Kevin Annett loses support of ACCAW/ITCCS Ireland and Deryl Zeleney of SWISSINDO

As if this week couldn’t get any weirder…. a friend passed this screenshot along:

Shocking Announcement
Shocking Announcement

Due to financial restrictions and various personal commitments and individual projects, we would like to announce that we are no longer in a position to assist the ITCCS with their campaign.  It is with regret that we make this announcement.  We will continue to do our best to assist each other should the need arise with our own personal projects.

We hope that you all understand

John Deegan

Dave O’Brien

Gerry O’Donothing likes this

This produced a HOLY CRAP moment of epic proportions considering that John Deegan was highly publicized on ITCCS webpages for his support of Kevin Annet’s work in Ireland through his own organization ACCAW, and so it was equally surprising to see Deegan and others listed on ITCCS’s website:

ITCCS Members

This comes as a surprise as only a few weeks ago this page listed only a few members plus Kevin Annett and there certainly were no Convenors of ITCCS Ireland let alone Canada listed.  It makes this writer wonder what other changes will come down the ITCCS pipe in the next few weeks now that Kevin has a new platform from which to launch himself from…. THE SOVEREIGN COMMON-LAW MOVEMENT!!!

Indeed Kevin will have to re-invent himself again and be reborn as the Wiggan formerly known as Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice of the Metis Wolf Eagle Turtle Crane Clan of the Anishinabe Nation of the O’Neils.  I won’t be surprised if he awards himself the title of Kevin Of The Family Annett.

Lastly, Mel Ve of Freedom Central has acknoDeryl Zeleny of SWISSINDO, that Mel Ve is no longer involved, nor will she remain involved with Kevin Annett or ITCCS and its members.

“We have nothing to do with Kevin Annett now or in the future.” – Deryl Zeleny

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