‘Clandestine’ Meeting with Italian Government to be held Sept 22, 2013 (Yeah….Right….)

top secret

It’s been a quiet month in the camp of Kevin, where little has been shared publicly regarding the next stage of assaults against the Vatican and it’s ‘ILK’.  The plea for around 15,000 Euro’s needed to bring a delegation of ITCCS representatives from Canada, the US and Europe to meet in Italy went according to plans and apparently all those involved have been able to scrape up the cash to get there.  What struck me as extremely funny was the ‘communique’ from camp Kevin which (although it originated from Kevin’s computer) was created so-as to give readers the impression that it originated from officials in Rome.  You see, today’s date is August 25th, 2013, not August 26th as the pronouncement states and as the original e-mail shows it originated from Kevin’s email address from his home within Pacific Daylight Time (-7.00).  Sure, he will argue that it might have been a minor mistake, or that ITCCS Lawyer George Dufourt wrote the communique in Belgium and sent it to Kevin, only to have Kevin send it right back… What a lot of nonsense and drama just to make a very elaborate scheme/scam/con look official:

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Angels Demons and Kevin AnnetI was feeling a little satirical.... can you blame me?

Italian politicians to meet with Kevin Annett and ITCCS to plan “comprehensive campaign to de-secularize” the Vatican –

            “Spiritual Assembly” to convene on September 22 in Rome and twenty one countries
A News-Breaking Update from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) http://youtu.be/Cfhdim8ts3M

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rome –

The campaign for justice by victims of the Roman Catholic Church took a major step forward this past weekend when two political parties in Italy agreed to meet with ITCCS officials in September.  The meeting will plan what an internal statement calls “a comprehensive political and legal campaign to de-secularize the church and bring it under the rule of law and democratic control”. This campaign will include as its aim the annulment of the so-called Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Vatican which protects the church from prosecution for its crimes against humanity. Inspired by the August 4 Brussels Declaration of the ITCCS that proclaimed the Roman Catholic Church to be a transnational criminal body under international law, the Italian parties agreed that the time has arrived for “decisive political action in Italy on behalf of all the victims of the papacy”. (see www.itccs.org, August 3)

Blah, blah, blah…… It is so typical of Kevin to spin this event as ‘top-secret’ and in the interests of security that no one will know for sure who attended these so called meetings and therefore not scrutinize the actions of the parties involved.  To be honest it’s a little like what ‘the enemy’ does isn’t it?  I mean, governments carefully manipulate the media and the propaganda so that you (the consumer) buy into whatever ‘official story’ you’re told!   It just confirms that Kevin has again stooped to the level of those he rails against so vehemently.

Anyone want to put their bets on the Pope running out of the Vatican with his hands up screaming “I surrender!”.

Sound familiar?

Another big laugh comes when you read that they (ITCCS.org) has aligned itself with NON! (Not In Our Name) which is not to be confused with the official Not In Our Name organization which is run by anti-Zionist Jews.  I tried Googling NON! and could only find one reference to the organization that claims to be composed of 24 ‘concerned clergy’ from Canada, the U.S., Ireland, Italy…etc.. and it was found on none other than ITCCS.org’s website.  Who do you suppose runs NON!?  Why it’s our pal Rev. Caomhin Ui Niall who is none other than KEVIN ANNETT HIMSELF!!  So, you can understand my rolling of the eyes and unstoppable giggles at the utter audacity of the Reverend himself using himself as a reference for himself to lend credibility to himself so as to profit (himself)…. It’s all too rich!

Kevin Annett's Alter Ego
Kevin Annett’s Alter Ego

From ITCCS.org: Not In Our Name:

“We ask and pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our one and ultimate authority”.

Now I’m really rolling on the floor as I remember Kevin’s conversation with Jesus!  How is it you call a ‘human’ your ‘one and ultimate authority”, Reverend?

How is it that you can be a Marxist (a Free Thinker like good ol’ ancestor Pete) and yet be a Christian… (nevermind persecution of the Catholic, Anglican, United and other Churches)?  Lest we forget your alliance with the AntiChrist 666?  Oh, make it stop! My sides hurt!


People if you send this man (or his DAD) any money for this lunatic cause… I have no sympathy for you…. there’s truth to the saying…”you get what you pay for”.

At least here in the video below is a man who isn’t asking for your money and who actually is standing up to those he opposes… not running up to the church door and taping up a ‘notice’ before running away…

10 thoughts on “‘Clandestine’ Meeting with Italian Government to be held Sept 22, 2013 (Yeah….Right….)

  1. People don’t advertise upcoming Top Secret Clandestine meetings with the government unless your one of the desperate ones who believe they are entitled to a Nobel Peace Prize come hell or high water.


  2. I actually sent an email to hiddenfromhistory.etc. to find out what happened at a press conference that was to be in New York City on September 2nd. What surprised me more is that Kevin responded. He said the conference didn’t happen on the 2nd, but the 4th. Kevin is editing it for display at itccs (why would you edit a press conference?). He was also interested in whether I was in NYC. I told him no just interested in the press conference. I will keep checking to see if it actually appears.


  3. Hi. I was trying to find out what was initially advertised as a press conference to be held on Sept 2nd 2013. The info is on my previous post.

    I found out that the event on September 4th wasn’t a press conference, but Kevin was scheduled to speak at The Henry George School of Social Science, 121 East 30th Street
    New York, NY 10016
    This is from the schedule of the school’s seminars:

    Genocide, Earth Rights and Paying The Rent
    A Conversation with Kevin Annett, Quisia Gonzalez, and Alanna Hartzok.

    Kevin Annett is a non-denominational minister and holds degrees in Anthropology, Political Science and Theology. He is Co-Founder / Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

    Quisia Gonzalez for the past 11 years she has been teaching Fundamental Principles of Political Economy and Human Rights at the Henry George School of Social Science in New York. She is on the Board of Directors of The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and also on the Executive Committee of the International Union for Land Value Taxation for which she is also a UN NGO representative

    Alanna Hartzok holds degrees in psychology and is a highly trained psycho-spiritual therapist who now serves as International Outreach Coordinator for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, Founder/Co-Director of Earth Rights Institute, also the General Secretary and UN NGO Representative for the International Union for Land Value Taxation.

    Can anyone figure out why he would be invited to such an event? Anyways, I’m still looking around to see if there is more info.


      1. He (or somebody using his email) sent me this reply:

        Kevin A (hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com)Add to contacts 04/09/2013
        To: L Hunter

        Outlook Active View

        The event was tonight and we’re still waiting to have the film produced. Are you near NYC?

        On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 6:16 PM, L Hunter wrote:
        Please tell me where I can find out the information or see the actual press conference that was to be held on September 2 from New York City.

        Thank you

        I keep searching for further info since Sept 4th, but no luck yet.


      2. He probably did film it…checking the Henry school website revealed that he was slated to be there…I only say that he may not have showed up as he has a tendency to stand people up…


  4. OMG!!!!! People actually went to a church in the UK and posted a video of a takeover a la Kevin Annett – quoting all the stuff he tells them to say. This was the wording at itccs.org:

    “This past Sunday, our network in Coventry, UK served Banishment proclamations and citizen arrest warrants in catholic churches in Coventry, England.
    Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring. – Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, 1950

    We are international common law peace officers sworn to uphold the sentence of the court in the UK, we are lawfully reclaiming all roman catholic churches in accordance with court verdict on 25 feb 2013, there has been an arrest warrant issued for the pope and the vatican has been named a transnational criminal organisation, those who attend their churches are aiding and funding criminal acts of a shocking and inhuman nature.”

    Go to the itccs.org website and watch the 28 minute video.
    The police were called and the protesters told them that they have to enforce the document itccs gave them as it went through court….and claiming that the church is a public place and they can’t be forced to leave.

    Watch and cringe…the last thing the cameraman says “I enjoyed that”


    1. What is the worst is that these are likely good..well meaning people..so desperate to take control back into their hands that they didn’t even bother to see if what they were doing was legal…Kevin must be laughing his ass off and saying something like…”It Worked!”


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