’s Most Innocent Victim


Perhaps the most sad and disturbingly enevitable chapter in the saga of Kevin Annett has just been written on Canadian soil.  Sad for the fact that the scam that is ITCCS has now produced a living child victim and not one resurrected from a dig site called the Mush-Hole; the victim being a little girl whose parents have bought into Kevin Annett’s con hook, line and sinker.

On Sept 30th an Urgent Action Alert was put out by Kevin Annett via YouTube and e-mail asking for help in the arrest of Steve Finney of Kitchener, Ontario.

Steve Finney appearing at a bail hearing on several Criminal charges Oct 2, 2013
Steve Finney appearing at a bail hearing on several Criminal charges Oct 2, 2013

Finney, the husband of Amy Smart, declared himself a Sovereign Citizen of the newly dissolved country of Canada.  The couple, who appeared on ‘We the Jury” are no strangers to rebellion against the Church and State and have actively promoted themselves as agents of in various YouTube video’s.  Amy was warned by a few people several weeks ago that aligning with Kevin was a huge mistake and is now living the results of that mistake and willfully so.  The real victim here is their daughter, who could have stood a real chance to go back to her parents home until Steve’s arrest on Sunday. In the following video, the Child Services worker admonishes Finney stating that his continued activities would hinder their chances of getting their child back.

Finney replies:

“But that’s all right… this is where you guys play the fear factor against parents, right?…..This is about our rights, there’s no exceptions to it…We’ve got enough people behind us, there’s no way we’re going to be hindering nothing..”

A part of me wants to shake Finney…. and shake Amy even harder.  I want to ask them what the hell is wrong with them that they put their wait.. their WANTS… ahead of the wellbeing of their child.  For me, their carte-blanche acceptance of the ‘legality’ of what Kevin created (sorry, but YouTube videos are not a Common Law Court) is reckless disregard of their own daughters fundamental human rights.

I'm the main advocate of ITCCS
Steve Finney explaining International Law to Child Advocacy Services

He goes on to declare that he is an expert in International Law…

“I’m the main advocate of the ITCCS…I’ve trained myself on the Internet!!”

Amy chimes in:

“We’re currently doing interviews with ITCCS…um, they want to know our full story, they’re reporting it and they’re putting it together.”

The worker for the umpteenth time reminds the couple that their decision to adhere to their current course jeopardizes their ability to get their child back stating,  “you’ve got a choice to make, and I’m not going to make it for you”.

Finney replies:

“We get all this man, we’ve already made it… that’s why you’ve got (our daughter).  We’re sticking our ground on this stance on International Law, it overrules… International Common Law overrules everything around us”.

Finney’s smile is chilling as I have seen it before… it’s the smile I’ve seen on those who believe they’ve seen an angel sitting at the end of their bed, the smile of those religious cult followers, alien ascension contactees and Jonestown Kool-aid drinking sheep who are SO SURE they have all the answers.  What if the only right answer is that you need to do everything in your power to get your daughter back… to be a father, not a hero?

Kevin now plans on setting up training sessions and workshops on how to follow in Finney and Smarts footsteps so that you too can get arrested and become political Martyrs to Kevin’s cause.  Children, it seems have become acceptable collateral damage in the establishment of a new REPUBLIK.

Stay Tuned as this story unfolds….


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