ITCCS and it’s Puppets On A String

Yesterday I read Greg Renouf’s blog article on the latest “cringe-worthy” moment brought to you by the MINIONS OF ITCCS.ORG!!  As Greg pointed out in “Kevin Annett’s Nutbar Supporters Invade UK Church“, Kevin’s delusion’s of grandeur have escalated to a whole new level.  Now the people in England and Scotland have a very real and tangible beef with certain members of various churches who are guilty of child abuse.  And they would be within their rights to protest outside a church or to confront a pedophile priest about his crimes against humanity.  The difficulty comes in the notion that there is anything valid or legal on what was printed on that piece of paper held tightly in the ITCCS Peace Officer’s hands.  Oh if only they knew the degree of deception, of ego investment and hubris of the creator of ITCCS.

Kevin, through his use of his various personas, has tapped into peoples most painful experiences and has become the puppet master…playing a sick and twisted tune that his followers are compelled to dance to.

When Kevin Annett wants to take advantage of Native People, he becomes Eagle Strong Voice, Jeremiah Jourdain (Cree Elder) and the Interim President of the Provisional Republik of Kanata (or some other such nonsense). He uses the Two-Row Wampum and his ceremonial walking stick to create the illusion that he is somehow Native – an image he has distanced himself from as of late.  When Kevin wants to tap into his inner Marxist, he sends out his communique’s and promotes himself on Occupy Toronto’s FaceBook page.  But perhaps his most offensive impersonation is that of the kindly Reverend (Ciaomin Uih Niall) the founder of Not In Our Name, and holy protector of the weak, the abused and the suffering.  Yes, it is this same holy man who now appeals to those victimized by the church and asks them to place themselves in the role of mercenary.

The danger, as I see it, is that these are damaged desperate and righteous people… an equally dangerous combination because it leads to that mob mentality that can snowball into chaos.  Kevin, of course, knows this and counts on this and has now reserved comment on these events in the UK because he has set the wheels in motion….let the anarchy begin!

Watch the following video and decide for your self if Kevin Annett needs to be held accountable for his actions or not:


Upon searching the activities of Rhianne Baines and her partner I’ve found some other video’s that are equally revealing.  In this video, Baines’ partner approaches a Coventry Police officer and ‘serves’ him with papers, apparently previously served at the station.  What is important to note is that these ‘Peace Officers’ have claimed to be with the International Criminal Court of Brussels, but seem to be either forgetful or full of it, because they also claimed to be with the International Criminal Court of Canada.  This means that a phone call to Coventry might be in order….

As an interesting post-script… the past week has generated some interesting stats.  The greatest number of views this week has been from the United Kingdom and not Canada or the U.S.

4 thoughts on “ITCCS and it’s Puppets On A String

  1. While it is very evident that the British establishment do NOT act with the interest of British/English folk at heart. The people in these videos are a very poor example of lawful resistance and I would guess their motives are not wholly to serve the Native people of Canada who have suffered.

    The British Constitution must be protected and preserved. The fact ‘we’ have a monarch on the throne dictates such. Their attention is best aimed at legitimate resistance to crime – fraud and many other unconstitutional activities.

    I say Good luck to those who have suffered at the hands of the establishment, their cause is a worthy cause and I support that.


    1. Oh I would argue that they don’t have Native IRS survivors interests in mind AT ALL. They are clearly focused on the new objective which is the demolishing of Christianity.. Which is Kevin’s objective….so they serve his purpose rather well… No, certainly if the goal were to prosecute the Queen or any priests involved in pedophilia they would use The Hague and would make an appeal to Pope Francis who has now ruled that crimes committed by priests will not be protected… What they are doing is promoting anarchy and chaos… From which a new world order can arise from.. IMO


  2. I find it ludicrous that they want ‘freedom’ but at the same time want to deprive some people of their right to worship in church as they choose. Rhianne Baines and Leon Clarke are being used by Kevin Annett imo and will only come off the worse for it. They need to find a better way to air their grievances. They are not ‘officers of the court’ (what court? – the one invented by Annett!) but appear to the rest of the world to be vigilantes. Not good.


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