Who is Adam Kokesh? – the man calling for an armed American revolution

As soon as I read the latest Urgent Update Action Alert I could hardly contain my amazement at the similarities between the actions of Adam Kokesh and Kevin Annett. As the FOM article illustrates, agent provocateurs who masquerade as peaceful protestors are being supplanted into causes to give rise to a revolution.

Adam Kokesh is calling for more than just a protest march to support thr 2nd amendment, he wants an armed demostration!  Kevin Annett has been calling for more than just Church Occupations… He now expects the Italian government to cough up Ratzinger so he can be “arrested” by the citizenry And like Kokesh, claims to have the support of the Oathkeepers.

both these men spew the same kind of inflammatory rhetoric that is just vague enough to be misread by the weakminded as a call for violence.  it is exactly the kind of social conditioning methods that they accuse their opponents of using….they call us “co-intelpro”.

Sociologists have studied the phenomenon that leads to revolutions and riots.  In a book I mentioned previously, Tamotsu Shibutani stated that people like Annett and Kokesh are merely in the right place at the right time and that their persona’s reflect the general mood of the society that shares their displeasure with a public figure, policy, law, etc…  While this may be true, it is no secret that people like Annett and Kokesh may be purposely planted and well scripted to incite the greatest amount of tension and emotional unrest within the crowd soas to achieve the greatest chaos possible.  And out of chaos, they believe there can be order.

Shibutani goes on to say,

“As the tension level rises, those who are excitec, experience an urgent craving to act – to do something, anything.  They become impatient.  Those who are deeply involved can no longer restrain themselves, and some begin to take action… Total preoccupation with a common object… leads to a temporary loss of self-consciousness by those who are most aroused.  As in an audience totally absorbed in an exciting movie, participants in crawds become so preoccupied with the common object of attention that they forget themselves.  Without awareness of oneself as an object, there can be no negative feedback.  To the extent that a person ceases to monitor his or her own conduct, the persons capacity for self-regulation is increasingly difficult to fight of urges to act impulsively.  As critical judgements become more difficult, increasing numbers of people become more suggestible.  If people already feel a strong urge to do something – to attack, to run away, to seize something – merely hearing a proposal to act in that manner or perceiving someone else doing what they want  to do is often enough to touch off already organized dispositions.” – page 130 (Social Processes: An Introduction to Sociology).

Kokesh has a real following, thanks to people like Alex Jones, who himself has demonstrated the same behavior at a Gun Control rally in Austin Texas where he ‘out-shouted’ organizers… labelling them ‘cointel-pro’ (sounds familiar doesn’t it?).  Annett, having moved on from his failed bid at becoming the ‘great white savior’ of the poor Indians, he now has his excited audience in satanic sex abuse victims and if he manages to amass a crowd large enough and willing, he may get his wish of a violent uprising.

“If President Napolitano fails to abide by international law and refuses to take these measures, our Tribunal, its international affiliates and Italian citizens will commence an international boycott of Italian goods, trade and tourism; and within Italy, we will commence peaceful church occupations, citizens arrests and other direct actions against the Vatican and its officials. This campaign will commence on September 20, 2013, the 143rd anniversary of Garibaldi`s liberation of Rome and expulsion of the papacy.” Kevin Annett, acting Secretary of ITCCS.org (really just Kevin Annett).

P.S. according to Encyclopedia Britannica… Nowhere does it say that Guissepe Garibaldi liberated Rome.  He did fight for the liberation of Milan after both Pope Pious and Charles Alexander rejected him for being a militant socialist skilled in the art of guerrilla warfare.

Its one thing to commit sedition against your own country, quite another to incite a revolution and violence in a foreign country…. I think nowadays they call that…um…TERRORISM?!

10 thoughts on “Who is Adam Kokesh? – the man calling for an armed American revolution

  1. It is people like these who lead the Original people down a path we don;t want to be in for many reasons, due to our desperation for healing. The Haudenshaunee buried their weapons and promised to never pick them up again…if we are lead by people into a battle, we ALL loose and speaking for myself, I REFUSE to do that, let alone follow a bunch of people who have no respect for us, like Kevin. Great article, thank you.


    1. Bystander…….Interesting that you are writing to me about who is paying me to research Kevin and bring some balance to this issue. As an employee of CSIS (according to the site referring you here) you have at your fingertips all the resources to vett me and my work. Should you wish to interrogate me in an official capacity you can certainly do so…just ensure you have a warrant. It is interesting that a CSIS agent should have questions of me and yet be so willing to overlook a man traipsing around Europe to start a rebellion.


      1. Heather, your reply proves to me how pathetic your whole effort of smearing Kevin is, and more importantly who you are. You wish I were a CSIS agent, you delusional dumbo. You are good for nothing and you know it – so you do as you are told and write lies about Kevin for bimbos like yourself. Your unsubstantiated posts aka incoherent mumblings reflect on you and reveal what a obtuse bimbo you are. You owe Kevin a sense of purpose in your otherwise meaningless existence.


  2. El Vaticano ha tomado el relevo del imperio romano en su labor de civilizar (organizar las fuerzas de trabajo): conquista de nuevos territorios a través de genocidios para explotar despiadadamente los recursos de la zona, tanto naturales como humanos. Como resultado, barriales pobres, idénticos a los de la antigua Roma, que luchan por “mayores oportunidades para sus hijos”, es decir, seguir una trayectoria que les convierta en mejores sirvientes para esos poderes establecidos militarmente.
    Nilda Eloy nos aporta su experiencia: http://youtu.be/FSLc2599YQI

    En Sudamérica el tejido político/legislativo lo establecen los jesuitas, el tejido empresarial está en manos del Opus Dei. En ambos casos, las figuras visibles son oligarquías militares que permanecen ahí por generaciones.

    ¿Es realmente este invento romano llamado “Estado de Derecho” lo que queremos para nosotros y nuestros hijos?

    “Mientras a consecuencia de las leyes y de las costumbres exista una condenación social, creando artificialmente, en plena civilización, infiernos, y complicando con una humana fatalidad el destino, que es divino; mientras no se resuelvan los tres problemas del siglo: la degradación del hombre por el proletariado, la decadencia de la mujer por el hambre, la atrofia del niño por la ignorancia; en tanto que en ciertas regiones sea posible la asfixia social; en otros términos y bajo un punto de vista más dilatado todavía, mientras haya sobre la tierra ignoracia y miseria, los libros de la naturaleza del presente podrán no ser inútiles”
    Victor Hugo, “Los Miserables”

    Durante el proceso de civilización, ¿cómo se establece la inquisición del sistema legal y con qué objetivos?
    Los Chircales nos pueden dar alguna idea: http://youtu.be/YwDR-eU8XuM

    El destino del hombre y del hábitat que pisa, ¿puede seguir destruyéndose con una planificación centralizada a través de licencias, un mero juego de documentos legales empleado para exprimir despiadadamente la tierra y sus gentes?
    Los campesinos colombianos tienen algo que decir: http://youtu.be/if4TxN02uUM

    ¿Por qué existen tres sistemas legales autónomos: el militar, el religioso y el civil? ¿No es esto ya un abuso de poder, milicia y clero al margen de la ley?
    La guerra civil española nos permite ver claramente las consecuencias: http://youtu.be/O49yTXvZlOo

    ¿Realmente esta crisis no tiene precedentes en la historia?
    La caída de Roma puede dar algunas pistas: http://youtu.be/F4zkXhNCOJU

    Si empleamos los sistemas romanos, ¿no es perfectamente lógico que una y otra vez padezcamos las mismas crisis que acabaron con el Imperio?
    Una civilización que domina a través del hambre, generando miseria allí donde se impone, ¿seguirá matándonos de hambre y miedo?

    Sistema Político/Legal (quienes conceden licencias) -> Establecido y mantenido por los jesuitas
    Tejido Empresarial (quienes reciben las licencias) -> Establecido y mantenido por el Opus Dei.

    En plena civilización se crean infiernos, dividiendo la gente artificialmente en ideologías y clases (oligarquías fijas y sus sirvientes), en permanente conflicto, ¿es realmente la cainita civilización romana el espejo en el que mirarse? ¿No hemos tenido ya suficientes evidencias de su absoluto fracaso, de su régimen intimidatorio y conflictivo, presente en el mismo aire que respiramos, en sus símbolos… la esbástica, el águila, los escudos, las coronas, etc.? ¿No son suficientes dos guerras mundiales, al más puro corte romano?

    El mantenimiento de las oligarquías romanas, mediante la aniquilación de nuevas ideas para preservar la estabilidad política (es decir, los sirvientes de las oligarquías deben acatar el orden y su número debe controlarse para ser manejable), han ocasionado los más grandes desastres, como la Inquisición, tráfico de niños… ¿Seguiremos viviendo en un mundo eternamente dividido en facciones políticas? ¿Es realmente la política algo que deba continuar destruyendo el planeta?

    Que una civilización se imponga militarmente a las demás no quiere decir que sea la mejor, más bien lo contrario. ¿Seguiremos bajo el yugo de un sistema de destrucción masiva por miseria? Allá donde habían comunidades florecientes, llega el vampiro para beber su sangre, mancillándolo todo a su paso.

    Informe Figueiredo:


    1. Thank you for your comments… I’ve used Google Translate to provide the english translation for our readers…

      The Vatican has taken over the Roman Empire in its efforts to civilize (organize workforces): conquering new territories through genocide to ruthlessly exploit the area’s resources, both natural and human. As a result, poor neighborhood, identical to those of ancient Rome, fighting for “greater opportunities for their children,” that is, to follow a path that will become better servants to those powers that militarily.
      Nilda Eloy gives us his experience: http://youtu.be/FSLc2599YQI

      In South America the political fabric / legislature is established by the Jesuits, the business is in the hands of Opus Dei. In both cases, the figures are visible military oligarchies remain there for generations.

      Is it really this Roman invention called “rule of law” what we want for ourselves and our children?

      “As a result of the laws and customs there is a social condemnation, creating artificially, in the midst of civilization, hell, and complicating human fatality a destiny, which is divine, while not solved the three problems of the century: the degradation man by the proletariat, the decline of women by hunger, the atrophy of the child by ignorance, while in some regions social asphyxia is possible, in other words, under a long-run view point yet, while there on earth ignorance and misery, books of this nature may not be useless ”
      Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables”

      During the process of civilization, how the Inquisition established legal system and for what purposes?
      The Chircales can give us some idea: http://youtu.be/YwDR-eU8XuM

      The destiny of man and the habitat he walks, keep on destroying with central planning through licensing, a mere game of legal documents used to squeeze ruthlessly land and its people?
      Colombian farmers have something to say http://youtu.be/if4TxN02uUM

      Why there are three autonomous legal systems: the military, the religious and civil? Is not this as an abuse of power, military and clergy outside the law?
      The Spanish Civil War allows us to clearly see the consequences: http://youtu.be/O49yTXvZlOo

      Are you sure this crisis is unprecedented in history?
      The fall of Rome can provide some clues: http://youtu.be/F4zkXhNCOJU

      If we use Roman systems, is not it perfectly logical that again and again we suffer the same crisis that ended with the Empire?
      A civilization that dominates through hunger, misery generating where imposed, will it continue killing hunger and fear?

      Political System / Legal (who granted licenses) -> Established and maintained by the Jesuits
      Business Fabric (who receive the licenses) -> Established and maintained by the Opus Dei.

      In the midst of civilization are created hell, artificially dividing people on ideologies and classes (fixed oligarchs and their servants), in permanent conflict, is it really the Roman civilization cainita the mirror to look? Have not we had already sufficient evidence of their utter failure of his regime intimidating and confrontational, present in the very air we breathe, in their symbols … the esbástica, eagles, shields, crowns, etc..? Not enough two world wars, in true Roman court?

      Maintaining Roman oligarchies, through the annihilation of new ideas to preserve political stability (ie, the servants of the oligarchy must abide by the order and their number should be controlled to be manageable), have caused the greatest disasters, such as the Inquisition, child trafficking … Will we ever live in a world divided into political factions? Policy Is it really something I should continue destroying the planet?

      That civilization militarily imposed other does not mean it’s the best, rather the opposite. Will we still under the yoke of a system of mass destruction misery? Wherever had thriving communities, get the vampire to drink their blood, mancillándolo everything in its path.

      Figueiredo Report:


  3. When you are drowning, and someone throws you a lifeline, you dont first stop to question their intentions, nor the colour of their underpants, but you grab that lifeline and worry about who and why it was thrown your way once you are out of the water. Now me, I am a very suspicious person, and I have not met Mr Annett. However, we all know that there are various bad and good people out there, but very few structures to take on the masters of the New World Order. Maybe its a bit like hop scotch, picking and choosing which path to follow, as all roads are laid out by their tentacles. However, I do know myself, and my own intentions. I am chairperson of Independence Commission Africa (ICA), which is a relatively new ngo organization. We have approached itccs to try all the companies and businesses that sell gmo products and related pharma, and itccs has agreed.
    So, the proof in the pudding will be the outcome of this request.
    You are very welcome to follow it, in fact, I would greatly appreciate it if you do take note, and even participate, as we go along.
    I am not rich, by any standard, indeed, I am of the lower income bracket population, and am working on my own budget and steam. I have opened a website through a free hosting system, which will be updated as things get going. Please dont hack it…but do visit
    https://sites.google.com/site/independencecommissionafrica/. My facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/memory.g.pieterse and you are most welcome to join me on this journey. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so lets see what itccs is really all about.


    1. Thank you for your reply. You should know he’s made contacts with people in your line of work before.. Some of which have turned out badly. I’ll just warn you not to count on him to show up for anything…to leave you stranded with some lame excuse…unless its something that benefits him more than it does you. In fact read the testimonies of Camilla regarding the treatment of her and Clarita Vargas in Italy, and of Lorna Cayton and Cari-lee… Each of these people (like myself) once supported and/or worked with Kevin and were treated badly by him. Never mind the Native women who had their money and their signature misused by him without so much as a glimmer of remorse. What does it say about a white Reverend who holds up the bones of dead children at an Occupy Rally…just to gain support from the anarchists? You may respect him… But I suspect that’s because you have yet to know him. I cringe thinking what damage he might do to your cause ….proceed with care!


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