No One Is Coming to Save You

oz 1I have recently been critical of Heinrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio for not being more shrewd in his selection of guests, particularly Kevin Annett, who he has had on the show several times in the past few years. This past long weekend, a friend shared a portion of Heinriks most recent show with Frank O’Connell of as they discussed Messianic movements, personal responsibility and Public Trusts. She explained to me about how Heinrik did not make judgement calls regarding his guests and that they often were challenged during the interview…some of them crumbling under the weight of hard questioning.

This particular interview was shared with me, because for some time, I had written Heinrick asking him about his support of Kevin Annett and the apparent lack of vetting of Kevin’s story although I really like listening to Red Ice and will have to renew my subscription as soon as my first payment from the FBI comes in… (that’s an inside joke folks..)

While I do no agree with many of the principles being taught at, I did find some of what Frank O’Connell had to say to ring true. He spoke (in the short segment I heard) about personal responsibility, and about how we need to stop looking for someone to save us from our problems. He calls it a ‘Messiah Movement’ although I think that there are saviors of many kinds roaming the earth (as ravenous wolves). Kevin has latched on to quite a few of them (Occupy, Jesus Christo – the AntiChrist, the Sovereignty Movement, Communism, Alfred Webre and the Aliens, Residential School Survivors and Satanic Child Sex Slavery). He’s made outlandish claims about dissolving countries, making the Pope resign, being the President of Kanata and worst of all of finding childrens bones in one of the alleged mass graves strewn about the country-side.

I have in the past, called Kevin the Irreverant Reverend, and the Great White Savior, for reasons that Frank O’Connell describes in his interview with Heinrik. For Kevin acts like the Messiah at times, standing quietly in front of a church with a serene smile on his face as he describes how Jesus threw the moneylenders from the Temple. The sick and sad reality is that Kevin calls Christianity a lie… all the while clinging to the use of the term Reverend and keeping his ‘collar’ so the cops will leave him alone. In short, Kevin masquerades as the sole savior to all who flock to his causes. But why do we need Kevin Annett at all? Were we really that ignorant of the issue of abuse within the Churches and at the Residential Schools, or did Kevin just present a story that much more fantastic and horrible and in keeping with the growing paranoia of our conspiracy culture? I believe the latter to be true….

A few years back W5 aired a report on Benny Hinn, the televangelist who casts curses and conduct’s ‘mass healings’ at revivals around the globe. In watching Hinn wave his arms over the crowd (dispatching Satan’s demons into Hell), he carefully remembers to invoke the name of Jesus Christ as he does so. People give these SnakeOil salesman thousands upon thousands of dollars to be healed and Hinn lives in a swanky mansion and has a staff of bodyguards should anyone decide to get him a little closer to God. Kevin, however, pleads poverty and has laughingly stated that the Canadian Revenue Association can’t pin anything on him because he doesn’t have an income. People who’ve met him could testify to the fact that he’s poorer than a church-mouse and I believe that to be true. So how exactly does a poverty stricken preacher afford to spend several months (several times a year) flitting off to Europe? It’s a conundrum that leaves plenty of speculation and makes you wonder…”who benefitted”.

If the problem, as O’Connell puts it, is that we are a society that has put more faith in others to solve our problems than we have in ourselves, then we will forever need people like Kevin Annett. We will continue to blindly go along with whatever he says is true because we won’t have faith enough in ourselves to make small changes that can add up to the big changes we are seeking.

Perhaps this is what I found so refreshing in the audio clip I listened to. It was subtle, but you could definitely hear the last vestiges of Kevin’s credibility crumbling as Heinrik spoke his ‘truth’. The fallout from Kevin’s claims of ‘arrest warrants’ and Pope resignations have led people to begin questioning… where few had done so before. It was as if to say, “dead natives are one thing…. but instilling fear in the Pope? You go too far!!!”.

What’s wrong with the crusade that Kevin is on right now? Nothing, except that if we are to truly make a break with the old paradigms, we need to think smaller, much smaller… starting with the very cells of our being. We must realize that the building blocks of life – atoms, elements, molecules, DNA… these fundamental building blocks exist in us all, and that housed within the organized society of cells and tissues is a soul that has no color, religion, class or sexual orientation. That is the common dream of mankind that lurks within us all, waiting for us to let it loose upon the world….

Perhaps that is why O’Connell laughs so deep and heartily over Heinriks remarks about a piece of paper and a declaration of a ‘Tribunal’…. it seems that Kevin is missing the point.

I leave you with the transcribed audio (in portions) and encourage you to subscribe to Red Ice Radio for the full length version of this Interview and others you may find interesting at

Frank:I do not see the signs that were there, even ten years ago, of some global destruction. I do see the Nihilists under maximum stress, unable to cope and I do see a change towards personal responsibility. So I hope people step up to the mark, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing and whoever they’re working with. More than just simply being entertained, and a passenger on this trip. History is not a spectator sport….. People are looking to be passive. A Messiah movement is not going to solve our problems.

Heinrik: You’re talking about OPPT, One People’s Public Trust right?

Frank: Well yeah, here’s an example, I mean, I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of it, but that’s one example where they claim, to create trusts….what really got my goat is that someone claims to convey property that they have no authority over. My concern is how quickly and how largely people jumped on this ‘Messianic’ movement, which was basically, “You don’t have to worry, we’ve done all this work…. just trust us!”…. That’s the thing… The SYSTEM perpetuates the ‘Messiah’, the reality is the world we live in today, the New Age we’re seeing unfold is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If I do not hold myself accountable, If I’m not competent of my own affairs, if my word is not my bond, then no one can save me. No one can help me. And that is really, really hard, very, very hard because it is totally against the image training of consumerism.

Consumerism says…your word is whatever you wish it to be today… totally against what we’ve just said. And yet, the world and the challenge we face is: I must hold myself (to) account, I must be honest, I must be true…. and no one can save me but myself.

Heinrik: Yeah, uh, I’ve wondered why anyone should abide by rules that ultimately…,well, they just was (sic) made up by someone who lived many hundreds of years ago. I see their response may be to claim on other peoples terms or on other peoples playing field, if you will, it’s to a certain degree. a kind of an admission that they have power. I mean, I can write something on a piece of paper that, you know, the Pope is now arrested and my Tribunal says so (Frank laughing)… but it doesn’t make it so. He can walk around freely right? You know to a certain point, we have to kind of realize that what they have done in the world, they have the police forces, they have the armies, the military, ultimately, you know, fighter jets, and atom bombs at their disposal. And we can attempt to fight that old will, there’s a, I think there’s a deeper transformation to have happen.

Frank O’Collins – The Rise of Nihilism & The Apex of World Control

May 16, 2013
Frank’O Collins is an author and futurist having developed over 60 web sites on global issues and solutions. 25 years ago, Frank started collecting and working on the ideas that eventually became UCADIA. Since then, Frank has completed a range of books, patents, and models covering a vast array of subjects. His current focus is finishing the 22 books of Canon law, based on the “Restore the Law Project,” aimed at challenging the root of Roman Vatican law, 500 years since Martin Luther first challenged the authority of the Vatican and its commercial allies. In this program we discuss the Vatican’s new pope, the Jesuits and who is at the apex of the pyramid of control. We’ll discuss the different components of the Illuminati. Then, Frank talks about the rise of nihilism among the elite. Frank explains that the prelate of “The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem” or “The Knights of Malta” is at the pinnacle of world control. We also speculate about supernatural influences amongst the ranks. In the second hour, we speak more about the Jesuits, the new pope and the Knights of Malta. We focus specifically on the fear of death and how this rules the majority of people. Later, Frank explains that reincarnation was originally a part of the Christian doctrine. At the end, Frank comments on the OPPT (the One People’s Public Trust).

3 thoughts on “No One Is Coming to Save You

  1. Mr. Annette is standing up for human rights and he is speaking the Gospel Truth!
    I may not be able to spell, because of the the mind control drugs and internal chips planted in me right here in Canada. The dentist injected a serum in my gum along with other fillings and substances that blots and erased memory; these drugs are Mind control drugs she told me came from the government.

    MKUltra on the Loose Blue Bird on the Rise. I am the living proof
    I have been referred to as the two Headed Monter and Miss Tuskegee. I have reached out to Politicians and doctors but no one wants to talk about it so the truth is swept under the rung.
    They made me and my house a deck of cards.; having ins and outs privileges of my home, stealing my Canadian passport, and put dugs in my food. When I reapplied for a new pass-port I was told that My name was not in the government system.
    Who ever programed me via the chips is constantly digging me for money and want to know and make suggestion of what I should do with my sex life. one of the message receive; “give us money, leave your house, leave your keys and do not take any identification with you” when I
    refused I was physically, mentally, and emotionally tortured!

    Please believe me and look at your body while going through security check point
    I have made several attempts to reach Mr. Annett but my e-mails have been blocked. I also tried calling but I cannot get through.

    My name is Hillary Eloise Connell Coombs; I am also known as Eloise Joyce Bell Coombs. There are several variations to my maiden names. Combes, Combs etc

    My late husband passed in October of 2004 while diving in Toby Mory, Robert Stewart Connell, Scotland. There is some mystery surrounding his death; I have had at least two versions on hw he drowned. I believe that he too was chipped via teeth because he was not acting himself prior to his death


  2. Thank you very much and sorry for the late reply. I have been through hell and back. Like Kevin Anette I stand firm for the good of Man! NASA does not own me.


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