rounds in regards to ITCCS Ireland. I am not going to comment on the material itself, but if you do come across it, I ask you to please examine it very very closely. Check out every little fact stated. Google is your Friend, as they say, and even ask for definitive proof from the Claimant, if need be. I will leave you to make your own mind up as to whether you believe it or not. I will however re post a statement myself and my good and Trusted Friend John Deegan, posted publicly on the 24th of Sept 2013, where we announced that we would no longer be supporting the ITCCS. Gerry Odonothing our good and trusted friend, has endorsed our stance. We made our decision based on 3 personal belief’s. The first been that the ITCCS has seemingly become more Politically orientated. Neither myself or John have any interest in been involved in Political movements. We are not casting judgement on anybody’s Political belief, it’s just that we want to concentrate on Clerical Abuse Activism. Reason 2 and 3 are recent ITCCS related Video’s

The first is this one…

Again we are not passing judgment on anyone’s Political views, but we just don’t want to be associated with the imagery used in this.

The 3rd and final reason is that we were tipped off that this story was going to break, by a concerned Citizen

Again, people are entitled to make lifestyle choices for themselves.. We don’t however, have to to be associated with something that we personally consider brings a Nobel Cause into dispute.

To finish off, our decision to resign from ITCCS has not gone down too well in some quarters, hence my opening comments.

Thank you
Dave O’Brien.

What a shock!  Perish the thought that Kevin has been less than happy with the departure of the Irish part of ITCCS Ireland…. I find it hard to believe. (That was sarcasm folks)…

I can only imagine the names these men are now being called by Kevin and probably Bill and others who support Kevin while choosing to remain completely lobotomized.  I suspect that O’Brien and Deegan are now being accused of being ‘paid agents’, ‘black operatives’ and traitors to Kevin’s cause.

Consider the following PRESS RELEASE by John Deegan posted on ACCAW’s FB page:
Due to the allegations leveled against me by Rev Kevin Annett MD MDiv,The President/Secretary of The Republic of Kanata through his ‘agent’,the mysterious George Dufort of The International Tribunal into Church and State Crimes I will be outside the Pro Cathedral Dublin on Sunday morning the 23/10/2013 between the hours of 10 am and 12 noon,where I will be making a full public statement in relation to this matter.
All evidence available into how these allegations by Rev Kevin Annett MD MDiv,The President/Secretary of the Republic of Kanata came about will be presented and and recorded on film.
I will be contacting Rev Kevin Mc Annett MD MDiv The President/Secretary of the Republic of Kanata and advising him to contact all or any of his ‘supporters,followers,fan club members or loyal subjects’ and I welcome them to present themselves at this event.
John Deegan
Did I call it or did I call it?
So, Imagine my surprise to find a press release from ITCCS this morning that has a LOT to say about Ireland; where we are supposed to believe that yet another organization Kevin is involved in (Not In Our Name) is working to take down the Church and Pope Ratzinger.  How does he expect people to believe that Ciaran Ui Niall and Caoimhin Ui Niall (Kevin’s alter ego) are different people, when Kevin lists himself as a member of NON?  And are we really to believe in the whole ‘black-ops’ bribery allegations coming from a man who labels everyone he hates a ‘black-operative’ who takes money to attack him?  C’mon Kevin!… your paranoia is getting a little old and stinky.
Caiomhin ui niall TributeCaiomhin ui niall NON Salem
There is much in the following ‘Breaking Update’  from ITCCS that deserves more investigation and much will be revealed through in-depth research in the coming days.  In the meantime, will we start to see ‘Moms’ getting arrested next in the name of ITCCS?  Is there any doubt that Kevin’s brainchild is out of control and wrecking havoc on well-meaning people’s lives and he NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!  Are we surprised that Kevin is losing his closest supporters because of it?  I look forward to seeing what Deegan will have to say in his video and more importantly will be interested to see how Kevin and his supporters react. Stay tuned as this latest development unfolds…..

Breaking Update from Ireland: Dissolving Ties with Rome, Revealing Children’s Graves, an Archbishop’s Dirty Ops Schemes, and Forcing Irish Clergy to Choose their Allegiance

A Special Report from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its affiliate, ITCCS Ireland (submitted by ITCCS Central with the help of Mary Hennessey and Ciaran Ui Niall)

October 10, 2013, 10 pm GMT


Four years ago, this city on the Liffey River hosted the formation of the ITCCS: a grassroots movement that has successfully prosecuted and deposed one pope and rallied survivors of church crimes in twenty one countries.

Today, Dublin is once again witnessing the birth of an historic movement, an offshoot of the ITCCS: a network of Roman Catholic priests who are aiming to break away from Rome, and establish an independent Irish Church that is free of any complicity with the crimes of the Vatican.

The new group is called Not in Our Name (NON), and it formed at a closed meeting in Dublin soon after Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, resigned last February, following his public indictment for Crimes against Humanity by the ITCCS affiliated Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

Ciaran Ui Niall is the pseudonym of a serving Catholic priest who lives near Wexford, Ireland. NON was his brainchild, along with a group of other clergy who, to quote Ciaran, “can’t stand the stench of Rome anymore”.

Ciaran spoke to ITCCS Central today from his home.

“Our own Cardinal Sean Brady actually told us last year that we’d face purgatory and suspension if we ever named the name of any child abuser in our ranks. For him to even say such a thing is a crime, as I understand the law. And I’m talking God’s law, not just man’s. Once Pope Benedict stepped down, forced down really, that was a sign for me. I knew someone had to start saying no, church law be damned”.

Since March, Ciaran has united more than twenty fellow priests across Ireland behind his group, and soon they’ll be going public with a demand that the government cancel the tax exemptions and privileges of the Roman Catholic church as long as it’s tied to a “proven transnational criminal body like the Vatican”.

And already, Ciaran and his group have support from outside the church.

Mary Hennessey lives in Connemara, and is a single mother and an organizer for the ITCCS in Ireland.

“A group of other moms got together with me and we linked up with the ITCCS when we heard about them taking out Ratzinger” she said today.

“We’re just sick and tired of these bastard priests and Bishops getting away with harming our kids and the law looking the other way. Soon enough we heard from Ciaran and we got together. But we’re fighting on a broader front than Not in Our Name. For one thing, we’re pressing for the defrocking of every priest who harms a kid. And we want the kind of mass graves inquiry the ITCCS has pressed for in Canada, to find the kids who died in Catholic schools and sweatshops, like the Magdalene Laundries. But just like in Canada, the fuckers are covering up their filth over here too.”

Not in Our Name and ITCCS Ireland will announce a joint campaign early in the new year, at a Dublin press conference. Among their plans are to push for a national “Disaffiliate from Rome” referendum, public rallies at known mass grave sites of children who died in catholic facilities, and the public naming and citizens’ arrest of known child raping priests anywhere in Ireland.

“We’ll be pressing for every priest to take a public oath to unconditionally defend children by naming and exposing child rapists in the church, even if that means defying the present church policy of ‘don’t tell’ “ said Ciaran.

In other ITCCS Ireland News: Black Ops and New Protests

An insider in Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s Dublin Diocese claimed this week that Martin has authorized a “dirty ops” campaign aimed at ITCCS activists and other Irish groups seeking to expose child abuse and trafficking in the catholic church.

The “dirty ops” plan includes smearing and spreading lies and disinformation about Rev. Kevin Annett and other ITCCS leaders to the media and the Garda, Ireland’s national police force, and attempting to falsely brand ITCCS as a “terrorist” group tied to the so-called “Freemen on the Land” movement.

“That was all spelled out in a memo Martin gave to a priest at the pro-Cathedral named Father Damien. That’s what I was told” said the Diocese source.

“The Archbishop also authorized the paying of bribes to one of the regular protestors at the Cathedral so he’d back off and even change sides. You know who the man is”.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is the senior Catholic official in Ireland after Cardinal Sean Brady was suspended last year because of a police investigation into Brady’s ties with convicted child rapists among his clergy.

Elsewhere, students at Cork University took to the streets on October 4 and 5 demanding the arrest of former Pope Benedict for “pimping innocent kids”.

The students were part of a public debate at their campus two years ago between Kevin Annett and a Vatican representative, at which a majority of students voted yes to a post-debate poll on “Should the Pope be arrested?”.

The students distributed hundreds of leaflets to noon hour pedestrians on campus and in Cork’s central district. The leaflet read in part,

Do you want your tax money to aid child rapists in Rome? … If Cork citizens could fight and die valiantly to throw out the British only to have theirforeign tyranny replaced by that of Rome, why shouldn’t we toss those child killers in drag from our midst too?”

To contact ITCCS Ireland relay messages to them or to Not in Our Name through these emails:

Issued 10 October, 2013 ITCCS Central, Brussels


8 thoughts on “Kevin Annett Turns Attack on ACCAW Members, Formerly ITCCS Ireland

  1. Wow looks like this is getting heated. Kevin would do best to just walk away. If you go up against those Irish men, you will sure know you are in a fight. Kevin has really gone off the deep end. This whole court thing is complete bullshit. It is nothing more than a small group writing letters as if they have legal power when they have NONE. Wake up people! This guy is getting more dangerous. He will have no problem filling your head with hype and next thing you know you are sitting in a jail cell because he told you it was legal. It is all an illusion.


    1. Nell I’m glad to see you on our side. I know I was harsh with you before. I admit I’m quite blunt and not at all a diplomatic person nor do I ever want to be. To me, diplomacy is nothing more than curtains to hide behind how one truly feels or thinks. I’ll leave diplomacy for politicians since it serves to hide their corruption, deception and lies. Also, I know that I lack compassion for those who simply refuse to look at the facts presented to them for whatever reason. On these two counts, I’m guilty as charged. That said however, now that I see that you did in fact make the journey to the side of TRUTH, I can proudly say that I would definitely consider you a friend if you are able to forgive my shortcomings.


      1. Tony, I was trying to find the truth out and instead just got attacked. Instead of us all looking at the facts we had to deal with all the drama and opinions. That gave Kevin more time to run his games. You treated me horribly and were very unprofessional. I don’t need friends who are only cool with me when I agree with them. Your communication style and me will never be around each other again.

        I was attempting to understand a world I got very deep into. My story was very different than many others. I wasn’t doing it for the drama. I wanted to find the truth. I am still searching for it. However, my perception of the truth is never going to completely match yours or others because we are walking in very different worlds. So, I leave you to walk in your world and view it as you wish. I want no part of it.

        So, thanks for your somewhat kind words but I am not interested.


  2. I did not assist him. I just posted like everyone else. I did not create the letter nor was I connected to your friendship and the truth of what happened. I did issue an apology and state publicly that I thought Kevin uses black ops for anyone who questions him. It took me time to figure out the truth of it all.

    I don’t know nor am I responsible for anything that a letter by Kevin created for you and your family. I am sorry if you or your family suffered by his hands. The responsibility is solely his.

    I am still surprised he has not black ops me as well. Everything that comes out of that mans mouth is a lie to cover up some other lie.

    I do not wish to continue the battle between us. You have not really been in my life since 2009 or 2010. I don’t know you except online and the phone calls/interviews. What does any of that really mean anyway?

    I only wish to be left a lone by your family and my name to be left out of anything that you created or have created.

    I do not wish for a friendship. I just wish to be left alone.


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